Humidity Sensor


Manufacturer Part NumberSHT15
DescriptionHumidity Sensor
SHT15 datasheet

Specifications of SHT15

Sensing Accuracy2%Sensor OutputDigital
Sensor TerminalsSMDHumidity Accuracy ±2%
Peak Reflow Compatible (260 C)YesTerminal TypePCB Surface Mount
Humidity Range0 To 100% RHResponse Time8s
Leaded Process CompatibleYesPackage / Case4-LCC SMD
Rohs CompliantYesLead Free Status / RoHS StatusLead free / RoHS Compliant
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Datasheet SHT1x (SHT10, SHT11, SHT15)
Humidity and Temperature Sensor
 Fully calibrated
 Digital output
 Low power consumption
 Excellent long term stability
 SMD type package – reflow solderable
Product Summary
SHT1x (including SHT10, SHT11 and SHT15) is
Sensirion’s family of surface mountable relative humidity
and temperature sensors. The sensors integrate sensor
elements plus signal processing on a tiny foot print and
provide a fully calibrated digital output. A unique
capacitive sensor element is used for measuring relative
humidity while temperature is measured by a band-gap
sensor. The applied CMOSens® technology guarantees
excellent reliability and long term stability. Both sensors
are seamlessly coupled to a 14bit analog to digital
converter and a serial interface circuit. This results in
superior signal quality, a fast response time and
insensitivity to external disturbances (EMC).
sensor opening
Figure 1: Drawing of SHT1x sensor packaging, dimensions in
mm (1mm = 0.039inch). Sensor label gives “11” for SHT11 as
an example. Contacts are assigned as follows: 1:GND, 2:DATA,
3:SCK, 4:VDD.
Each SHT1x is individually calibrated in a precision
humidity chamber. The calibration coefficients are
programmed into an OTP memory on the chip. These
coefficients are used to internally calibrate the signals
from the sensors. The 2-wire serial interface and internal
voltage regulation allows for easy and fast system
integration. The tiny size and low power consumption
makes SHT1x the ultimate choice for even the most
demanding applications.
SHT1x is supplied in a surface-mountable LCC (Leadless
Chip Carrier) which is approved for standard reflow
soldering processes. The same sensor is also available
with pins (SHT7x) or on flex print (SHTA1).
Sensor Chip
SHT1x V4 – for which this datasheet applies – features a
version 4 Silicon sensor chip. Besides the humidity and
temperature sensors the chip contains an amplifier, A/D
converter, OTP memory and a digital interface. V4 sensors
can be identified by the alpha-numeric traceability code on
the sensor cap – see example “A5Z” code on Figure 1.
Material Contents
While the sensor is made of a CMOS chip the sensor
housing consists of an LCP cap with epoxy glob top on an
FR4 substrate. The device is fully RoHS and WEEE
compliant, thus it is free of Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr(6+), PBB and
Evaluation Kits
For sensor trial measurements, for qualification of the
sensor or even experimental application (data logging) of
the sensor there is an evaluation kit EK-H4 available
including SHT71 (same sensor chip as SHT1x) and 4
sensor channels, hard and software to interface with a
computer. For other evaluation kits please check
Version 4.3 – May 2010

SHT15 Summary of contents

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    ... Excellent long term stability  SMD type package – reflow solderable Product Summary SHT1x (including SHT10, SHT11 and SHT15) is Sensirion’s family of surface mountable relative humidity and temperature sensors. The sensors integrate sensor elements plus signal processing on a tiny foot print and provide a fully calibrated digital output ...

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    ... Values for VDD=3.3V at 25°C, average value at one 12bit measurement per second. Response time depends on heat capacity of and thermal resistance to sensor substrate. typ max Units 0.01 ° bit °C °C °C °C 123.8 °C 254.9 ° °C/yr SHT11 SHT15 60 80 100 Order Number 1-100218-04 1-100051-04 1-100098-04 1-100524-04 1-100085-04 1-100093-04 2/11 ...

  • Page 3

    ... IMPORTANT: After soldering the devices should be stored at >75%RH for at least 12h to allow the polymer to re- hydrate. Otherwise the sensor may read an offset that slowly disappears if exposed to ambient conditions ...

  • Page 4

    ... For optimal response times the air volume behind the membrane must be kept minimal. Sensirion recommends and supplies the SF1 filter cap for optimal IP54 protection (for higher protection – i.e. IP67 - SF1 must be sealed to the PCB with epoxy). Please compare Figure 9 ...

  • Page 5

    ... Figure 10: Typical application circuit, including pull up resistor R and decoupling of VDD and GND by a capacitor. P 2.2 SCK is used to synchronize the communication between microcontroller and SHT1x. Since the interface consists of fully static logic there is no minimum SCK frequency. 2.3 The DATA tri-state pin is used to transfer data in and out of the sensor ...

  • Page 6

    ... VDD. The slew rate during power up shall not fall below 1V/ms. After power-up the sensor needs 11ms to get to Sleep State. No commands must be sent before that time. 3.2 To initiate a transmission, a Transmission Start sequence has to be issued. It consists of a lowering of the DATA line while SCK is high, followed by a low pulse on SCK and raising DATA again while SCK is still high – ...

  • Page 7

    ... Figure 17: Example RH measurement sequence for value “0000’0100“0011’0001” = 1073 = 35.50%RH (without temperature compensation). DATA valid times are given and referenced in boxes on DATA line. Bold DATA lines are controlled by sensor while plain lines are controlled by the micro-controller. 3.6 Some of the advanced functions of the SHT1x such as ...

  • Page 8

    ... V4 sensors. The parameter set for V3 sensors, which has 12bit RH been proposed in earlier datasheets, still applies and is 0 14bit Temp. provided by Sensirion upon request. Values higher than 99% RH indicate fully saturated air and must be processed and displayed as 100%RH note that the humidity sensor has no significant voltage dependency. ...

  • Page 9

    ... Sensor performance under other test conditions cannot be 0.04 0.072 guaranteed and is not part of the sensor specifications. Especially, no guarantee can be given for sensor performance in the field or for customer’s specific application. Please contact Sensirion for detailed information Environment HTSL TC UHST THU ...

  • Page 10

    ... Tape & Reel SHT11 Tape & Reel Tape & Reel Tape & Reel SHT15 Tape & Reel Table 11: Packaging types per sensor type. Dimensions of packaging tape are given in Figure 21. All tapes have a minimum of 480mm empty leader tape (first pockets of the tape) and a minimum of 300mm empty trailer tape (last pockets of the tape). 2.00 ± ...

  • Page 11

    ... WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE EXPRESSLY EXCLUDED AND DECLINED. SENSIRION is only liable for defects of this product arising under the conditions of operation provided for in the data sheet and proper use of the goods. SENSIRION explicitly disclaims all warranties, express or implied, for any period during which the goods are operated or stored not in accordance with the technical specifications ...