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... Single chip implementation for 64-bit Slot-1/Socket 370 CPU, 64-bit system memory, 32-bit PCI and 32-bit AGP interfaces Apollo Pro-Plus Chipset: VT82C693 system controller and VT82C596A PCI to ISA bridge Chipset includes UltraDMA-33 EIDE, USB, and Keyboard / PS2-Mouse Interfaces plus RTC / CMOS on chip ...

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... Transaction timer for fair arbitration between PCI masters (granularity of two PCI clocks) Symmetric arbitration between Host/PCI bus for optimized system performance Complete steerable PCI interrupts PCI-2.1 compliant, 32 bit 3.3V PCI interface with 5V tolerant inputs Preliminary Revision 0.3 December 9, 1998 CPU Mode 3x synchronous 66 MHz 2x synchronous -2- VT82C693 Features ...

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... Suspend-to-DRAM and Self-Refresh operation EDO self-refresh and SDRAM self-refresh power down 8 bytes of BIOS scratch registers Low-leakage I/O pads Built-in NAND-tree pin scan test capability 3.3V, 0.35um, high speed / low power CMOS process mm, 492 pin BGA Package Preliminary Revision 0.3 December 9, 1998 -3- VT82C693 Features ...

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... Windows-98 / NT5 miniport drivers are supported for interoperability with major AGP-based 3D and DVD-capable multimedia accelerators. The VT82C693 supports two 32-bit 3 system buses (one AGP and one PCI) that are synchronous / pseudo-synchronous to the CPU bus. The chip also contains a built-in bus-to-bus bridge to allow simultaneous concurrent operations on each bus. Five levels (doublewords) of post write buffers are included to allow for concurrent CPU and PCI operation ...

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... SDRAM control signals for Suspend-to-DRAM operation. Coupled with the VT82C596A south bridge chip, a complete notebook PC main board can be implemented with no external TTLs. The Apollo Pro-Plus chipset is ideal for high performance, high quality, high energy efficient and high integration desktop and notebook AGP / PCI / ISA computer systems. Preliminary Revision 0.3 December 9, 1998 -5- VT82C693 Overview ...

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