Manufacturer Part NumberHG4-DC24V-F
DescriptionHG4 Relay (Cd-Free)
ManufacturerPANASONIC EW
HG4-DC24V-F datasheet

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Compliance with RoHS Directive
1. High-capacity and long life
The electrical life of this high capacity is
20A 100,000 operations (250 V AC). It
can be used for 1.5kW (3-phase 200 V)
motor control.
2. High breakdown voltage
Both between contacts, and between
contacts and coil, high breakdown
voltage is 2,000 V for 1 minute.
3. Easy mounting and wiring
The terminal arrangement is apparent at
a glance and wiring is easy. Moreover,
#250 series tab terminals can be used.
4. Socket and terminal sockets
Lineup includes DIN terminal sockets that
enable the use of DIN rails. The pole
numbers of the terminal sockets are
interchangeable and different terminal
sockets can be used in combination.
5. UL/CSA approved
Contact arrangement
2: 2 Form C
3: 3 Form C
4: 4 Form C
Coil voltage
6, 12, 24, 48, 100, (115), 200, (220), (240) V
6, 12, 24, 48, 100, (110), 200 V
Contact material
F: AgSnO
The voltage values in parentheses are for order-made products for export.
Note: UL/CSA approved type is standard.
HP relays enjoy wide use in various
applications, particularly in automation
controls and remote controls.
Applications include:
1. Industrial machinery
For controlling positioning, pressure, and
temperature in molding equipment,
boilers, pumps, charging pressure
equipment, measuring and evaluation
equipment, textile machines, etc.
2. Machine tools
Control of positioning and directional
change in turning machines, lathes,
borers, etc.
3. Food processing packing machines
Automatic control of packing equipment
for milk and seafood, bottling, canning,
and packaging
4. Office equipment
Control of copiers, time recorders, etc.
5. Coin operate machines
Control of food, cigarette, and other
vending machines
6. Transportation
Amplification of control signals in control
devices for vehicles and vessels,
functional parts of all kinds of equipment,
control signal repeating installation in
signaling devices and equipment.
7. Measuring devices and equipment
For repeating installation of control
signals and in power amplifiers
8. Generators, transformers and
power receiving equipment.
Functional parts in protective equipment,
functional assistance in automatic
adjustment equipment, telemeters and
other remote monitoring equipment
All Rights Reserved © COPYRIGHT Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.
9. Control of conveyance equipment
Control panels for elevators, escalators,
and other conveyance equipment, control
of all kinds industrial transport equipment
such as conveyors.
10. Amusement equipment
Control of equipment in amusement
parks, etc., control of bowling alley
equipment, control of fountains in public
About Cd-free contacts
We have introduced Cadmium free type
products to reduce Environmental
Hazardous Substances. (The suffix “F”
should be added to the part number.)
Please replace parts containing
Cadmium with Cadmium-free products
and evaluate them with your actual
application before use because the life of
a relay depends on the contact material
and load.

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    HG Compliance with RoHS Directive FEATURES 1. High-capacity and long life The electrical life of this high capacity is 20A 100,000 operations (250 V AC). It can be used for 1.5kW (3-phase 200 V) motor control. 2. High breakdown voltage ...

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    REFERENCE DATA 1. Switching capacity range AC resistive 20 load 10 AC inductive load (cosϕ=0.4) DC resistive load DC inductive 1 load (L/R=7ms) 0.1 10 100 500 1,000 Contact voltage, V DIMENSIONS (Unit: mm inch) 2 Form C 3 Form ...

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    HG 4 Form C 20.5 .807 External dimensions 2.5 dia. 9 deep hole for 8.4 8 dia. tapping screw .331 .331 .276 .098 dia. .354 deep hole for .118 dia. tapping screw 16 .630 2.5 dia. 8 deep ...