Manufacturer Part NumberM83536/10-022M
ManufacturerTE Connectivity
M83536/10-022M datasheet

Specifications of M83536/10-022M

Relay ConstructionNon-LatchingContact ArrangementDPDT
Coil Voltage Dc12VContact Form2 Form C
Coil Voltage Ac28VContact Current Rating25A
Coil Suppression DiodeNoPush To Test ButtonNo
Led IndicatorNoSealUnsealed
Mounting StyleBottomTermination StyleSolder Pin
Lead Free Status / Rohs StatusNot Compliant  
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FCA-210-1022M Product Details - Tyco Electronics
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FCA-210-1022M Product Details
TE Internal Number: 1-1617749-8
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Product Features
Product Type Features:
Terminal Type
Electrical Characteristics:
Actuating System
Coil Voltage (VDC)
Current Rating (Amps.)
Termination Related Features:
Terminal Plating
Auxiliary Contacts = Without
Body Related Features:
Series = FCA 10-25 Amp Relay
Mount Type
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Military/Aerospace Mid-Range Relays
Not EU RoHS or ELV Compliant
Product Highlights:
FCA 10-25 Amp Relay Series
DC Ac tuating System
Coil Voltage = 28 VDC
Contact Arrangement = 2 Form C, DPDT, 2 C/O
Current Rating = 10 Amps.
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= Solder Pins
= DC
= 28
= 10
= Tin-Lead
= Bottom Mount
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Configuration Related Features:
Contact Arrangement
= 2 Form C, DPDT, 2 C/O
Coil Suppression Diode
= With
Coil Magnetic System = Polarized, Monostable
Industry Standards:
Government/Industry Qualification = Yes
Government/Industry Part Number = M83536/10-022M
RoHS/ELV Compliance
= Not ELV/RoHS compliant
Lead Free Solder Processes
= Not suitable for lead free processing
Brand = CII
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