Manufacturer Part NumberLM48560
ManufacturerTexas Instruments
LM48560 datasheet

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High Voltage Class H Ceramic Speaker Driver with Automatic
Level Control
Literature Number: SNAS513B

LM48560 Summary of contents

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    ... LM48560 LM48560 High Voltage Class H Ceramic Speaker Driver with Automatic Level Control Literature Number: SNAS513B ...

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    ... High Voltage Class H Ceramic Speaker Driver with Automatic Level Control General Description The LM48560 is a high voltage, high efficiency, Class H driver for ceramic speakers and piezo actuators. The LM48560’s Class H architecture offers significant power savings com- pared to traditional Class AB amplifiers. The device provides ...

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    ... Connection Diagrams TL Package 1.97mm x 1.97mm x 0.6mm Top View Order Number LM48560TL See NS Package Number TLA16Z1A Ordering Information Order Number Package LM48560TL 16 Bump µSMD LM48560TLX 16 Bump µSMD www.ti.com 30150704 Ordering Information Table Package Drawing Transport Media Number TLA16Z1A 250 units on tape and reel ...

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    Bump Name A1 OUT+ Amplifier Non-Inverting Output A2 SGND Amplifier Ground A3 IN1– Amplifier Inverting Input 1 A4 IN1+ Amplifier Non-Inverting Input 1 B1 OUT- Amplifier Inverting Output Active Low Shutdown. Connect SHDN to GND to disable device. B2 SHDN ...

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    ... GAIN1 = 0, GAIN0 = 0 GAIN1 = 0, GAIN0 = 1 GAIN1 = 1, GAIN0 = 0 GAIN1 = 1, GAIN0 = 0dB 30dB V 4 −65° 150°C ≤ ≤ −40° MAX ≤ 2. 24dB unless otherwise specified. Limits V LM48560 Min Typ Max (Note 8) (Note 7) (Note 8) 2.7 5 3.6 1 2.5 4.4 0 ...

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    ... LM48560 Units Min Typ Max (Limits) (Note 8) (Note 7) (Note 0. 107 98 μV 134 μ MHz 1.5 1.4 0.5 0.1 0.2 LM48560 Units Min Typ Max (Limits) (Note 7) (Note 6) (Note 7) 1.1 0.5 400 2.5 250 250 250 250 www.ti.com V P RMS RMS ms s ...

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    Note 1: “Absolute Maximum Ratings” indicate limits beyond which damage to the device may occur, including inoperability and degradation of device reliability and/or performance. Functional operation of the device and/or non-degradation at the Absolute Maximum Ratings or other conditions beyond ...

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    Typical Performance Characteristics All typical performance curves are taken with conditions seen in THD+N vs FREQUENCY = 0.6μ 3.6V, Boosted THD+N vs FREQUENCY = 1.5μ 3.6V, Boosted THD+N ...

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    OUTPUT VOLTAGE vs FREQUENCY ≤ = 1.5μF, THD THD+N vs OUTPUT VOLTAGE = 0.6μ 3.6V, Boosted THD+N vs OUTPUT VOLTAGE = 1.5μ 3.6V, Boosted www.ti.com 1%, ...

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    POWER SUPPLY REJECTION RATIO vs FREQUENCY V = 200mV , V RIPPLE P-P DD www.ti.com = 1.5μF = 3.6V 30150742 10 ...

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    ... interface timing diagram. Data on the SDA line must be stable during the HIGH period of SCL. The LM48560 is a transmit/receive slave-only device, reliant upon the master to generate the SCL signal. Each transmission sequence is framed by a START condition and a STOP condition ...

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    ... The 7-bit device address is written to the bus, most significant bit (MSB) first, followed by the R/W bit (R indicating the master is writing to the LM48560). The data is latched in on the rising edge of the clock. Each address bit must be stable while SDA is HIGH. After the R/W bit is transmitted, the mas- ...

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    B7 B6 Device Address 1 1 SW/HW SDA/SEL 0 (Boost Disabled (Boost Enabled REGISTER Register B7 ADDRESS Name SHUTDOWN 0x00h X CONTROL NO CLIP 0x01h X CONTROL 0x02h GAIN CONTROL X 0x03h TEST MODE X BIT ...

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    BIT NAME B7 UNUSED RLT1 (B6) B6:B5 RLT0 (B5) ATK1 (B4) B4:B3 ATK0 (B3) PLEV2 (B2) B2:B0 PLEV1 (B1) PLEV0 (B0) BIT NAME B7:B2 UNUSED GAIN1(B1) B1:B0 GAIN0 (B0) GAIN1(B1) B1:B0 GAIN0 (B0) www.ti.com TABLE 6. No Clip Control Register ...

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    ... GENERAL AMPLIFIER FUNCTION The LM48560 is a fully differential, Class H piezo driver for ceramic speakers and haptic actuators. The integrated, high efficiency boost converter dynamically adjusts the amplifier’s supply voltage based on the output signal, increasing head- room and improving efficiency compared to a conventional Class AB driver ...

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    ... The gain settings are shown in GAIN 0 1 SHUTDOWN FUNCTION The LM48560 features a low current shutdown mode. Set SD = GND to disable the amplifier and boost converter and reduce supply current to 0.01µA. www.ti.com internal 20MΩ is subject to temperature change, and it has tolerance between -11% to +20%. ...

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    ... SINGLE-ENDED INPUT CONFIGURATION The LM48560 is compatible with single-ended sources. When configured for single-ended inputs, input capacitors must be used to block and DC component at the input of the device. PROPER SELECTION OF EXTERNAL COMPONENTS ALC Timing (C ) Capacitor Selection SET The recommended range value of C SET 1μF. Lowering the value below .01μF can increase the attack time but LM48560 ALC ability to regulate its output can be disrupted and approaches the hard limiter circuit ...

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    ... Short pins 2 and 3 (GND) of JU2 for 24dB gain. 5. Connect a power supply (2.7V-5.5V) and ground reference respectively to the VDD and GND headers on the demo board. 6. Connect a differential audio input to IN1+ and IN2- 7. Connect the USB/I2C board to the LM48560 demo board. 8. Connect the USB/I2C board Turn on the power supply 10. Launch the LM48560 software GUI 11. Verify that the bottom left corner of the GUI reads “ ...

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    Designator Function VDD VDD GND GND OUT+ OUTPUT OUT- OUTPUT IN1+ INPUT 1 IN1- INPUT 1 IN2+ INPUT 2 IN2- INPUT 2 JU1 Shutdown JU2 SCL/Gain Select JU3 SDA/Input Select JU4 SCL Pullup JU5 SDA pullup JU6 I2C VDD JU7 ...

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    Demo Board Schematic www.ti.com 20 30150779 ...

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    PC Board Layout Top Silk Screen Top Layer Layer 3 30150769 30150772 30150765 21 30150771 Solder Mask Top 30150766 Layer 2 30150764 Drill Drawing www.ti.com ...

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    Silk Bottom Bottom Layer www.ti.com 30150768 30150763 22 30150770 Solder Mask Bottom ...

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    Revision History Rev Date 1.0 08/16/11 1.01 09/21/11 1.02 11/01/11 1.03 11/10/11 Description Initial WEB released. Input edits under CLASS H OPERATION. Edited curves 30150753, 54, 55, 56, and Figure 7 (I Edited Figure Read Cycle). ...

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    ... Physical Dimensions X1 = 1.970±0.03mm www.ti.com inches (millimeters) unless otherwise noted Thin micro SMD Order Number LM48560TL NS Package Number TLA16Z1A     1.970±0.03mm X3 = 0.600±0.075mm 24 ...

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    Notes 25 www.ti.com ...

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    ... Texas Instruments Incorporated and its subsidiaries (TI) reserve the right to make corrections, modifications, enhancements, improvements, and other changes to its products and services at any time and to discontinue any product or service without notice. Customers should obtain the latest relevant information before placing orders and should verify that such information is current and complete. All products are sold subject to TI’ ...