Manufacturer Part NumberAD558
DescriptionVoltage-output 8-bit digital-to-analog converter, including output amplifier, full microprocessor interface and precision
ManufacturerAnalog Devices
AD558 datasheet

Specifications of AD558

Resolution (bits)8bitDac Update Rate1.25MSPS
Dac Settling Time800nsMax Pos Supply (v)+16.5V
Single-supplyYesDac TypeVoltage Out
Dac Input FormatPar  
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AD558 Summary of contents

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    ... NOTES 1 The AD558 S & T grades are available processed and screened lo MIL-STD-883 Class B. Consult Analog Devices’ Military Databook for details. 2 Relative Accuracy is defined as the deviation of the code transition points from the ideal transfer point on a straight line from the offset to the full scale of the device. ...

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    ... Military Products Databook or current AD558/883B data sheet Ceramic DIP Plastic DIP Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier. REV. A Momentary Short Figure 1a. AD558 Pin Configuration (DIP) Figure 1b. AD558 Pin Configuration (PLCC and LCC) ORDERING GUIDE Relative Accuracy Error Max MIN MAX ...

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    ... C0 1111 1111 FF OUTPUT AMP CONNECTING THE AD558 V OUT The AD558 has been configured for ease of application. All ref- V erence, output amplifier and logic connections are made inter- SENSE OUT nally. In addition, all calibration trims are performed at the V SELECT OUT factory assuring specified accuracy without user trims ...

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    ... TO SYSTEM V CC Figure 6. AD558 Control Logic Function In a level-triggered latch such as that in the AD558 there is an interaction between data setup and hold times and the width of the enable pulse effort to reduce the time required to test all possible combinations in production, the AD558 is tested ...

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    ... V the zero-scale code and measuring the output deviation from 0 OUT 0V TO +2.56V volts. There are some DACs, like the AD558 where offset errors may be present but not observable at the zero scale, because other circuit limitations (such as zero coinciding with single- supply ground) so that a nonzero output at zero code cannot be read as the offset error ...

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    ... Figure 11. Offset Connection Diagrams INTERFACING THE AD558 TO MICROPROCESSOR DATA BUSES The AD558 is configured to act like a “write only” location in memory that may be made to coincide with a read only memory location or with a RAM location. The latter case allows data previously written into the DAC to be read back later via the RAM ...

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    ... V CC Figure 15. Quiescent Current vs. Power Supply Voltage for AD558 Figure 16. AD558 Settling Characteristics Detail 2.56 V Output Range Full-Scale Step Figure 17. AD558 Settling Characteristic Detail Output Range Full-Scale Step Figure 18. AD558 Logic Timing VOLTS –8– OUTLINE DIMENSIONS Dimensions shown in inches and (mm) ...