Manufacturer Part NumberEVAL 232R
DescriptionMOD EVAL USB - RS232 DEV FT232RL
ManufacturerFTDI, Future Technology Devices International Ltd
EVAL 232R datasheet

Specifications of EVAL 232R

Main PurposeInterface, USB 2.0 to UART (RS232) BridgeEmbeddedNo
Utilized Ic / PartFT232RPrimary AttributesFull Speed, Rates of 300 ~ 3 MBaud, Security ID Number
Secondary Attributes6 ~ 48MHz Clock Generator Output, Royalty-Free DriversLead Free Status / RoHS StatusLead free / RoHS Compliant
Other names768-1023
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Future Technology Devices International Ltd.
FT232RL USB to RS232
Evaluation Module
Incorporating Clock Generator Output
and FTDIChip-ID™ Security Dongle
The EVAL232R is a USB to RS232 evaluation module for FTDI’s FT232RL USB - Serial UART interface IC device, the
latest device to be added to FTDI’s range of USB UART interface Integrated Circuit Devices.
The FT232RL is a USB to serial UART interface with optional clock generator output, and the new FTDIChip-ID™
security dongle feature. In addition, asynchronous and synchronous bit bang interface modes are available. USB to
serial interface designs using the FT232RL have been further simplified by fully integrating the external EEPROM,
clock circuit and USB resistors onto the device.
The FT232RL adds two new functions compared with its predecessors, effectively making it a “3-in-1” chip for some
application areas. The internally generated clock (6MHz, 12MHz, 24MHz, and 48MHz) can be brought out of the
device and used to drive a microcontroller or external logic. A unique number (the FTDIChip-ID™) is burnt into the
device during manufacture and is readable over USB, thus forming the basis of a security dongle which can be used
to protect customer application software from being copied.
The EVAL232R is supplied on a 61.0mm x 32.0mm (2.40” x 1.26”) PCB. All components used, including the FT232RL
and RS232 level converter IC are Pb-free (RoHS compliant).
Copyright © Future Technology Devices International Ltd. 2005

EVAL 232R Summary of contents

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    Future Technology Devices International Ltd. FT232RL USB to RS232 Evaluation Module Incorporating Clock Generator Output and FTDIChip-ID™ Security Dongle The EVAL232R is a USB to RS232 evaluation module for FTDI’s FT232RL USB - Serial UART interface IC device, the latest ...

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    Features 1.1 Hardware Features • FT232RL provides single chip USB to asynchronous serial data transfer interface. • Module provides USB to RS232 interface, with additional I/O pinout. • Entire USB protocol handled on the FT232RL chip - No USB-specific ...

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    Features and Enhancements 2.1 Key Features This section summarises the key features and enhancements of the FT232RL IC device which is used on the EVAL232R Module. For further details, consult the FT232R datasheet, which is available from the Integrated ...

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    Lower Supply Voltage - Previous generations of the chip required 5V supply on the VCC pin. The FT232R will work with a Vcc supply in the range 3.3V - 5.25V. Bus powered designs would still take their supply from the ...

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    Extended Operating Temperature Range - The FT232R operates over an extended temperature range of -40º to +85º C thus allowing the device to be used in automotive and industrial applications. New Package Options - The FT232R is available in two ...

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    EVAL232R Pin Out and Signal Descriptions 3.1 EVAL232R Pin Out LP1 LP2 Figure 2 - EVAL232R Module Pin Out. Figure 3 - EVAL232R RS232 (DB9) Pin Out EVAL232R FT232RL USB to RS232 Evaluation Module Datasheet Version 0. ...

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    Header Pin and Jumper Signal Descriptions Table 1 - Module Pin Out Description - Jumper J1 Pin No. Name Type Description 1 VCC Output 5V Power output USB port. For a low power USB bus powered design ...

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    CBUS Signal Options The following options can be configured on the CBUS I/O pins. These options are all configured in the internal EEPROM using the utility software MPROG, which can be downloaded from the configuration is described in Section ...

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    Module Dimensions 2.75mm (0.11") 3.25mm (0.13") LP1 LP2 12.00mm (0.48") Ø 2.50mm 12.5mm (0.50") Figure 4 - EVAL232R Module Dimensions All dimensions are stated in millimeters, with inches in parenthesis. The FT232RL is supplied in a RoHS compliant 28 ...

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    Device Characteristics and Ratings 5.1 Absolute Maximum Ratings The absolute maximum ratings for the FT232R devices are as follows. These are in accordance with the Absolute Maximum Rating System (IEC 60134). Exceeding these may cause permanent damage to the ...

  • Page 11

    Table 10 - FT232R UART and CBUS I/O Pin Characteristics (VCCIO = 2.8V, Standard Drive Level) Parameter Description Voh Output Voltage High Vol Output Voltage Low Vin Input Switching Threshold VHys Input Switching Hysteresis Table 11 - FT232R UART and ...

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    EEPROM Reliability Characteristics The FT232R’s internal 1024 bit EEPROM has the following reliability characteristics- Table 16 - EEPROM Characteristics Parameter Description Data Retention Read / Write Cycles 5.4 Internal Clock Characteristics The FT232R’s internal Clock Oscillator has the following ...

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    Module Configurations 6.1 Bus Powered Configuration The EVAL232R module is designed to be powered from the 5V supply available on the USB bus powered. VCCIO, the supply to the FT232RL’s UART and CBUS IO pins, can be connected to ...

  • Page 14

    EEPROM. A high-power bus powered device must use this descriptor in the internal EEPROM to inform the system of its power requirements. v) For 3.3V power controlled circuits the VCCIO pin must not be powered down with the external circuitry ...

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    Module Circuit Schematic Figure 5 shows the EVAL232R circuit schematic. For the EVAL232R the FT232RL has been used to make a USB to RS232 converter. A TTL – RS232 Level Converter I.C. is used on the serial UART of ...

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    Figure 5 - EVAL232R Module Circuit Schematic EVAL232R FT232RL USB to RS232 Evaluation Module Datasheet Version 0.90 © Future Technology Devices International Ltd. 2005 ...

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    Internal EEPROM Configuration Following a power-on reset or a USB reset the FT232R will scan its internal EEPROM and read the USB configuration descriptors stored there. The default values programmed into the internal EEPROM in the FT232RL used on ...

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    Disclaimer Copyright © Future Technology Devices International Limited , 2005. Version 0.9 - Initial Datasheet Created December 2005 Neither the whole nor any part of the information contained in, or the product described in this manual, may be adapted or ...