Manufacturer Part NumberICE1QS01
ManufacturerInfineon Technologies
ICE1QS01 datasheet

Specifications of ICE1QS01

Current - Startup60µAVoltage - Supply9 V ~ 20 V
Operating Temperature-25°C ~ 150°CMounting TypeThrough Hole
Package / Case8-DIPLead Free Status / RoHS StatusLead free / RoHS Compliant
Frequency - Switching-Mode-
Other namesICE1QS01X
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D a t a s h e e t V e r s i o n 2 . 1 , 2 6 O c t 2 0 0 7
I C E 2 Q S 0 1
Q u a s i - r e s o n a n t P W M
C o n t r o l l e r
P o w e r M a n a g e m e n t & S u p p l y
N e v e r
s t o p
t h i n k i n g .

ICE1QS01 Summary of contents

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    ... PG-DIP-8 package(PCN number: PCN 2007-019-A) revised disclaimer For questions on technology, delivery and prices please contact the Infineon Technologies Offices in Germany or the Infineon Technologies Companies and Representatives worldwide: see our webpage at http:// CoolMOS™, CoolSET™ are trademarks of Infineon Technologies AG. ...

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    Quasi-Resonant PWM Controller Product Highlights • Active burst mode for low standby power • Digital frequency reduction for better overall system efficiency • Integrated power cell for IC self-power supply Features • Quasiresonant operation till very low load • Active ...

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    Table of Contents 1 Pin Configuration and Functionality . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 1.1 Pin Configuration ...

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    Pin Configuration and Functionality 1.1 Pin Configuration Pin Symbol Function 1 ZC Zero Crossing 2 REG Regulation 3 CS Primary Current Sensing High Voltage input 6 OUT gate driver output 7 VCC IC supply voltage 8 ...

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    Representative block diagram V ZCT2 V ZCT1 OLP V VCCOVP REG vccuvp Reg V OPOVP V REF V csSW CS 3 power management power cell controller VCC 7 Figure 2 ...

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    Functional Description 3.1 VCC Pre-Charging and Typical VCC Voltage During Start-up In the controller ICE2QS01, a power cell is integrated. As shown in Figure 2, the power cell consists of a high voltage device and a controller, whereby the ...

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    MOSFET is turned off. Functionality of these parts is described as in the following. Up/down Counter The up/down counter stores the number of zero crossing to be ignored before ...

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    T osc ∆t = --------- - t – delay 4 This time delay should be matched by adjusting the time constant of the RC network which is ...

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    Active Burst Mode Operation At very low load condition, the IC enters active burst mode operation to minimize the input power. Details about active burst mode operation are explained in the following paragraphs. 3.4.1 Entering Active Burst Mode Operation ...

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    Protection Functions The IC provides full protection functions. The following table summarizes these protection functions. Table 2 Protection features VCC Overvoltage Auto Restart Mode VCC Undervoltage Auto Restart Mode Overload/Open Loop Auto Restart Mode Output Overvoltage Latched Off Mode ...

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    Electrical Characteristics Note: All voltages are measured with respect to ground (Pin 8). The voltage levels are valid if other ratings are not violated. 4.1 Absolute Maximum Ratings Note: Absolute maximum ratings are defined as ratings, which when being ...

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    Characteristics 4.3.1 Supply Section Note: The electrical characteristics involve the spread of values guaranteed within the specified supply voltage and junction temperature range T which are related to 25°C. If not otherwise stated, a supply voltage of V Parameter ...

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    PWM Section Parameter Regulation Pull-Up Resistor PWM-OP Gain Offset for Voltage Ramp Soft-Start time Zero crossing threshold voltage V Ringing suppression threshold Minimum ringing suppression time Maximum ringing suppression time Threshold to set Up/Down Counter to one Threshold for ...

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    Protection Parameter VCC overvoltage threshold VCC undervoltage threshold Over Load or Open Loop Detection threshold for OLP protection at REG pin Over Load or Open Loop Protection Blanking Time Output Overvoltage detection threshold at the ZC pin Threshold for ...

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    Outline Dimension PG-DIP-8-6 / PG-DIP-8-9 (Leadfree Plastic Dual In-Line Outline) Figure 7 PG-DIP-8 *Dimensions in mm Version 2.1 Quasi-Resonant PWM Controller Outline Dimension 16 ICE2QS01 26 October 2007 ...

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    ... Geben Sie uns die Chance, hohe Leistung durch umfassende Qualität zu beweisen. Wir werden Sie überzeugen Published by Infineon Technologies AG Quality takes on an allencompassing significance at Semiconductor Group. For us it means living up to each and every one of your demands in the best possible way are not only concerned with product quality ...