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5.1.4 Antenna
Wavecom strongly recommends to work with an antenna manufacturer either
to develop an antenna adapted to the application or to adapt an existing
solution to the application. The antenna adaptation (mechanical and electrical
adaptation) is one of the key issues in the design of a GSM terminal.
5.2 Mechanical integration
Attention should be paid to :
Antenna cable integration (bending, length, position, etc)
Legs of the module to be soldered on the Ground plane
5.3 Firmware upgrade
The WISMO Quik Q24x6 Series firmware is stored in flash memory and it can
easily be upgraded.
In order to follow the regular evolutions of the GPRS standard and to offer state
of the art software, Wavecom recommends that the application designed
around a WISMO (or WISMO based product) allows easy firmware upgrades
on the module via the standard Xmodem protocol. Therefore, the application
shall either allow a direct access to the WISMO serial link through an external
connector or implement any mechanism allowing the WISMO firmware to be
downloaded via Xmodem.
Two upgrade procedures are available:
5.3.1 Nominal upgrade procedure
The firmware file can be downloaded into the modem using the Xmodem
To enter this mode, the AT+WDWL command (see description in the AT
command manual) has to be sent.
The necessary serial signals to proceed with the Xmodem downloading are:
Rx, Tx, RTS, CTS and GND.
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