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Manufacturer Part Number
Power Integrations

Specifications of TNY278PG

Output Isolation
Frequency Range
124 ~ 140kHz
Voltage - Output
Power (watts)
Operating Temperature
-40°C ~ 150°C
Package / Case
8-DIP (0.300", 7.62mm), 7 Leads
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status
Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Other names

Available stocks

Part Number
Bonase Electronics (HK) Co., Limited Bonase Electronics (HK) Co., Limited
Part Number:
1 000
Bonase Electronics (HK) Co., Limited Bonase Electronics (HK) Co., Limited
Part Number:
15 000
TinySwitch-III Family
Energy-Effi cient, Off-Line Switcher With
Enhanced Flexibility and Extended Power Range
Product Highlights
Lowest System Cost with Enhanced Flexibility
Enhanced Safety and Reliability Features
Simple ON/OFF control, no loop compensation needed
Selectable current limit through BP/M capacitor value
Tight I
ON-time extension – extends low line regulation range/hold-up
time to reduce input bulk capacitance
Self-biased: no bias winding or bias components
Frequency jittering reduces EMI fi lter costs
Pin-out simplifi es heatsinking to the PCB
SOURCE pins are electrically quiet for low EMI
Accurate hysteretic thermal shutdown protection with
automatic recovery eliminates need for manual reset
Improved auto-restart delivers <3% of maximum power in short
circuit and open loop fault conditions
Output overvoltage shutdown with optional Zener
Line undervoltage detect threshold set using a single optional
Very low component count enhances reliability and enables
single-sided printed circuit board layout
High bandwidth provides fast turn on with no overshoot and
excellent transient load response
Extended creepage between DRAIN and all other pins improves
fi eld reliability
Easily meets all global energy effi ciency regulations
No-load <150 mW at 265 VAC without bias winding, <50 mW
with bias winding
ON/OFF control provides constant effi ciency down to very light
loads – ideal for mandatory CEC regulations and 1 W PC
standby requirements
Chargers/adapters for cell/cordless phones, PDAs, digital
cameras, MP3/portable audio, shavers, etc.
PC Standby and other auxiliary supplies
DVD/PVR and other low power set top decoders
Supplies for appliances, industrial systems, metering, etc.
Maximizes MOSFET and magnetics power delivery
Minimizes max overload power, reducing cost of
transformer, primary clamp & secondary components
Higher current limit extends peak power or, in open
frame applications, maximum continuous power
Lower current limit improves effi ciency in enclosed
Allows optimum TinySwitch-III choice by swapping
devices with no other circuit redesign
f parameter tolerance reduces system cost
– Extremely Energy Effi cient
Output Power Table
TinySwitch-III incorporates a 700 V power MOSFET, oscillator,
high voltage switched current source, current limit (user
selectable) and thermal shutdown circuitry. The IC family uses an
ON/OFF control scheme and offers a design fl exible solution with
a low system cost and extended power capability.
Table 1.
1. Minimum continuous power in a typical non-ventilated enclosed adapter
2. Minimum peak power capability in any design or minimum continuous power in
3. Packages: P: DIP-8C, G: SMD-8C. See Part Ordering Information.
Figure 1.
measured at +50 °C ambient. Use of an external heatsink will increase power
an open frame design (see Key Applications Considerations).
HV DC Input
Output Power Table.
Typical Standby Application.
8.5 W
10 W
13 W
16 W
18 W
20 W
6 W
230 VAC ± 15%
Peak or
23.5 W
36.5 W
11 W
15 W
19 W
28 W
32 W
10 W
12 W
14 W
5 W
6 W
7 W
8 W
85-265 VAC
January 2009
Peak or
11.5 W
21.5 W
28.5 W
8.5 W
15 W
18 W
25 W

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TNY278PG Summary of contents

Page 1

TNY274-280 ® TinySwitch-III Family Energy-Effi cient, Off-Line Switcher With Enhanced Flexibility and Extended Power Range Product Highlights Lowest System Cost with Enhanced Flexibility Simple ON/OFF control, no loop compensation needed • Selectable current limit through BP/M capacitor value • Higher ...

Page 2

TNY274-280 BYPASS/ MULTI-FUNCTION (BP/M) LINE UNDER-VOLTAGE 115 μA 25 μA 6.4 V ENABLE 1 OSCILLATOR ENABLE/ 1.0 V UNDER- VOLTAGE (EN/UV) Figure 2. Functional Block Diagram. Pin Functional Description DRAIN (D) Pin: This pin is the ...

Page 3

A modulation of the threshold current reduces group pulsing. The threshold current is between 75 μA and 115 μA. The EN/UV pin also senses line undervoltage conditions through an ...

Page 4

TNY274-280 Over Temperature Protection The thermal shutdown circuitry senses the die temperature. The threshold is typically set at 142 °C with 75 °C hysteresis. When the die temperature rises above this threshold the power MOSFET is disabled and remains disabled ...

Page 5

In a typical implementation, the EN/UV pin is driven by an optocoupler. The collector of the optocoupler transistor is connected to the EN/UV pin and the emitter is connected to the SOURCE pin. The optocoupler LED is connected in series ...

Page 6

TNY274-280 At near maximum load, TinySwitch-III will conduct during nearly all of its clock cycles (Figure 6). At slightly lower load, it will “skip” additional cycles in order to maintain voltage regulation at the power supply output (Figure 7). At ...

Page 7

Power Up/Down The TinySwitch-III requires only a 0.1 μF capacitor on the BYPASS/MULTI-FUNCTION pin to operate with standard current limit. Because of its small size, the time to charge this capacitor is kept to an absolute minimum, typically 0.6 ms. ...

Page 8

TNY274-280 D1 D2 1N4007 1N4007 F1 3. 6.8 μF 400 V RV1 85 - 265 VAC 275 VAC D3 D4 1N4007 1N4007 *R5 and R8 are optional components † used to adjust U1 current limit. See ...

Page 9

Undervoltage lockout is confi gured by R5 connected between the DC bus and EN/UV pin of U1. When present, switching is inhibited until the current in the EN/UV pin exceeds 25 μA. This allows the startup voltage to be programmed ...

Page 10

TNY274-280 value (10 Ω Ω) resistor in series with the bias winding diode and/or the OVP Zener as shown by R7 and R3 in Figure 14. The resistor in series with the OVP Zener also limits the maximum ...

Page 11

HV Input Filter Capacitor - TOP VIEW S Figure 15. Recommended Circuit Board Layout for TinySwitch-III with Undervoltage Lock Out Resistor. the BP/M pin solder pad preventing the design from starting up. Designs that make use ...

Page 12

TNY274-280 (1,4) Absolute Maximum Ratings DRAIN Voltage .............................................................................. -0 700 V DRAIN Peak Current: TNY274 ....................................... 400 (750) mA TNY275 .....................................560 (1050) mA TNY276 ..................................... 720 (1350) mA TNY277 .....................................880 (1650) mA TNY278 .................................. 1040 (1950) mA TNY279 ...

Page 13

Parameter Symbol Control Functions (cont.) I CH1 BP/M Pin Charge Current I CH2 BP/M Pin Voltage V BP/M BP/M Pin Voltage V Hysteresis BP/MH BP/M Pin Shunt V Voltage SHUNT EN/UV Pin Line Under- I voltage Threshold LUV Circuit Protection ...

Page 14

TNY274-280 Parameter Symbol Circuit Protection (cont.) Reduced Current Limit (BP/M Capacitor = I LIMITred 1 μF) See Note D Increased Current Limit (BP/M Capacitor = I LIMITinc 10 μF) See Note D 14 Rev. I 01/09 Conditions SOURCE = 0 ...

Page 15

Parameter Symbol Circuit Protection (cont.) 2 Power Coeffi cient I f Initial Current Limit I INIT Leading Edge t Blanking Time LEB Current Limit t Delay ILD Thermal Shutdown T Temperature SD Thermal Shutdown T Hysteresis SDH BP/M Pin Shutdown ...

Page 16

TNY274-280 Parameter Symbol Output (cont.) ON-State R Resistance DS(ON) I DSS1 OFF-State Drain Leakage Current I DSS2 Breakdown BV Voltage DSS DRAIN Supply Voltage Auto-Restart t ON-Time OSC Auto-Restart DC Duty Cycle AR 16 Rev. I 01/09 ...

Page 17

NOTES accurate estimate of device controller current consumption at no-load, since operating frequency is so low under these S1 conditions. Total device consumption at no-load is the sum Since the output MOSFET is ...

Page 18

TNY274-280 BP/M S EN/UV S NOTE: This test circuit is not applicable for current limit or output characteristic measurements. Figure 16. General Test Circuit. Figure 17. Duty Cycle Measurement. 18 Rev. I 01/09 470 Ω ...

Page 19

Junction Temperature (°C) Figure 20. Breakdown vs. Temperature. 1.2 1 0.8 0.6 0.4 0 Temperature (°C) Figure 22. Standard Current Limit vs. Temperature. 300 ...

Page 20

TNY274-280 50 Scaling Factors: TNY274 1.0 40 TNY275 1.5 TNY276 2.0 TNY277 3.5 30 TNY278 5.5 TNY279 7.3 TNY280 200 DRAIN Voltage (V) Figure 26. Drain Capacitance Power. ⊕ .004 (.10) -E- .240 ...

Page 21

D S .004 (.10) -E- .240 (6.10) .260 (6.60) Pin 1 .100 (2.54) (BSC) .367 (9.32) -D- .387 (9.83) .125 (3.18) .145 (3.68) .032 (.81) .048 (1.22) .037 (.94) .053 (1.35) Part Ordering Information TNY 278 ...

Page 22

TNY274-280 22 Rev. I 01/09 ...

Page 23

Revision Notes D Release fi nal data sheet. E Corrected fi gure numbers and references. Separated current limit and power coeffi cient values for G package and updated Figure 15. Added F EN/UV and PC board leakage currents in Key ...

Page 24

... The products and applications illustrated herein (including transformer construction and circuits external to the products) may be covered by one or more U.S. and foreign patents, or potentially by pending U.S. and foreign patent applications assigned to Power Integrations. A complete list of Power Integrations patents may be found at Power Integrations grants its customers a license under certain patent rights as set forth at http://www ...

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