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Design ResourcesSTEVAL-PCN001V1 Gerber Files USB Demo Switch Schematic STEVAL-PCN001V1 Bill of MaterialMain PurposePower Management, USB Power Switch: ARM7 Based
EmbeddedNoUtilized Ic / PartST72F621J4
Primary AttributesUser Selectable Current & VoltagesSecondary AttributesUSB Interface
Processor To Be EvaluatedST72F62Interface TypeUSB
Lead Free Status / RoHS StatusLead free by exemption / RoHS compliant by exemptionOther names497-5577
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Input parameters:
– Load current: 100 mA, 500 mA, 1 A or 2 A.
Larger loads can be applied by properly
changing the load resistance (R37)
– Input voltage: 4.4 V, 4.75 V, 5.0 V or 5.25 V
– Under-voltage protection
– Power switch: enable or disable option on
the GUI to control the voltage on the enable
pin of the power switch
Output parameters:
– PC executable software (USBPS_GUI) for
use with the demonstration board
– PC executable software (DFUGUI) for
upgrading the firmware by USB using the
DFU feature
– ST7 firmware (C source code) for the
ST72F62 microcontroller
The purpose of this board is to demonstrate the
features and capabilities of the ST204x and
ST205x USB power switches developed by
STMicroelectronics, using a Windows
host software application and one of several USB
low-speed microcontrollers from ST acting as a
peripheral device. The host software and the ST7
source code provides a clear picture of the power
switch capabilities. The USB communication
between host and the device is done through a
HID class based protocol developed specifically
for demonstration board applications. The
demonstration board incorporates a
microcontroller, programmable voltage regulator,
MOSFETS, switches and various resistive
networks. The on-board regulator can be
configured to supply various voltages by selecting
appropriate resistance from the resistive network
present at the adjust pin of the regulator. Different
voltages and loads can be selected from the PC
September 2008
For further information contact your local STMicroelectronics sales office.
USB power switch demonstration board
software, as well as through switches present on
the board. LEDs are provided on the board to
indicate the various combinations of input voltage
and load applied to the power switch. The board
has an ICC connector to program the
microcontroller Flash memory. An external 12 V
charge pump is also provided on the board to
allow the user to perform in-application
programming (IAP) of the microcontroller
embedded Flash program memory. Any type of
real load (e.g. USB speakers) can be powered
from this board by plugging in the connector
present on the board
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