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Qualcomm, Inc.

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RFL6000 Device Description Integrated into the RFL6000 device are two low noise amplifiers (LNA): a cellular LNA and PCS LNA. Operating modes — Sleep, Rx and Rx/Tx — as well as LNA bias currents, are all automatically adjusted via software ...

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MSM6150 CHIPSET SOLUTION ™ RFT6100 Device Description The RFT6100 device is a direct conversion chipset ...

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RFR6120/RFR6125 Device Descriptions The RFR6120 and RFR6125 chips, optimized specifically for single-band cellular receive operation, include an integrated CDMA LNA/mixer and UHF voltage control oscillator (VCO). The RFR6125 device also includes an integrated GPS LNA/mixer and GPS VCO. The CDMA ...

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... MSM-supported peripheral features. Exceptional power savings are realized through the use of a switch-mode power supply (SMPS) from the PM6650 device to regulate the MSM's core voltage. All voltages generated for the MSM and radioOne RF chips are optimized for handset system control with the MSM6150 system software ...

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The Launchpad Suite of Technologies The Launchpad™ suite of applications technologies offers wireless operators and manufacturers a cost-effective, scalable and timely solution for providing advanced wireless data services. This seamlessly integrated solution enables advanced next-generation applications and services that incorporate ...

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... BREW, gpsOne and PureVoice are registered trademarks of QUALCOMM Incorporated. MSM6150, Mobile Station Modem, MSM, QDSP4000, RFL6000, RFR6000, RFT6100, RFR6120, RFR6125, RFT6120, powerOne, PM6650, MSM6xxx and Launchpad are trademarks of QUALCOMM Incorporated. Java is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc., in the United States and other countries. ...

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