ATAB8402 Atmel, ATAB8402 Datasheet



Manufacturer Part Number

Specifications of ATAB8402

Wireless Frequency
315 MHz
For Use With/related Products
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status
Contains lead / RoHS non-compliant
RF Wireless Data/Control Solutions
for Industrial and Consumer Applications
in the ISM Bands

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ATAB8402 Summary of contents

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... RF Wireless Data/Control Solutions Ï for Industrial and Consumer Applications in the ISM Bands ATMEL SMART RF 0C ...

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... ATA8201 315 MHz The frequency range spans from 250-450 MHz to 88-870 MHz, 902-928 MHz and 2.4 GHz, thus enabling all kinds of applications in the industrial and consumer area. All Atmel ISM products provide a high integration microcontroller. level and enable easy implementation. ® Industrial n Wireless USB n Infotainment and Conference Systems ...

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... The system diagram shows a typical one-way link application with an AVR replacing the transmitter and the receiver by a transceiver on each side, a two-way communi- cation system can easily be designed. n Using Atmel‘s SiGe PAs, the Maximum Output Power of 14 dBm Can Be Increased dBm for Extended Link Ranges n Atmel Provides All Further Devices Needed for a Complete ISM System Solution: ...

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... Atmel Applications ÏÏÏÏ One-way RF Transmitter (e.g. Remote Control for Garage Door Openers) ÏÏÏÏ Key Benefi ts – Tiny Transmitter Package – Intelligent Receivers with Automatic Decoding – Frequency Range 315 to 928 MHz – Crystal Sharing with MARC4 Device Saves BOM – Printed PCB Antenna Allows Small Housings – MARC4 Enables Long Battery Lifetime rf tX ata840x aVr ® ...

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... Sensor Unit atr2406 console aVr ® ® radio Console Unit 2-Way Link ata542x ata542x ata582x ata582x aVr ® aVr ® LCD Central Unit Control Unit with LCD atr2406 aVr ® Gamepad radio Portable Unit Bi-/uni-directional 2.4 GHz wireless links ...

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... Atmel Product Overview ÏÏÏÏ Transmitter ICs Part no. frequency range [MHz] ATA8401 310-350 ATA8402 429-439 ATA8403 88-928 ATA575 313-317 ATA5757 432-448 32 kHz means 32 kBit/s Manchester coding or 4 kBit/s NRZ coding 1) ÏÏÏÏ Micro-transmitter ICs Part no. frequency range ...

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... ATAB-STK-F ATAB-RFMB ATAB542X-X-WB ATAB5423-3-WB (for 315 MHz) ATAB5425-3-WB (for 345 MHz) ATAB542-4-WB (for 433 MHz) ATAB5428-8-WB (for 88 MHz) ATAB5429-9-WB (for 915 MHz) ATA8201-EK ATA8202-EK Ordering No. ATAB5423-3-B ATAB5428-4-B ATAB5428-8-B ATAB5429-9-B ATAB5744-N3 ATAB5744-N4 ATAB5744-S3 ATAB5744-S4 ATAB570-N ATAB570-S ATAB571-N ATAB8403-8 ATAB8403-9 ATAB8401 ATAB8402 ATAB575 ATAB5757 ATAB5823-3-B ATAB5824-4-B ATAB5824-8-B ATR240-DEV-BOARD ATR240-DEV-BOARD2 07 ...

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