CY37128P84-100JI Third-party Programmers - Cypress Semiconductor Corporation.



Manufacturer Part Number
5V, ISR high-performance CPLDs, 128 macrocells, 100MHz
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation.

Specifications of CY37128P84-100JI

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Document #: 38-03007 Rev. *E
The third programming option for Ultra37000 devices is to
utilize the embedded controller or processor that already
exists in the system. The Ultra37000 ISR software assists in
this method by converting the device JEDEC maps into the
ISR serial stream that contains the ISR instruction information
and the addresses and data of locations to be programmed.
The embedded controller then simply directs this ISR stream
to the chain of Ultra37000 devices to complete the desired
reconfiguring or diagnostic operations. Contact your local
sales office for information on availability of this option.
The fourth method for programming Ultra37000 devices is to
use the same programmer that is currently being used to
program F
For all pinout, electrical, and timing requirements, refer to
device data sheets. For ISR cable and software specifications,
refer to the UltraISR kit data sheet (CY3700i).

Third-Party Programmers

As with development software, Cypress support is available on
a wide variety of third-party programmers. All major third-party
programmers (including BP Micro, Data I/O, and SMS) support
the Ultra37000 family.
370i devices.
Ultra37000 CPLD Family
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