Manufacturer Part NumberFA5531
ManufacturerFuji Electric holdings CO.,Ltd
FA5531 datasheet

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Power Electronics
FA5571 series
Low Standby Power Quasi-Resonant Controller
■ Features
・Internal 500V high voltage startup current source
・Realized less than 1W input at 0.7W load by intermitting
・Quasi-resonant operation, low noise and high efficiency
・Numerous kind of protect functions
■ Applications
・LCD TV/Monitor Main and Standby SMPS
・Note PC Adapter
■ Specifications
・Startup current source 7mA, 1.6mA at VCC=0V, 30uA at off
・VCC voltage range 9 to 26V
■ Circuit block
・OUT pin peak current sink 500mA, source -250mA
・Soft-start time 2.6ms
・IS current limiter 1V±0.1V, Windings shorted protection 2V
・ZCD OVP protection 7.2V ( Latched)
・ O LP timer auto-recovery switching on/off is 0.2/1.4 sec
(Prepared in FA5571 series OLP auto-recovery and latched)