Manufacturer Part Number908160008
DescriptionConn Picoflex HDR 8 POS 1.27mm Solder ST SMD
ManufacturerMolex Inc
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Pitch1.27 mmNumber Of Contacts8
GenderHDRTermination MethodSolder
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The new Picoflex
SMT Header with positive retention latches to provide a robust wire-to-board connection with
increased retention force for rugged applications and high-vibration environments
Picoflex connectors are suitable for many high-density
applications where space is at a premium and power
and signal are required. The positive-latch system
of this new Picoflex SMT Header meets customer
requirements for a wire-to-board connection with a
greater retention force than can be achieved with the
standard Picoflex SMT header. The latches increase
the retention force between the header and receptacle
by at least 50% compared to the Molex standard
friction-lock header, series 90814.
A typical customer requirement for the latched header
would exist in an application where part of a harness
protrudes from the assembly. Without the positive
retention latches, tension on the harness, especially
during the final assembly process, can disconnect the
header and receptacle. The latches also make this an
ideal connector for compact, wire-to-board connec-
tions in high-vibration environments in the industrial
and automotive markets.
MarkeTS and aPPLicaTionS
- Solar
- Weighing Systems
- Heating Systems
- Security Devices
- Access Controls
- Industrial Lighting
- Advertising Displays
- Power Supplies
Solar Panels
Weighing Systems
The Picoflex surface-mount latched header features a
high-profile polarising peg which avoids mis-mating
of the header and receptacle and also acts as a lead-in
to aid assembly. The header is backward compatible
and mates with existing Picoflex receptacles, series
- Car Stereo Systems
- Portable Heart Monitor
- Navigation Systems
- Patient Monitor
- In Car Entertainment
- Blood Analyser
- Dashboard Applications
- Testers
- Air-Conditioning
- CD PLayers
- LCD Projector
- Satellite Receivers
- Televisions and Set Top Boxes
Automotive Applications
SMT Latched
Header 1.27mm (.050”)
Vertical SMT Header
with Latches
� Others
- Office Equipment
- Vending machines
- Smart Card Readers
- Home Appliances
� Used across all markets where
signal and power connections are
Medical Applications
Office Equipment