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Specifications of ISP1763AHNUM

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NOR Flash interface (multiplexed mode)
NAND Flash interface (multiplexed mode)
General multiplex interface
SRAM interface
Single configurable interrupt (INT) line for the host controller, peripheral controller, and
OTG controller
Integrated Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) supports external 12 MHz, 19.2 MHz, and
24 MHz crystal, and direct clock source
Supports remote wake-up from deep sleep mode
Supports interfacing I/O voltage of 1.8 V or 3.3 V; separate I/O voltage supply pins
minimize crosstalk
Internal voltage regulator supplies 1.2 V to the digital core
3.0 V to 3.6 V supply voltage input range for the internal USB transceiver
Supports hybrid power mode; V
Host controller-specific features:
EHCI core is adapted from Enhanced Host Controller Interface Specification for
Universal Serial Bus Rev. 1.0
Integrated TT for Original USB device support on both the ports
Integrated 24 kB high-speed memory
Power switching and overcurrent reporting on per-port basis
Peripheral controller-specific features:
Complies with Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev. 2.0
Integrated 4 kB memory to support 7 IN endpoints, 7 OUT endpoints, and 1 fixed
control IN/OUT endpoint
OTG controller-specific features:
Supports OTG HNP and SRP using status and control registers for the software
implementation in OTG dual-role devices
Integrated V
Integrated cable (ID) detector
Programmable timers with high resolution (0.01 ms to 80 ms)
3. Applications
The ISP1763A can be used to implement a dual-role USB device in any application, USB
host, or USB peripheral, depending on the cable connection. If the dual-role device is
connected to a USB peripheral, it behaves like a USB host. The dual-role device can also
be connected to a PC or any other USB host and behave like a USB peripheral.
3.1 Host or peripheral roles
TV/TV box:
Play, upload, or download media file from or to USB memory disk
DVD player:
Play, upload, or download media file from or to USB memory disk
Mobile phone to or from:
Data brief
is not present, V
detection in deep sleep mode
voltage comparators
Rev. 02 — 31 March 2010
Hi-Speed USB OTG controller
is powered
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