Manufacturer Part NumberSM72441
ManufacturerTexas Instruments
SM72441 datasheet

Specifications of SM72441

Switching Frequency(max)(khz)210Regulated Outputs(#)1
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SM72441 Programmable Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller for
Photovoltaic Solar Panels
Literature Number: SNOSB64F

SM72441 Summary of contents

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    ... SM72441 SM72441 Programmable Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller for Photovoltaic Solar Panels Literature Number: SNOSB64F ...

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    ... Programmable Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller for Photovoltaic Solar Panels General Description The SM72441 is a programmable MPPT controller capable of controlling four PWM gate drive signals for a 4-switch buck- boost converter. Along with SM72295 (Photovoltaic Full Bridge Driver) it creates a solution for an MPPT configured DC-DC converter with efficiencies ...

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    ... Connection Diagram Ordering Information Order Number Description SM72441MTX TSSOP-28 SM72441MTE TSSOP-28 SM72441MT TSSOP-28 30134203 Top View TSSOP-28 NSC Package Drawing Supplied As MTC28 2500 Units in Tape and Reel MTC28 250 Units in Tape and Reel MTC28 48 Units in rail 3 Package Top Mark S72441 S72441 S72441 www ...

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    ... Low side boost PWM output. 25 HIB High side boost PWM output. 26 HIA High side buck PWM output. 27 LIA Low side buck PWM output. 28 OVP Overvoltage Protection Pin. Active Low. SM72441 will reset once voltage on this pin drops below its threshold voltage. 4 ...

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    ... Absolute Maximum Ratings If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the Texas Instruments Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. Analog Supply Voltage V A (VDDA -VSSA) Analog Supply Voltage V D (VDDD -VSSD) Voltage on Any Pin to GND Input Current at Any Pin (Note 3) ...

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    ... PWM duty cycle to maximize energy harvested from the STARTUP SM72441 has a soft start feature that will ramp its output volt- age for a fixed time of 250ms. MPPT mode will be entered during soft start if the load current exceeded the minimum current threshold ...

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    ... Figure 2 Typical Ap- AVIN PIN AVIN pin is an A/D input to sense the input voltage of SM72441. A resistor divider can be used to scale the max voltage to about 4V, which is 80% of the full scale of the A/D input. CONFIGURABLE SETTINGS The voltage on A0 sets the max output voltage; whereas the ...

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    RESET PIN When the reset pin is pulled low, the chip will cease its normal operation and turn-off all of its PWM outputs. Below is an os- cilloscope capture of a forced reset condition. FIGURE 5. Reset Operational Behavior As ...

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    Physical Dimensions inches (millimeters) unless otherwise noted NS Package Drawing MTC28 9 ...

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