The bq2084-V150 SBS-compliant gas gauge IC for battery pack or in-system installation maintains an accurate record of available charge in Li-ion or Li-polymer batteries


Manufacturer Part NumberBQ2084-V150
DescriptionThe bq2084-V150 SBS-compliant gas gauge IC for battery pack or in-system installation maintains an accurate record of available charge in Li-ion or Li-polymer batteries
ManufacturerTexas Instruments
BQ2084-V150 datasheet

Specifications of BQ2084-V150

Battery Capacity(min)(mah)500Battery Capacity(max)(mah)15000
Communication InterfaceSMBusCapacity IndicationLED
# Series Cells2,3,4Pin/package38TSSOP
Operating Temperature Range(c)-20 to 85ImplementationPack
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Provides Accurate Measurement of Available
Charge in Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Batteries
Supports the Smart Battery Specification
(SBS) V1.1
Integrated Time Base Removes Need for
External Crystal with Optional Crystal input
Works With the TI bq29312A Analog
Front-End (AFE) Protection IC to Provide
Complete Pack Electronics for 7.2-V, 10.8-V or
14.4-V Battery Packs With Few External
Based on a Powerful Low-Power RISC CPU
Core With High-Performance Peripherals
Integrated Flash Memory Eliminates the Need
for External Configuration EEPROM
Uses 16-Bit Delta Sigma Converter for
Accurate Voltage and Temperature
Measures Charge Flow Using a High
Resolution 16-Bit Integrating Converter
– Better Than 0.65-nVh of Resolution
– Self-Calibrating
– Offset Error Less Than 1-µV
Programmable Cell Modeling for Maximum
Battery Fuel Gauge Accuracy
Drives 3-, 4-, or 5-Segment LED Display for
Remaining Capacity Indication
Available in a 38-Pin TSSOP (DBT) Package
Notebook PCs
Medical and Test Equipment
Portable Instrumentation
Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability, standard warranty, and use in critical applications of Texas
Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet.
PRODUCTION DATA information is current as of publication date.
Products conform to specifications per the terms of the Texas
Instruments standard warranty. Production processing does not
necessarily include testing of all parameters.
The bq2084-V150 SBS-compliant gas gauge IC for
battery pack or in-system installation maintains an
accurate record of available charge in Li-ion or
Li-polymer batteries. The bq2084-V150 monitors
capacity and other critical parameters of the battery
pack and reports the information to the system host
controller over a serial communication bus. It is
designed to work with the bq29312A AFE protection
IC to maximize functionality and safety and minimize
component count and cost in smart battery circuits.
Using information from the bq2084-V150, the host
controller can manage remaining battery power to
extend the system run time as much as possible.
The bq2084-V150 uses an integrating converter with
continuous sampling for the measurement of battery
charge and discharge currents. Optimized for
coulomb counting in portable applications, the
self-calibrating integrating converter has a resolution
better than 0.65-nVh and an offset measurement
error of less than 1-µV (typical). For voltage and
temperature reporting, the bq2084-V150 uses a
16-bit A-to-D converter. With the bq29312A, the
onboard ADC also monitors the pack and individual
cell voltages in a battery pack and allows the
necessary to implement the cell balancing and the
required safety protection for Li-ion and Li-polymer
battery chemistries.
The bq2084-V150 supports the Smart Battery Data
(SBData) commands and charge-control functions. It
communicates data using the System Management
Bus (SMBus) 2-wire protocol. The data available
run-time predictions.
The bq2084-V150 provides LED drivers and a
pushbutton input to depict remaining battery capacity
from full to empty in 20%, 25%, or 33% increments
with a 3-, 4-, or 5-segment display.
Copyright © 2007, Texas Instruments Incorporated
SLUS758 – JUNE 2007

BQ2084-V150 Summary of contents

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    ... Instruments standard warranty. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters. DBT LED DELAY DESCRIPTION The bq2084-V150 SBS-compliant gas gauge IC for battery pack or in-system installation maintains an accurate record of available charge in Li-ion or Li-polymer batteries. The bq2084-V150 monitors capacity and other critical parameters of the battery pack and reports the information to the system host controller over a serial communication bus ...

  • Page 2

    ... The bq29312A analog front-end (AFE) protection IC is used to maximize functionality and safety and minimize component count and cost in smart battery circuits. The bq29312A AFE protection IC provides power to the bq2084-V150 from a 2-, 3-, or 4-series Li-ion cell stack, eliminating the need for an external regulator circuit. T – ...

  • Page 3

    ... V IT- 2.35 2.30 2.25 V hys 2.20 2.15 2.10 -20 - Free-Air Temperature - C A TEST CONDITIONS – V (SR1) SR (SR2) FAST = 0, –0 0 Submit Documentation Feedback bq2084-V150 SLUS758 – JUNE 2007 MIN TYP MAX 3 3.3 380 8 –0.3 –0 0 – 0 – 0.25 0.25 SS 2.5 8 2.1 2.3 50 ...

  • Page 4

    ... Data hold time (HD:DAT) t Data setup time SU:DAT) t Error signal/detect (TIMEOUT) t Clock low period (LOW) (1) The bq2084-V150 times out when any clock low exceeds t 4 TEST CONDITIONS 0.5% frequency error = 3 TEST CONDITIONS ROSC = 100k XCK1 = 12 pF XTAL ROSC = 100k ...

  • Page 5

    ... Clock/data rise time r (2) t Max. is minimum bus idle time. SMBC = 1 for t > causes reset of any transaction involving bq2084-V150 that is in (HIGH) progress. ( the cumulative time a slave device is allowed to extend the clock cycles in one message from initial start to the stop. ...

  • Page 6

    ... SLUS758 – JUNE 2007 SYSTEM DIAGRAM Pack + bq2084−V150 Pre-Charge Control Power Management Pres LDO, TOUT and Power Mode Control Temperature Measurement <1% Error 1 k Bytes of User Flash Cell Balancing Algorithm and Control SBS v1.1 Data SMBus bq29312 RAM/Comms V alidation st 1 Level OC ...

  • Page 7

    ... XCK2/ROSC 33 OSCILLATOR FUNCTION The oscillator of the bq2084-V150 can be set up for an internal or external operation. As the bq2084-V150 powers up it automatically attempts to start the internal oscillator, but if a 100-k ROSC (pin 33), then it attempts to start the oscillator using an external 32.768-kHz crystal. Either the 100-k ROSC resistor OR the 12 pF 32.768-kHz crystal should be mounted, NOT both. ...

  • Page 8

    ... SLUS758 – JUNE 2007 RSOC (pin 33) and VSSA (pin 34 recommended that this resistor be as close to the bq2084-V150 as possible and that it has a specification of 0.1% tolerance and 50 ppm temperature drift or better. The 12-pF crystal, if used, should also be placed as close to the XCK1 (pin 34) and XCK2 (pin 33) pins as possible. The layout of the PCB around these pins and components is also an additional contributing factor to oscillator performance degradation ...

  • Page 9

    ... The bq2084-V150 configures the bq29312A to present the selected cell to the CELL pin of the bq29312A, which should be connected to VIN of the bq2084-V150. The internal ADC of the bq2084-V150 then measures the voltage and scales it appropriately. The bq2084-V150 then reports the Voltage() and the individual cell voltages in VCELL1(), VCELL2(), VCELL3(), and VCELL4() ...

  • Page 10

    ... The Discharge Count Register (DCR non-accessible register that tracks discharge of the battery. The bq2084-V150 uses the DCR register to update the FCC register if the battery undergoes a qualified discharge from nearly full to a low battery level. In this way, the bq2084-V150 learns the true discharge capacity of the battery under system-use conditions. ...

  • Page 11

    ... The bq2084-V150 sets VDQ = 1 in PackStatus() when qualified discharge begins. The bq2084-V150 sets VDQ = 0 if any disqualifying condition occurs. FCC cannot be reduced by more than 256 mAh or increased by more than 512 mAh during any single update cycle. The bq2084-V150 saves the new FCC value to the data flash within 4 seconds of being updated. ...

  • Page 12

    ... If Battery Low % is set to zero, EDV1 and EDV0 corrections are disabled. EDV Thresholds and Near-Full Programming The bq2084-V150 uses the values stored in data flash for the EDV0, EDV1, and EDV2 values or calculates the three thresholds from a base value and the temperature, capacity, and rate adjustment factors stored in data flash ...

  • Page 13

    ... TC adjusts the variation of impedance for cold temperatures (T < programmed in EDV TC DF 0x9f. Typical values for the EDV compensation factors, based on overall pack voltages for a Li-ion 3s2p 18650 pack, are: EMF = 11550 4475 C0 = 235 5350 250 Submit Documentation Feedback bq2084-V150 SLUS758 – JUNE 2007 13 ...

  • Page 14

    ... AFEData Aging Factor The bq2084-V150 adds a new aging factor called DF: Age Factor which scales cell impedances as the cycle count increases. This new factor is used to accommodate for much higher impedances observed in larger capacity and/or aged cells. For most applications the default value of zero is sufficient. However, for some very 14 Table 3 ...

  • Page 15

    ... Watch Dog Re-Initialization The bq2084-V150 adds a new feature which periodically tests the state of two registers required to produce the 32kHz signal to the AFE. The two registers which configure a 32kHz clock output to the AFE are checked once per second in normal operation, sleep mode, and permanent failure mode ...

  • Page 16

    ... With the VCOR bit set, the bq2084-V150 makes midrange corrections whenever conditions permit. If the OTVC bit in Gauge Configuration DF 0x29 is set and VCOR = 0, the bq2084-V150 makes two Voltage() measurements, determines the average of the two readings and sets the appropriate RM level. No further RSOC% vs Voltage() validation is performed until after the next device reset ...

  • Page 17

    ... Overtemperature: During charging, an overtemperature condition exists when Temperature() is greater than the Charge Suspend Temp High value programmed in DF 0x6d, 0x6e. On detecting an overtemperature condition, if enabled by the OT bit in Misc Configuration DF 0x2a, the bq2084-V150 turns off the Charge and Discharge FETs. The overtemperature condition is cleared when Temperature() is equal to or below Charge Suspend Temp High Reset (DF 0x6f -0x70) ...

  • Page 18

    ... Charging is also temporarily suspended during pulse-charging, but this is not considered a fault condition. Pulse Charge The bq2084-V150 is capable of charge control using a pulse-charging algorithm, which allows for charge control in systems where the charger does not control current. The pulse-charging algorithm uses voltage thresholds and associated time limits for control. These are stored as constants in data flash ...

  • Page 19

    ... Balance Threshold DF 0xe8-0xe9, if the maximum difference in cell voltages exceeds the value programmed in Cell Balance Min DF 0xec. For cell balancing, the bq2084-V150 measures the cell voltages at an interval set in Cell Balance Interval DF 0xed. On the basis of the cell voltages, the bq2084-V150 either selects the appropriate ...

  • Page 20

    ... Reactivation of the display requires that the DISP input return to a logic-high state and then transition low again. The second high-to-low transition can be detected only after the display timer expires. If unused, the DISP input must be pulled up to VCC. If the EDV0 bit is set, the bq2084-V150 disables the LED display. ...

  • Page 21

    ... The bq29312A can independently detect and protect the load from an overload (OL) or short circuit in charge (SCC) or discharge (SCD). The bq29312A sets the appropriate FET state and then alerts the bq2084-V150 with the XALERT output whenever a protection threshold is breached and its associated delay time has expired. The bq2084-V150 then determines if and when the FETs should be turned back on ...

  • Page 22

    ... AFE Short Circuit in Discharge DF 0xc8 sets the AFE short circuit in discharge protection threshold and delay time. SMBus command 0x46 can be used to string-read the AFE RAM with the AFE address 0x00 first, if the bq2084-V150 is not sealed as indicated by bit 5 of PackStatus. FAILURE NR=1 AFE OLV ...

  • Page 23

    ... Failure, severe cell imbalance integrity check of the AFE and Data Flash configuration registers. The bq2084-V150 can also activate the SAFE output and set the PF Flag based on the PFIN input. If this pin is low for PFIN Time seconds 1 s, then the PFIN bit in PF Status is set. ...

  • Page 24

    ... SLUS758 – JUNE 2007 SOV The SOV bit indicates a safety overvoltage occurred which if enabled by PF Config would cause the SAFE output to activate. 0 SOV fault not detected (default) 1 SOV fault detected SOTC The SOTC bit indicates a safety overtemperature in charge occurred which if enabled by PF Config would cause the SAFE output to activate ...

  • Page 25

    ... Activation disabled (default) 1 Activation enabled XPFIN The XPFIN bit enables or disables the activation of SAFE and the setting of the PF Flag when PF Status PFIN is set. 0 Activation disabled (default) 1 Activation enabled XCIM XAFE Submit Documentation Feedback bq2084-V150 SLUS758 – JUNE 2007 XSOTD XSOTC XSOV 25 ...

  • Page 26

    ... Configuration DF 0x2a is set to zero. Additionally, PRES must be pulled high if the NR bit in Misc Config is set to 0. The bq2084-V150 wakes up periodically to monitor voltage and temperature and to apply self-discharge adjustment. The sleep period is set in Sleep Timer DF 0xfe. The bq2084-V150 wakes period set by Sleep Current Multiplier DF 0xfd multiplied by Sleep Time to measure current. The bq2084-V150 comes out of sleep when either of the SMBus lines go high or when the current is measured and it is greater than the Sleep Current Threshold ...

  • Page 27

    ... The bq2084-V150 can also be instructed to enter Shutdown mode via the ManufacturerAccess() command. When the command is sent to the bq2084-V150, the bq29312A is instructed to enter shutdown mode by the bq2084-V150. This forces the chipset into its lowest power mode. The bq2084-V150 does not issue a shutdown command to the AFE unless the pack voltage is less than the Vpack Threshold ...

  • Page 28

    ... SLUS758 – JUNE 2007 DEFAULTS: Non-Removable Pack DF.ShutdownVoltage = 2 Number of Series cells; DF.ShutdownTimer = 2 s NOTE: VpackThreshold must be greater than Shutdown voltage + 6%. Removable Pack DF.ShutdownVoltage = 2 Number of Series cells; DF.ShutdownTimer = 20 s NOTE: VpackThreshold must be greater than Shutdown voltage + 6%. 28 Normal Operation SBS ...

  • Page 29

    ... VCC. Also, the bq2084-V150 does not pull these lines low if V zero. The communication ports allow a host controller, an SMBus compatible device, or other processor to access the memory registers of the bq2084-V150. In this way a system can efficiently monitor and manage the battery. ...

  • Page 30

    ... PEC. In the read word protocol, the bq2084-V150 receives the PEC after the last byte of data from the host. If the host does not support PEC, the last byte of data is followed by a stop condition. After receipt of the PEC, the bq2084-V150 compares the value to its calculation ...

  • Page 31

    ... Gas Gauge Figure 5. SMBus Communication Protocol Without PEC Submit Documentation Feedback bq2084-V150 SLUS758 – JUNE 2007 31 ...

  • Page 32

    ... The bq2084-V150 detects whether the SMBus enters the Off State by monitoring the SMBC and SMBD lines. When both signals are continually low for at least 2.0 s, the bq2084-V150 detects the Off State. When the SMBC and SMBD lines go high, the bq2084-V150 detects the On State and can begin communication within 1 ms ...

  • Page 33

    ... VCC (V(REG)) and a temperature of - Manufacturer Access() (0x00) Description: This function provides writable command codes to control the bq2084-V150 during normal operation and pack manufacture. Writing the command code to SMB command 0x00 causes the following reads with the SMB command 0x00 to return the word indicated in the table ...

  • Page 34

    ... Description: Sets or gets the low-capacity threshold value. Whenever the RemainingCapacity() falls below the low-capacity value, the bq2084-V150 sends AlarmWarning() messages to the SMBus host with the REMAINING_CAPACITY_ALARM bit set. A low-capacity value of 0 disables this alarm. The bq2084-V150 initially sets the low-capacity value to Remaining Capacity Alarm value programmed in DF 0x02-0x03. The low-capacity value remains unchanged until altered by the RemainingCapacityAlarm() function ...

  • Page 35

    ... The remaining time value remains unchanged until altered by the RemainingTimeAlarm() function. Purpose: The RemainingTimeAlarm() function can be used by systems that want to adjust when the remaining time alarm warning is sent. The remaining time value can be read to verify the value in use by the bq2084-V150 RemainingTimeAlarm(). ...

  • Page 36

    ... An SMBus host that does not want the bq2084-V150 master on the SMBus must therefore continually set this bit at least once per keep the bq2084-V150 from broadcasting alarms. ...

  • Page 37

    ... Description: Returns the predicted remaining time to fully charge the battery at the AtRate() value (mA). Purpose: The AtRateTimeToFull() function is part of a two-function call-set used to determine the predicted remaining charge time at the AtRate value in mA. The bq2084-V150 updates AtRateTimeToFull() within 5 ms after the SMBus host sets the AtRate value. The bq2084-V150 automatically updates AtRateTimeToFull() based on the AtRate() value every 1 s ...

  • Page 38

    ... Purpose: The AtRateOK() function is part of a two-function call-set used by power management systems to determine if the battery can safely supply enough energy for an additional load. The bq2084-V150 updates AtRateOK() within 5 ms after the SMBus host sets the AtRate() value. The bq2084-V150 automatically updates AtRateOK() based on the At Rate() value every 1 second ...

  • Page 39

    ... The bq2084-V150 sets MaxError() to 100 full reset. The bq2084-V150 sets MaxError completion of a learning cycle, unless the bq2084-V150 limits the learning cycle to the +512/-256 mAh maximum adjustment values. If the learning cycle is limited, the bq2084-V150 sets MaxError unless MaxError() was already below 8% ...

  • Page 40

    ... SLUS758 – JUNE 2007 Purpose: The MaxError() function has real value in two ways: first, to give the user a confidence level about the state of charge and second, to give the power management system information about how aggressive it should be, particularly as the battery nears the end of its life. ...

  • Page 41

    ... BATTERY MODES CAPACITY_MODE CAPACITY_MODE BIT = 0 BIT = 1 mAh 10 mWh 0-65,535 mAh 0-65,535 10 mWh mAh 10 mWh -0, +MaxError() * FullChargeCapacity() BATTERY MODES CAPACITY_MODE BIT = 0 mAh 0-65,535 mAh mAh -0, +MaxError() FullChargeCapacity() Submit Documentation Feedback bq2084-V150 SLUS758 – JUNE 2007 CAPACITY_MODE BIT = 1 10 mWh 0-65,535 10 mWh 10 mWh 41 ...

  • Page 42

    ... Together, these functions permit the bq2084-V150 to dynamically control the charging profile (current/voltage) of the battery. The bq2084-V150 can effectively turn off a charger by returning a value of 0 for this function. The charger may be operated as a constant-voltage source above its maximum regulated current range by returning a ChargingCurrent() value of 65,535 ...

  • Page 43

    ... Maximum Overcharge DF 0x51-0x52. This bit is cleared when the bq2084-V150 detects that the battery is no longer being charged and there are 2 mAh of continuous discharge (i.e., the bq2084-V150 detects discharge activity or no activity above the digital filter). ...

  • Page 44

    ... AverageTimeToEmpty() is increased by charging. STATUS BITS The initialized bit is set when the bq2084-V150 has detected a valid load of data flash at full or partial reset cleared when the bq2084-V150 detects an improper data flash load. DISCHARGING bit is set when the bq2084-V150 determines that the battery is not being charged. This bit is cleared when the bq2084-V150 detects that the battery is being charged ...

  • Page 45

    ... Range Granularity Accuracy DesignVoltage() (0x19) Description: Returns the theoretical voltage of a new pack (mV). The bq2084-V150 sets DesignVoltage() to the value programmed in Design Voltage DF 0x04-0x05. Purpose: The DesignVoltage() function can be used to give additional information about a particular smart battery expected terminal voltage. SMBus protocol: Read word Output: Unsigned integer— ...

  • Page 46

    ... ManufactureDate() (0x1b) Description: This function returns the date the cell pack was manufactured in a packed integer. The date is packed in the following fashion: (year-1980) * 512 + month * 32 + day. The bq2084-V150 sets ManufactureDate() to the value programmed in Manufacture Date DF 0x08-0x09. Purpose: The ManufactureDate() provides the system with information that can be used to uniquely identify a particular battery pack when used along with SerialNumber() ...

  • Page 47

    ... This function returns the pack status and pack configuration registers. The pack status register contains a number of status bits relating to bq2084-V150 operation. The pack status register is the least significant byte of the word. The pack configuration register reflects how the bq2084-V150 is configured as defined by the value programmed in Pack Configuration in DF 0x28 ...

  • Page 48

    ... The VDQ bit indicates if the present discharge cycle is valid for an FCC update. 0 Discharge cycle not valid 1 Discharge cycle valid PF The PF bit indicates that the bq2084-V150 PF Flag has been set cleared only when the PF Flag has been cleared. 0 bq2084-V150 PF Flag = 0x00 1 bq2084-V150 PF Flag = 0x66 ...

  • Page 49

    ... The following table shows the memory map for the data flash. It shows the default programming for the bq2084-V150. The default programming reflects example data for a 3s2p Li-ion battery pack with a 0.02- sense resistor. The data flash must be reprogrammed to meet the requirements of individual applications. ...

  • Page 50

    ... SLUS758 – JUNE 2007 DATA FLASH ADDRESS HIGH BYTE LOW BYTE 0x36 0x37 0x38 0x39 0x3a 0x3b 0x3c 0x3d 0x3e 0x3f 0x40 0x41 0x42 0x43 0x44 0x45 0x46 0x47 0x48 0x49 0x4a 0x4b 0x4c 0x4d 0x4e 0x4f 0x50 0x51 0x52 ...

  • Page 51

    ... Reserved Reserved TS Const 1 TS Const 2 TS Const 3 TS Const 4 TS Const 5 Reserved Reserved AFE State Control AFE Function Control AFE Cell Select Submit Documentation Feedback bq2084-V150 SLUS758 – JUNE 2007 DATA LI-ION EXAMPLE MSB LSB 15240 mV 3b 15024 ...

  • Page 52

    ... SLUS758 – JUNE 2007 DATA FLASH ADDRESS HIGH BYTE LOW BYTE 0xc5 0xc6 0xc7 0xc8 0xc9 0xca 0xcb 0xcc 0xcd 0xce 0xcf 0xd0 0xd1 0xd2 0xd3 0xd4 0xd5 0xd6 0xd7 0xd8 0xd9 0xda 0xdb 0xdc 0xdd 0xde 0xdf 0xe0 0xe1 ...

  • Page 53

    ... Aux Device Name Length Aux Device Name Aux Manufacturer Name AFE Recovery AFE Holdoff Over Temperature Time Reserved Reserved Max 32K Reinit LED Delay Submit Documentation Feedback bq2084-V150 SLUS758 – JUNE 2007 DATA LI-ION EXAMPLE MSB LSB 0.125 s 00 7200 s ...

  • Page 54

    ... CELL AND PACK CHARACTERISTICS Battery Pack Capacity and Voltage Pack capacity in mAh units is stored in Design Capacity, DF 0x32-0x33. In mAh mode, the bq2084-V150 copies Design Capacity to DesignCapacity(). In mWh mode, the bq2084-V150 multiplies Design Capacity by Design Voltage DF 0x04-0x05 to calculate DesignCapacity() scaled to 10 mWh. Design Voltage is stored in mV. ...

  • Page 55

    ... Cycle Count Threshold 0x37-0x38 sets the number of mAh that must be removed from the battery to increment CycleCount(). Cycle Count threshold is a 16-bit value stored in mAh. Charge Efficiency The bq2084-V150 applies the efficiency factor, EFF%, to all charge added to the battery. EFF% is encoded in Charge Efficiency DF 0x54 according to the following equation: Charge Efficiency = (EFF% w 2.56-1) ...

  • Page 56

    ... The CEDV bit determines whether the bq2084-V150 implements automatic EDV compensation to calculate the EDV0, EDV1, and EDV2 thresholds base on rate, temperature, and capacity. If the bit is cleared, the bq2084-V150 uses the fixed values programmed in data flash for EDV0, EDV1, and EDV2. If the bit is set, the bq2084-V150 calculates EDV0, EDV1, and EDV2. ...

  • Page 57

    ... SMBus is low for bq2084-V150 does not enter sleep mode. OT The OT bit enables the bq2084-V150 to turn off the FETs when the bq2084-V150 detects an overtemperature condition. 1 bq2084-V150 turns the appropriate FET off under over temperature conditions ...

  • Page 58

    ... Not defined, unpredictable operation NR The NR bit defines whether the bq2084-V150 used with a nonremovable system battery. If set to indicate a nonremovable system battery there are additional clear conditions for a battery failure due to overcharge, overcurrent, and overload. The additional conditions besides battery removal (defined as the loss ...

  • Page 59

    ... ManufactureDate(). Serial Number Serial Number DF 0x0a-0x0b stores the default value for the SerialNumber() function stored in data flash in the same format as the data returned by the SerialNumber(). Submit Documentation Feedback bq2084-V150 SLUS758 – JUNE 2007 59 ...

  • Page 60

    ... SLUS758 – JUNE 2007 Manufacturer Name Data Manufacturer Name Length DF 0x0e stores the length of the desired string that is returned by the ManufacturerName() function. Locations DF 0x0f-0x19 store the characters for ManufacturerName() in ASCII code. Device Name Data Device Name Length DF 0x1a stores the length of the desired string that is returned by the DeviceName() function ...

  • Page 61

    ... Board offset DF 0xd7, contains a signed offset for the pack's coulomb counter measurements. If used set at board design time. Current Deadband Current Deadband DF 0x7b, sets the threshold in mA below which a current measurement is not detected. Submit Documentation Feedback bq2084-V150 SLUS758 – JUNE 2007 61 ...

  • Page 62

    ... Shutdown Voltage Shutdown Voltage DF 0x7c-0x7d sets the pack voltage below which the pack's electronics, including the bq2084-V150, is shut down to conserve power. All FETs are turned off by the AFE. Figure 7 shows a typical bq2084-V150-based battery pack application. The circuit consists of the bq29312A AFE IC, bq29400 second-level protection IC, LED, temperature measurement network, data flash connections, serial port, and the sense resistor ...

  • Page 63

    ... APPLICATION INFORMATION (continued 765 Figure 7. bq2084-V150 Based Battery Pack Schematic Submit Documentation Feedback bq2084-V150 SLUS758 – JUNE 2007 63 ...

  • Page 64

    ... BQ2084DBT-V150 ACTIVE BQ2084DBT-V150G4 ACTIVE BQ2084DBTR-V150 ACTIVE BQ2084DBTR-V150G4 ACTIVE (1) The marketing status values are defined as follows: ACTIVE: Product device recommended for new designs. LIFEBUY: TI has announced that the device will be discontinued, and a lifetime-buy period is in effect. NRND: Not recommended for new designs. Device is in production to support existing customers, but TI does not recommend using this part in a new design ...

  • Page 65

    ... TAPE AND REEL INFORMATION *All dimensions are nominal Device Package Package Type Drawing BQ2084DBTR-V150 TSSOP DBT PACKAGE MATERIALS INFORMATION Pins SPQ Reel Reel A0 (mm) Diameter Width (mm) W1 (mm) 38 2000 330.0 16.4 6.9 Pack Materials-Page 1 6-Dec-2008 B0 (mm) K0 (mm Pin1 (mm) (mm) Quadrant 10 ...

  • Page 66

    ... Device Package Type BQ2084DBTR-V150 TSSOP PACKAGE MATERIALS INFORMATION Package Drawing Pins SPQ Length (mm) DBT 38 2000 Pack Materials-Page 2 6-Dec-2008 Width (mm) Height (mm) 346.0 346.0 33.0 ...

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    ... Texas Instruments Incorporated and its subsidiaries (TI) reserve the right to make corrections, modifications, enhancements, improvements, and other changes to its products and services at any time and to discontinue any product or service without notice. Customers should obtain the latest relevant information before placing orders and should verify that such information is current and complete. All products are sold subject to TI’ ...