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Manufacturer Part Number

Specifications of STM8AF52AA

Max Fcpu
24 MHz
Program Memory
32 to 128 Kbytes Flash program; data retention 20 years at 55 °C
Data Memory
up to 2 Kbytes true data EEPROM; endurance 300 kcycles
2 Kbytes to 6 Kbytes
Advanced Control Timer
16-bit, 4 CAPCOM channels, 3 complementary outputs, dead-time insertion and flexible synchronization
STM8AF52/62xx, STM8AF51/61xx
Software tools
STM8 development tools are supported by a complete, free software package from STMi-
croelectronics that includes ST visual develop (STVD) IDE and the ST visual programmer
(STVP) software interface. STVD provides seamless integration of the Cosmic and Raiso-
nance C compilers for STM8.
STM8 toolset
The STM8 toolset with STVD integrated development environment and STVP programming
software is available for free download at This package includes:
ST visual develop
Full-featured integrated development environment from STMicroelectronics, featuring:
Seamless integration of C and ASM toolsets
Full-featured debugger
Project management
Syntax highlighting editor
Integrated programming interface
Support of advanced emulation features for STice such as code profiling and coverage
ST visual programmer (STVP)
Easy-to-use, unlimited graphical interface allowing read, write and verification of the STM8A
microcontroller’s Flash memory. STVP also offers project mode for saving programming
configurations and automating programming sequences.
C and assembly toolchains
Control of C and assembly toolchains is seamlessly integrated into the STVD integrated
development environment, making it possible to configure and control the building of your
application directly from an easy-to-use graphical interface. Available toolchains include:
C compiler for STM8
All compilers are available in free version with a limited code size depending on the
compiler. For more information, refer to and
STM8 assembler linker
Free assembly toolchain included in the STM8 toolset, which allows you to assemble and
link your application source code.
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STM8 development tools

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