Manufacturer Part NumberLMC6042
ManufacturerTexas Instruments
LMC6042 datasheet

Specifications of LMC6042

Number Of Channels2Total Supply Voltage(min)(+5v=5, +/-5v=10)4.5
Total Supply Voltage(max)(+5v=5, +/-5v=10)15.5Gbw(typ)(mhz)0.1
Slew Rate(typ)(v/us)0.02Vio (25c)(max)(mv)3
Vn At 1khz(typ)(nv/rthz)83Iib(max)(pa)4
Pin/package8PDIP, 8SOIC  
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LMC6042 CMOS Dual Micropower Operational Amplifier
Literature Number: SNOS611C

LMC6042 Summary of contents

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    ... LMC6042 LMC6042 CMOS Dual Micropower Operational Amplifier Literature Number: SNOS611C ...

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    ... General Description Ultra-low power consumption and low input-leakage current are the hallmarks of the LMC6042. Providing input currents of only 2 fA typical, the LMC6042 can operate from a single supply, has output swing extending to each supply rail, and an input voltage range that includes ground. ...

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    ... Junction Temperature (Note 3) ESD Tolerance (Note 4) Voltage at Input/Output Pin ± Supply Voltage 16V Operating Ratings (Note 12) Temperature Range (Note 2) LMC6042AI, LMC6042I 260˚C Supply Voltage ± Power Dissipation ± Thermal Resistance (θ 8-Pin DIP (Note 3) 8-Pin SO − ...

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    ... Typ LMC6042AI LMC6042I Limit Limit (Note 6) (Note 6) 0.02 0.015 0.010 0.010 0.007 100 60 115 83 www.national.com + = Units (Limit) V Min V Max V Min V Max V Min V Max V Min V Max ...

  • Page 5

    ... The maximum allowable power dissipation at any ambient temperature is P J(Max ≤ 11.5V. For Sinking tests, 2.5V ≤ /2. Each amp excited in turn with 100 Hz to produce greater than 13V or reliability may be adversely affected. 01113719 4 Typ LMC6042AI LMC6042I (Note 5) Limit Limit (Note 6) (Note 6) 0.01 ≤ 7.5V with − ...

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    Typical Performance Characteristics Input Bias Current vs Temperature Input Bias Current Voltage Range vs Temperature Output Characteristics Current Sourcing ± 7.5V 25˚C unless otherwise specified (Continued Input Common-Mode 01113721 Output Characteristics 01113723 01113725 ...

  • Page 7

    Typical Performance Characteristics Crosstalk Rejection vs Frequency CMRR vs Temperature Open-Loop Voltage Gain vs Temperature www.national.com ± 7.5V 25˚C unless otherwise specified (Continued 01113727 Power Supply Rejection 01113729 01113731 6 CMRR vs Frequency 01113728 ...

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    Typical Performance Characteristics Gain and Phase Responses vs Load Capacitance Gain Error ( OUT Non-Inverting Slew Rate vs Temperature ± 7.5V 25˚C unless otherwise specified (Continued 01113733 Common-Mode Error vs ...

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    Typical Performance Characteristics Non-Inverting Large Signal Pulse Response (A = +1) V Inverting Large-Signal Pulse Response Stability vs Capacitive Load www.national.com ± 7.5V 25˚C unless otherwise specified (Continued Signal Pulse Response 01113739 01113741 Stability ...

  • Page 10

    ... It is quite common to use large values of feedback resis- tance with amplifiers with ultra-low input curent, like the LMC6042. Although the LMC6042 is highly stable over a wide range of operating conditions, certain precautions must be met to achieve the desired pulse response when a large feedback resistor is used. Large feedback resistors and even small values of input capacitance, due to transducers, photo- diodes, and circuit board parasitics, reduce phase margins ...

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    ... This would cause a 100 times degradation from the LMC6042’s actual performance. However guard ring is held within the inputs, then even a resistance of 10 cause only 0 ...

  • Page 12

    ... The extremely high input impedance, and low power con- sumption, of the LMC6042 make it ideal for applications that require battery-powered instrumentation amplifiers. Ex- amples of these types of applications are hand-held pH probes, analytic medical instruments, magnetic field detec- tors, gas detectors, and silicon based pressure transducers. ...

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    Typical Single-Supply Applications www.national.com + ( (Continued) DC FIGURE 8. Low-Power Two-Op-Amp Instrumentation Amplifier FIGURE 9. Low-Leakage Sample and Hold FIGURE 10. Instrumentation Amplifier 12 01113713 01113714 01113715 ...

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    ... Typical Single-Supply Applications Ordering Information Package 8-Pin Small Outline LMC6042IM, LMC6042IMX 8-Pin Molded DIP + ( (Continued) DC FIGURE 11 Square Wave Oscillator FIGURE 12. AC Coupled Power Amplifier Temperature Range NSC Industrial Drawing −40˚C to +85˚C LMC6042AIM, LMC6042AIMX M08A LMC6042AIN N08E LMC6042IN ...

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    ... Physical Dimensions unless otherwise noted Order Number LMC6042AIM, LMC6042AIMX, LMC6042IM or LMC6042IMX www.national.com inches (millimeters) 8-Pin Small Outline Package NS Package Number M08A 8-Pin Molded Dual-In-Line Package Order Number LMC6042AIN or LMC6042IN NS Package Number N08E 14 ...

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    National does not assume any responsibility for use of any circuitry described, no circuit patent licenses are implied and National reserves the right at any time without notice to change said circuitry and specifications. For the most current product information ...

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    ... Texas Instruments Incorporated and its subsidiaries (TI) reserve the right to make corrections, modifications, enhancements, improvements, and other changes to its products and services at any time and to discontinue any product or service without notice. Customers should obtain the latest relevant information before placing orders and should verify that such information is current and complete. All products are sold subject to TI’ ...