HA17339F Hitachi Semiconductor (acquired by Renesas), HA17339F Datasheet



Manufacturer Part Number
Quadruple Comparators
Hitachi Semiconductor (acquired by Renesas)
HA17901, HA17339 Series
The HA17901 and HA17339 series products are comparators designed for use in power or control systems.
These IC operate from a single power-supply voltage over a wide range of voltages, and feature a reduced
power-supply current since the power-supply voltage is determined independently.
These comparators have the unique characteristic of ground being included in the common-mode input
voltage range, even when operating from a single-voltage power supply. These products have a wide range
of applications, including limit comparators, simple A/D converters, pulse/square-wave/time delay
generators, wide range VCO circuits, MOS clock timers, multivibrators, and high-voltage logic gates.
Wide power-supply voltage range: 2 to 36V
Extremely low current drain: 0.8mA
Low input bias current: 25nA
Low input offset current: 5nA
Low input offset voltage: 2mV
The common-mode input voltage range includes ground.
Low output saturation voltage: 1mV (5 A), 70mV (1mA)
Output voltages compatible with CMOS logic systems
Quadruple Comparators

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