IC REG LDO 3A 3.3V TO-263-5


Manufacturer Part NumberLP3856ESX-3.3/NOPB
DescriptionIC REG LDO 3A 3.3V TO-263-5
ManufacturerNational Semiconductor
LP3856ESX-3.3/NOPB datasheet

Specifications of LP3856ESX-3.3/NOPB

Regulator TopologyPositive FixedVoltage - Output3.3V
Voltage - InputUp to 7VVoltage - Dropout (typical)0.39V @ 3A
Number Of Regulators1Current - Output3A (Max)
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ 125°CMounting TypeSurface Mount
Package / CaseTO-263-5, D²Pak (5 leads + Tab), TO-263BALead Free Status / RoHS StatusLead free / RoHS Compliant
Current - Limit (min)-Other namesLP3856ESX-3.3
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3A Fast Response Ultra Low Dropout Linear Regulators
General Description
The LP3853/LP3856 series of fast ultra low-dropout linear
regulators operate from a +2.5V to +7.0V input supply. Wide
range of preset output voltage options are available. These
ultra low dropout linear regulators respond very quickly to step
changes in load, which makes them suitable for low voltage
microprocessor applications. The LP3853/LP3856 are devel-
oped on a CMOS process which allows low quiescent current
operation independent of output load current. This CMOS
process also allows the LP3853/LP3856 to operate under ex-
tremely low dropout conditions.
Dropout Voltage: Ultra low dropout voltage; typically 39mV
at 300mA load current and 390mV at 3A load current.
Ground Pin Current: Typically 4mA at 3A load current.
Shutdown Mode: Typically 10nA quiescent current when the
shutdown pin is pulled low.
Error Flag: Error flag goes low when the output voltage drops
10% below nominal value.
SENSE: Sense pin improves regulation at remote loads.
Precision Output Voltage: Multiple output voltage options
are available ranging from 1.8V to 5.0V with a guaranteed
accuracy of ±1.5% at room temperature, and ±3.0% over all
conditions (varying line, load, and temperature).
Typical Application Circuits
**SD and ERROR pins must be pulled high through a 10kΩ pull-up resistor. Connect the ERROR pin to ground if this function is not used. See Application
Hints for more information.
© 2011 National Semiconductor Corporation
Ultra low dropout voltage
Stable with selected ceramic capacitors
Low ground pin current
Load regulation of 0.08%
10nA quiescent current in shutdown mode
Guaranteed output current of 3A DC
Available in TO-263 and TO-220 packages
Output voltage accuracy ± 1.5%
Error flag indicates output status
Sense option improves load regulation
Overtemperature/overcurrent protection
−40°C to +125°C junction temperature range
Microprocessor power supplies
Stable with ceramic output capacitors
GTL, GTL+, BTL, and SSTL bus terminators
Power supplies for DSPs
SCSI terminator
Post regulators
High efficiency linear regulators
Battery chargers
Other battery powered applications
March 4, 2011

LP3856ESX-3.3/NOPB Summary of contents

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    ... Typical Application Circuits **SD and ERROR pins must be pulled high through a 10kΩ pull-up resistor. Connect the ERROR pin to ground if this function is not used. See Application Hints for more information. © 2011 National Semiconductor Corporation LP3853/LP3856 Features ■ ...

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    See Application Hints for more information. Connection Diagrams Top View TO220-5 Package Bent, Staggered Leads Pin Description for TO220-5 and TO263-5 Packages Pin # Name ...

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    ... LP3853ES-1.8 1.8 LP3853ESX-1.8 5.0 LP3856ES-5.0 5.0 LP3856ESX-5.0 3.3 LP3856ES-3.3 3.3 LP3856ESX-3.3 2.5 LP3856ES-2.5 2.5 LP3856ESX-2.5 1.8 LP3856ES-1.8 1.8 LP3856ESX-1.8 5.0 LP3853ET-5.0 3.3 LP3853ET-3.3 2.5 LP3853ET-2.5 1.8 LP3853ET-1.8 5.0 LP3856ET-5.0 3.3 LP3856ET-3.3 2.5 LP3856ET-2.5 1.8 LP3856ET-1.8 Description Package Type (Current, Option) ...

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    Block Diagrams www.national.com LP3853 20030903 LP3856 20030929 4 ...

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    ... Absolute Maximum Ratings If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. Storage Temperature Range Lead Temperature (Soldering, 5 sec.) ESD Rating (Note 3) Power Dissipation (Note 2) Input Supply Voltage (Survival) Shutdown Input Voltage (Survival) ...

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    Symbol Parameter Shutdown Input V Shutdown Threshold SDT T Turn-off delay dOFF T Turn-on delay dON I SD Input Current SD Error Flag V Threshold T V Threshold Hysteresis TH V Error Flag Saturation EF(Sat) Td Flag Reset Delay I ...

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    Typical Performance Characteristics C = 10µF, S/D pin is tied OUT Dropout Voltage vs Output Load Current Ground Current vs Output Voltage Errorflag Threshold vs Junction Temperature Unless otherwise specified: T ...

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    DC Line Regulation vs Temperature Noise vs Frequency Load Transient Response 100µF, OSCON IN OUT www.national.com 20030959 Load Transient Response 20030961 Load Transient Response ...

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    Load Transient Response 10µF, TANTALUM IN OUT 20030974 Load Transient Response 10µF, OSCON IN OUT 20030976 Load Transient Response 100µF, POSCAP IN OUT 20030978 Load Transient Response C ...

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    Load Transient Response 100µF, TANTALUM IN OUT Load Transient Response 10µF CERAMIC 10µF CERAMIC OUT Load Transient Response 10µF CERAMIC ...

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    Application Hints EXTERNAL CAPACITORS Like any low-dropout regulator, external capacitors are re- quired to assure stability. These capacitors must be correctly selected for proper performance. INPUT CAPACITOR: An input capacitor of at least 10µF is required. Ceramic or Tantalum may ...

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    The Z5U and Y5V also exhibit a severe temperature effect, losing more than 50% of nominal capac- itance at high and low limits of the temperature range. X7R and X5R dielectric ceramic capacitors are strongly rec- ...

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    Increasing the area will decrease the chance of fitting the die into a smaller package. Increasing the current drawn by the internal reference increases the total supply current (ground pin current). Using an optimized trade-off of ground pin current ...

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    FIGURE 4. Improving remote load regulation using LP3856 SHUTDOWN OPERATION A CMOS Logic low level signal at the Shutdown (SD) pin will turn-off the regulator. Pin SD must be actively terminated through a 10kΩ pull-up resistor for a proper operation. ...

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    FIGURE 5. θ vs Copper (1 Ounce) Area for TO-263 JA package As shown in the figure, increasing the copper area beyond 1 square inch produces very little improvement. The minimum value for θ for the TO-263 package mounted to ...

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    Physical Dimensions TO220 5-lead, Molded, Stagger Bend Package (TO220-5) For Order Numbers, refer to the “Ordering Information” section of this document. www.national.com inches (millimeters) unless otherwise noted NS Package Number T05D 16 ...

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    TO263 5-Lead, Molded, Surface Mount Package (TO263-5) NS Package Number TS5B For Order Numbers, refer to the “Ordering Information” section of this document. 17 www.national.com ...

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    ... For more National Semiconductor product information and proven design tools, visit the following Web sites at: www.national.com Products Amplifiers www.national.com/amplifiers Audio www.national.com/audio Clock and Timing www.national.com/timing Data Converters www.national.com/adc Interface www.national.com/interface LVDS www.national.com/lvds Power Management www.national.com/power Switching Regulators www.national.com/switchers LDOs www.national.com/ldo LED Lighting www ...