Manufacturer Part Numberirc1802
DescriptionVfir Mb/sec Controller Transciever
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VFIR 16 Mb/Sec
Controller and
How Fast Do You Want to Go?
N e v e r   s t o p   t h i n k i n g .

irc1802 Summary of contents

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    How Fast Do You Want to Go? VFIR 16 Mb/Sec Controller and Transciever     ...

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    IrDA Communications Controller for SIR, MIR, FIR and VFIR Synchronous MACRO Bus Interface Synchronous Bus boundary Tx Bus Mastering and FIFO access logic Synchronous Ł 8 MHz Boundary Tx Frame Controller Tx and Rx CRC Gen SIR ...

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    ... The IRC1802 is a low-cost, highly inte- grated SIR, MIR, FIR and Very Fast Infrared (VFIR) communications controller capable of supporting IrDA 1.x infrared modulation schemes including HP- SIR and Sharp ASK. The IrDA 1.x low and high-speed communication modes support all speeds Mb/s (VFIR). All speeds can use Direct Memory Access ...

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    IRMS1600 SIDE VIEW Preliminary Product Description 16Mb/s Infrared Data Transceiver Infineon Technologies transceiver for VFIR 16 Mb/sec is pin compatible with our Slimline series of IrDT transceivers. Available in side view only part of the only complete VFIR ...