Manufacturer Part NumberAZ7141
ManufacturerPANASONIC EW
AZ7141 datasheet

Specifications of AZ7141

Actuator StyleRoller LeverOperating Force Max2.35N
Contact Voltage Ac Max250VContact Voltage Dc Max115V
Contact Current Ac Max10AContact Current Dc Max400mA
Switch TerminalsScrewLead Free Status / RoHS StatusLead free / RoHS Compliant
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These materials are printed on ECF pulp.
These materials are printed with earth-friendly vegetable-based (soybean oil) ink.
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Limit Switches
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Limit Switches
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AZ7141 Summary of contents

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    These materials are printed on ECF pulp. These materials are printed with earth-friendly vegetable-based (soybean oil) ink. Please contact .......... Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. Automation Controls Business Unit Head Office: 1048, Kadoma, Kadoma-shi, Osaka 571-8686, Japan Telephone: +81-6-6908-1050 All ...

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    ... AZ7100 Actuator AZ7110 AZ7120 Short push plunger AZ7121 Push plunger AZ7124 Hinge lever AZ7140 Roller lever AZ7141 One-way roller lever AZ7144 Hinge short lever AZ7310 Short roller lever AZ7311 One-way short roller lever AZ7312 Panel mount push plunger AZ7166 Panel mount roller plunger ...

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    ML (AZ7) FOREIGN STANDARDS Standards UL C-UL TÜV SPECIFICATIONS 1. Rating Rated control voltage 125V AC 250V AC 115V DC 2.Characteristics Contact arrangement Initial contact resistance, max. Contact material Initial insulation resistance (At 500V DC) Initial breakdown voltage In the ...

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    DIMENSIONS • Short push plunger AZ7100 23.3 0.3 .917 .012 16 dia. .630 25.4 0.15 14.3 1 inch .563 54 0.2 2.126 .008 16.5 max. .650 • Hinge lever AZ7120 25.4 0.15 1 inch 54 0.2 2.126 .008 16.5 max. ...

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    ... ML (AZ7) • Short roller lever AZ7141 30.2 1.0 1.189 .039 25.4 0.15 1 inch 54 0.2 2.126 .008 16.5 max. .650 • Panel mount push plunger AZ7310 23.3 0.5 .917 .020 M12 ( P=1.0 ) 2-panel mounting nut Thickness 3.2 .126 Length of opposite side 17 .669 Teethed washer 25 ...

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    Terminal Mold Type (Epoxy-Sealed Terminal Type) The waterproof type (IP64) has its terminals sealed with epoxy resin. 1. Type of product All the standard type have this epoxy-sealed terminal types. 2. Appearance The dimensions are the same as those of ...

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    SELECTOR CHART Classification Subminiature size SL (AZ3) Micro Product name Limit Switches Appearance Head code AZ3 • A limit switch with • High sealability that high-density mounting that improves stroke • Wiring is screw-ter- capacity through an Feature O.T. absorption-type ...

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    Subminiature size Classification vertical type QL (AZ4) Micro DL (AZD1) Mini Product name Limit Switches Limit Switches Appearance Head code AZ4 • A subminiature, highly accu- • Excellent safety even if the rate limit switch with built-in contact point is ...

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    ACTUATOR SELECTION Pretravel Type Classification Push plunger type Roller plunger type (includes cross roller plunger) Small to Roller arm type Adjustable roller Small to arm type Adjustable rod type Fork Spring wire and Medium flexible rod Hinge lever type Roller ...

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    TECHNICAL INFORMATION Standard glossary • Fixed rating values The values that guarantee the stan- dards for the limit switch characteris- tics and functions. For example, the rated current and rated voltage, which are preset conditions (load type, current, voltage, frequency, ...

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    TECHNICAL INFORMATION Glossary relating to the EN60947-5-1 • EN60947-5-1 EN standard same as IEC947-5-1 • Utilization categories The following examples express the classification of switches by category of use. Current Category Contents type Controls electromagnetic AC AC-15 loads in excess ...

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    PROTECTIVE CONSTRUCTION Protective construction Expresses the degree of protective construction that guards the level of functionability of the switch against ingress of solid objects, water, and oil. The standards are IEC529 (IEC: International Electrotechnical Commission) standards. IEC standards determine the ...

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    CAUTIONS FOR USE DESIGN OF OPERATING DOG AND OPERATING SPEED Pay attention to the following points when designing the dog for limit switch operation. 1. Make the dog faceplate as smooth as possible. 2. Adjust both the dog angle and ...

  • Page 14

    PROTECTION CIRCUIT 1. The ON/OFF circuit for the guidance load may suffer contact damage due to surges or inrushes when the power is turned either ON or OFF. Consequently, insertion of a protective circuit as per the following diagram is ...

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    CAUTIONS FOR USE CAUTIONS FOR USE 1) Do not attempt to physically alter any part of the switch itself, such as the actuator, or switch attachment vent, as this may cause alterations to both characteristics and performance, and damage the ...

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    IMPROVEMENT EXAMPLES Poor design @ @ Dog axle @ Detector Printer Conveyer @ @ Limit @ @ @ High temperature Improved design r r Detector r Rotation axle Conveyer r Rotation axle r Protective cover High temperature ...

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    IMPROVEMENT EXAMPLES Poor design @ Detector Dumper Conveyer @ Conveyer Detector @ Dog @ 12 Improved design r Rotation axle r Conveyer Detector r r Explanation Problem • The detector is scratched. • Limit attachment adjustments are difficult • The ...

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    Table of Recommended Substitute Products for Discontinued Products Products to be discontinued AZ1 series Limit switches AZ2 series Limit switches Slitted type Limit switches (AZ6) New slitted type Limit switches (AZ66) Products to be discontinued You cannot use this nut ...

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    FOREIGN STANDARDS OVERVIEW 1. International Standards IEC standard International Electrotechnical Commission By promoting international cooperation toward all problems and related issues regarding standardization in the electrical and electronic technology fields, the IEC, a non-governmental organization, was started in October, 1908, ...

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    SAFETY STANDARDS RECOGNITION Limit switches Product name SL limit switches Dies-cast case standard load type Die-cast case low level load type HL limit (includes connector type) switches Plastic case standard load type Plastic case low level load type Standard type ...