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16 Bit Single-Chip Microcontroller
Infineon Technologies AG
Capture/Compare (CAPCOM) Units
The CAPCOM units support generation and control of timing sequences on up to
32 channels with a maximum resolution of 16 TCL. The CAPCOM units are typically
used to handle high speed I/O tasks such as pulse and waveform generation, pulse
width modulation (PMW), Digital to Analog (D/A) conversion, software timing, or time
recording relative to external events.
Four 16-bit timers (T0/T1, T7/T8) with reload registers provide two independent time
bases for the capture/compare register array.
The input clock for the timers is programmable to several prescaled values of the internal
system clock, or may be derived from an overflow/underflow of timer T6 in module GPT2.
This provides a wide range of variation for the timer period and resolution and allows
precise adjustments to the application specific requirements. In addition, external count
inputs for CAPCOM timers T0 and T7 allow event scheduling for the capture/compare
registers relative to external events.
Both of the two capture/compare register arrays contain 16 dual purpose capture/
compare registers, each of which may be individually allocated to either CAPCOM timer
T0 or T1 (T7 or T8, respectively), and programmed for capture or compare function.
Each register has one port pin associated with it which serves as an input pin for
triggering the capture function, or as an output pin (except for CC24 … CC27) to indicate
the occurrence of a compare event.
When a capture/compare register has been selected for capture mode, the current
contents of the allocated timer will be latched (‘captured’) into the capture/compare
register in response to an external event at the port pin which is associated with this
register. In addition, a specific interrupt request for this capture/compare register is
generated. Either a positive, a negative, or both a positive and a negative external signal
transition at the pin can be selected as the triggering event. The contents of all registers
which have been selected for one of the five compare modes are continuously compared
with the contents of the allocated timers. When a match occurs between the timer value
and the value in a capture/compare register, specific actions will be taken based on the
selected compare mode.
Data Sheet
V3.2, 2001-07

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