Manufacturer Part NumberAC323026
ManufacturerMicrochip Technology
AC323026 datasheet

Specifications of AC323026

Sensor TypeTouch, CapacitiveInterfaceSerial
Voltage - Supply5V, USBEmbeddedYes, MCU, 32-Bit
Utilized Ic / PartPIC32 SeriesInterface TypeICSP, USB
For Use With/related ProductsPIC32 Series MicrocontrollersLead Free Status / RoHS StatusContains lead / RoHS non-compliant
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PIC32 mTouch™ Capacitive Touch Evaluation
Board Information Sheet
The PIC32 mTouch™ Capacitive Touch Evaluation Board (PN: AC323026) is designed to
facilitate the development of capacitive touch-based applications using PIC32-series micro-
controllers. This evaluation board includes an on-board PICkit™ serial interface, an ICSP™
header, a USB connector (for power only) and a 16-bit LED display. The board also includes
a 24-pin header that can be used to interface the 2-channel and 4-channel slider plug-in
boards, the 12-matrix key plug-in board and the 8-direct key plug-in board. These plug-in
boards are included in the mTouch Capacitive Touch Evaluation Kit (purchased separately,
PN: DM183026-2).
Getting Started
Everything you need to get started can be found at From
the Related Pages menu, click Buttons, Keys & Sliders and click the Getting Started tab.
From the resulting page, click Featured mTouch™ Evaluation Kit.
Installing MPLAB IDE and C Compilers
PIC32 mTouch Capacitive Touch Evaluation Board. While MPLAB provides the assembler
Austria - Weis - 43-7242-2244-39
tools for development, most of the code examples are written in C language and require a C
Denmark - Copenhagen - 45-4450-2828
compiler to be installed. Microchip’s MPLAB C compiler seamlessly integrates into MPLAB
France - Paris - 33-1-69-53-63-20
IDE. Both the MPLAB IDE and C Compiler are free (see the note below) and are available for
Germany - Munich - 49-89-627-144-0
download at
Italy - Milan - 39-0331-742611
Netherlands - Drunen - 31-416-690399
Spain - Madrid - 34-91-708-08-90
UK - Wokingham - 44-118-921-5869
Code Examples and More Information
For code examples and more information, please visit the Enhanced mTouch Capacitive
Touch Evaluation Kit page at: From the Related Pages
menu, click Buttons, Keys & Sliders and click the Getting Started tab. From the resulting
page, click Featured mTouch™ Evaluation Kit. In the downloads section, select PIC32
Capacitive Touch Evaluation Kit Software.
Running and Debugging Applications
After downloading the code example and installing the development tools, please use the
following procedure to build, run, and debug your software:
Integrated Development Environment (IDE) should be installed prior to using the
Standard Evaluation (Free) – All optimization levels are enabled for 60 days,
but then revert to optimization level 1 only.
Load the desired code example into MPLAB by double-clicking the *.mcp project file.
Connect the appropriate plug-in board to the 24-pin connector of the evaluation
board. Make sure that plug-in board pins numbers are aligned with the pin numbers
on the evaluation board.
Connect the evaluation board ICSP header to a MPLAB In-Circuit Debugger/Emula-
tor. Alternatively, a PICkit™ 3 may be connected to the PICkit serial port on the eval-
uation board. An adapter (PN: AC164110), will be required to interface the ICSP
header on the evaluation board with a MPLAB In-Circuit Debugger/Emulator. This
adapter can be purchased from microchipDIRECT at:
Connect the USB port on the evaluation board to a USB port on the development
computer using a USB cable.
Choose the appropriate debugger/emulator tool in MPLAB IDE by selecting
Debugger > Select Tool.
Build the project by selecting Project > Build All.
Download your code into the evaluation board microcontroller by selecting Debugger
> Program.
Run the application previously downloaded by selecting Debugger > Run.
Touching the appropriate keys on the plug-in board will cause the LEDs on the
evaluation board to respond as programmed previously.