SM72480SDE-120/NOPB National Semiconductor, SM72480SDE-120/NOPB Datasheet



Manufacturer Part Number
"1.6V, Temp Sensor-Solar
National Semiconductor

Specifications of SM72480SDE-120/NOPB

Temperature Sensor Function
Temp Sensor
Output Type
Package Type
Operating Temperature (min)
Operating Temperature (max)
Operating Temperature Classification
Operating Supply Voltage (typ)
Operating Supply Voltage (max)
Ic Output Type
Temperature Sensing Range
-50°C To +150°C
Supply Current
Supply Voltage Range
1.6V To 5.5V
Sensor Case Style
No. Of Pins
Leaded Process Compatible
Rohs Compliant
Lead Free Status / Rohs Status
© 2011 National Semiconductor Corporation
SolarMagic 1.6V, LLP-6 Factory Preset Temperature Switch
and Temperature Sensor
General Description
The SM72480 is a low-voltage, precision, dual-output, low-
power temperature switch and temperature sensor. The tem-
perature trip point (T
Built-in temperature hysteresis (T
ble in an environment of temperature instability.
In normal operation the SM72480 temperature switch outputs
assert when the die temperature exceeds T
ature switch outputs will reset when the temperature falls
below a temperature equal to (T
OVERTEMP digital output, is active-high with a push-pull
structure, while the OVERTEMP digital output, is active-low
with an open-drain structure.
The analog output, V
with Negative Temperature Coefficient — NTC.
Driving the TRIP TEST input high: (1) causes the digital out-
puts to be asserted for in-situ verification and, (2) causes the
threshold voltage to appear at the V
could be used to verify the temperature trip point.
The SM72480's low minimum supply voltage makes it ideal
for 1.8 volt system designs. Its wide operating range, low
supply current , and excellent accuracy provide a temperature
switch solution for a wide range of commercial and industrial
Connection Diagram
PV Power Optimizers
Wireless Transceivers
Battery Management
Disk Drives
See NS Package Number SDB06A
) is set at the factory to be 120°C.
Top View
, delivers an analog output voltage
) keeps the output sta-
output pin, which
− T
. The temper-
). The
Key Specifications
Typical Transfer Characteristic
Supply Voltage
Supply Current
Accuracy, Trip Point
Accuracy, V
Operating Temperature
Hysteresis Temperature
Renewable Energy Grade
Low 1.6V operation
Latching function: device can latch the Over Temperature
Push-pull and open-drain temperature switch outputs
Very linear analog V
2.2 mm by 2.5 mm (typ) LLP-6 package
Excellent power supply noise rejection
Output Drive
output short-circuit protected
Analog Voltage vs Die Temperature
temperature sensor output
0°C to 150°C
0°C to 150°C
−50°C to 150°C
4.5°C to 5.5°C
May 11, 2011
1.6V to 5.5V
8 μA (typ)
±100 μA

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SM72480SDE-120/NOPB Summary of contents

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... Battery Management ■ Automotive ■ Disk Drives Connection Diagram LLP-6 Top View See NS Package Number SDB06A © 2011 National Semiconductor Corporation SM72480 Features ■ Renewable Energy Grade ■ Low 1.6V operation ■ Latching function: device can latch the Over Temperature ) keeps the output sta- condition ■ ...

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Block Diagram Pin Descriptions Pin Name Type No. TRIP Digital 1 TEST Input Digital 5 OVERTEMP Output Digital 3 OVERTEMP Output Equivalent Circuit TRIP TEST pin. Active High input. If TRIP TEST = 0 (Default) then ...

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Pin Name Type Equivalent Circuit No. Analog V 6 TEMP Output 4 V Power DD 2 GND Ground DAP Die Attach Pad Typical Application Description V Analog Voltage Output TEMP If TRIP TEST = 0 then ...

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... SM72480SD-125 125°C SM72480SDE-125 125°C SM72480SDX-125 125°C SM72480SD-120 120°C SM72480SDE-120 120°C SM72480SDX-120 120°C SM72480SD-105 105°C SM72480SDE-105 105°C SM72480SDX-105 105°C NS Package Description Number 6–pin LLP SDB06A 6–pin LLP SDB06A 6–pin LLP SDB06A 6–pin LLP SDB06A 6– ...

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Absolute Maximum Ratings Supply Voltage Voltage at OVERTEMP pin Voltage at OVERTEMP and V pins −0. TEMP TRIP TEST Input Voltage −0. Output Current, any output pin Input Current at any pin (Note 2) Storage Temperature ...

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Electrical Characteristics Unless otherwise noted, these specifications apply for + all other limits 25°C. MAX A J Symbol Parameter GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS I Quiescent Power Supply S Current Hysteresis OVERTEMP DIGITAL OUTPUT V Logic "1" ...

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Electrical Characteristics Unless otherwise noted, these specifications apply for + all other limits 25°C. MAX A J Symbol Parameter TRIP TEST DIGITAL INPUT V Logic "1" Threshold Voltage IH V Logic "0" Threshold Voltage ...

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Typical Performance Characteristics V Output Temperature Error vs. Temperature TEMP Supply Current vs. Temperature V Supply-Noise Rejection vs. Frequency TEMP Minimum Operating Temperature vs. Supply Voltage 30142007 Supply Current vs. Supply Voltage 30142004 Line Regulation V TEMP 30142043 8 ...

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SM72480 V vs Die TEMP Temperature Conversion Table The SM72480 has a factory-set gain, which is dependent on the Temperature Trip Point. The V TEMP voltage, in millivolts, at each discrete die temperature over the complete operating range is ...

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V , Analog Output Voltage, mV TEMP Die Temp °C TRIP 125 or 120°C 35 1763 36 1753 37 1743 38 1732 39 1722 40 1712 41 1701 42 1691 43 1681 44 1670 45 1660 46 1650 ...

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V , Analog Output Voltage, mV TEMP Die Temp °C TRIP 125 or 120°C 131 756 132 745 133 734 134 724 135 713 136 702 137 691 138 681 139 670 140 659 141 649 142 638 ...

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OVERTEMP and OVERTEMP Digital Outputs The OVERTEMP Active High, Push-Pull Output and the OVERTEMP Active Low, Open-Drain Output both assert at the same time whenever the Die Temperature reaches the factory preset Temperature Trip Point. They also assert si- ...

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FIGURE 1. SM72480 No Decoupling Required for Capacitive Loads Less than 1100 pF. C Minimum R LOAD 1 100 nF to 999 nF 1.5 kΩ 1 μF 800 Ω FIGURE 2. SM72480 with series resistor for ...

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Applications Circuits FIGURE 4. Temperature Switch Using Push-Pull Output FIGURE 5. Temperature Switch Using Open-Drain Output Most CMOS ADCs found in microcontrollers and ASICs have a sampled data comparator input structure. When the ADC charges the sampling cap, it ...

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FIGURE 8. TRIP TEST Digital Output Test Circuit The TRIP TEST pin, normally used to check the operation of the OVERTEMP and OVERTEMP pins, may be used to latch the outputs whenever the temperature exceeds the programmed limit and causes ...

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Physical Dimensions inches (millimeters) unless otherwise noted 6-Lead LLP-6 Package NS Package Number SDB06A 16 ...

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Notes 17 ...

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... For more National Semiconductor product information and proven design tools, visit the following Web sites at: Products Amplifiers Audio Clock and Timing Data Converters Interface LVDS Power Management Switching Regulators LDOs LED Lighting www ...

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