MOD-RFID125-BOX Olimex Ltd., MOD-RFID125-BOX Datasheet

RFID Modules & Development Tools RFID RDR FOR 125KHZ TAGS 100x50x10mm


Manufacturer Part Number
RFID Modules & Development Tools RFID RDR FOR 125KHZ TAGS 100x50x10mm
Olimex Ltd.

Specifications of MOD-RFID125-BOX

Operating Current
120 mA
Operating Voltage
5 V
RFID Readers
Wireless Frequency
125 KHz
Interface Type
100 mm x 50 mm
Kit Features
USB Plug In Module, Read RFID125 KHz Tags From Up To 5-15 CM Distance, RS232, USB, SPI Interface
Tool Type
Wireless Development Kit
Processor To Be Evaluated
Core Architecture
Cpu Core
Processor Series
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status
Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status
Lead free / RoHS Compliant, Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Other names
1776327 52R3637
User Manual
All boards produced by Olimex are ROHS compliant
Rev.A, February 2008
Copyright(c) 2008, OLIMEX Ltd, All rights reserved

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MOD-RFID125-BOX Summary of contents

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... MOD-RFID125 All boards produced by Olimex are ROHS compliant Copyright(c) 2008, OLIMEX Ltd, All rights reserved User Manual Rev.A, February 2008 ...

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... HID keyboard emulation mode; -USB CDC serial port emulation mode; -UART connection mode; -Simple command-line interface in USB CDC and UART modes for configuration and data acquisition; -Two LEDs indicating device status and tag presence; -Support for continuous and periodic RF scanning to better suit user power requirements; ...

Page 3

... LEDS: In normal mode the GREEN LED is on whenever the RF antenna circuit is active and scanning for RFID tags. The RED LED switches on whenever a valid RF TAG ID is being scanned and decoded successfully. The LEDs can be switched off to save power consumption. See the “ ...

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... USB CDC mode and configured using the serial command line interface. USB CDC MODE: In this mode the device represents itself as USB CDC virtual serial port. It provides a simple shell-like command line interface for configuring and interacting with the module. The device echoes back the typed characters and waits for Carriage Return (Enter) before processing the line input. See “ ...

Page 6

... UART MODE: In this mode there is no need for USB connection. Instead the device must be connected via TTL-level UART of a microcontroller system of choice. It expects the peer to be configured with 9600 bps, 8bit character, no parity, 1 stop bit. The communication is otherwise the same as in USB CDC mode, but there is no need for USB ...

Page 7

LED Status Red Green blinks off UART off blinks USB HID blinks blinks USB CDC Description Previous State State After Button Is Released USB HID USB CDC UART ...

Page 8

... See the section “Firmware Upgrade” for more information. 4. Command r This command is only valid if device is in single read mode (see below). It will trigger a single TAG read. If TAG ID is successfully read, it will be printed. Otherwise if operation timed out, zeros will be printed. ...

Page 9

... Example – scan twice per second, report a seen tag every second: Example – continuous scanning, report a seen tag every 5 seconds: 7. Command mlE Set LED mode LEDs will be disabled. Otherwise LEDs will be enabled. Example – enabling LEDs: Example – disabling LEDs to conserve power: ...

Page 10

Boot loader uses an USB virtual serial port that is baudrate agnostic alternative we provide a simple Windows GUI application for users who don’t want to ...

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... ORDER CODE: MOD-RFID125 How to order? You can order to us directly or by any of our distributors. Check our web Revision history: REV.A - create April 2008 – assembled and tested (no kit, no soldering required) for more info. ...

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... This document is intended only to assist the reader in the use of the product. OLIMEX Ltd. shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of any information in this document or any error or omission in such ...

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