SA555DT STMicroelectronics, SA555DT Datasheet



Manufacturer Part Number
555 Type, Timer/Oscillator (Single)r

Specifications of SA555DT

Voltage - Supply
4.5 V ~ 16 V
Current - Supply
Operating Temperature
-40°C ~ 105°C
Package / Case
8-SOIC (3.9mm Width)
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status
Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Lead Free Status / Rohs Status
RoHS Compliant part Electrostatic Device
Other names
The NE555 monolithic timing circuit is a highly
stable controller capable of producing accurate
time delays or oscillation. In the time delay mode
of operation, the time is precisely controlled by
one external resistor and capacitor. For a stable
operation as an oscillator, the free running
frequency and the duty cycle are both accurately
controlled with two external resistors and one
The circuit may be triggered and reset on falling
waveforms, and the output structure can source
or sink up to 200 mA.
November 2008
Low turn-off time
Maximum operating frequency greater than
500 kHz
Timing from microseconds to hours
Operates in both astable and monostable
Output can source or sink up to 200 mA
Adjustable duty cycle
TTL compatible
Temperature stability of 0.005% per °C
General-purpose single bipolar timers
Rev 5
1 - GND
2 - Trigger
3 - Output
4 - Reset
(Plastic micropackage)
Pin connections
(Plastic package)
SA555 - SE555
(top view)
5 - Control voltage
6 - Threshold
7 - Discharge
8 - V

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SA555DT Summary of contents

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Features ■ Low turn-off time ■ Maximum operating frequency greater than 500 kHz ■ Timing from microseconds to hours ■ Operates in both astable and monostable modes ■ Output can source or sink up to 200 mA ■ Adjustable duty ...

Page 2

Schematic diagrams 1 Schematic diagrams Figure 1. Block diagram Figure 2. Schematic diagram 2/ 5kΩ COMP THRESHOLD R CONTROL VOLTAGE FLIP-FLOP Q 5kΩ COMP TRIGGER S INHIBIT/ RESET 5kΩ S RESET S - 8086 NE555 - SA555 ...

Page 3

NE555 - SA555 - SE555 2 Absolute maximum ratings and operating conditions Table 1. Absolute maximum ratings Symbol V Supply voltage CC I Output current (sink & source) OUT Thermal resistance junction to ambient R thja Thermal resistance junction to ...

Page 4

Electrical characteristics 3 Electrical characteristics Table +25° amb Symbol Parameter = ∝ ) Supply current (R L Low state +15V CC High state V = +5V CC ...

Page 5

NE555 - SA555 - SE555 Table +25° amb Symbol Parameter Discharge pin leakage current I dis(off) (output high 10V dis Discharge pin saturation voltage (4) (output low) V dis(sat +15V, I ...

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Electrical characteristics Figure 3. Minimum pulse width required for triggering Figure 5. Delay time versus temperature Figure 7. Low output voltage versus output sink current 6/20 NE555 - SA555 - SE555 Figure 4. Supply current versus supply voltage Figure 6. ...

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NE555 - SA555 - SE555 Figure 9. High output voltage drop versus output Figure 11. Propagation delay versus voltage level of trigger value Electrical characteristics Figure 10. Delay time versus supply voltage 7/20 ...

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Application information 4 Application information 4.1 Monostable operation In the monostable mode, the timer generates a single pulse. As shown in external capacitor is initially held discharged by a transistor inside the timer. Figure 12. Typical schematics in monostable operation ...

Page 9

NE555 - SA555 - SE555 Figure 13. Waveforms in monostable operation Figure 14. Pulse duration versus R1C1 4.2 Astable operation When the circuit is connected as shown in itself and free runs as a multi-vibrator. The external capacitor charges through ...

Page 10

Application information Figure 15. Typical schematics in astable operation V CC 0.01 Figure 16 shows the actual waveforms generated in this mode of operation. The charge time (output HIGH) is given by 0.693 (R and the discharge time ...

Page 11

NE555 - SA555 - SE555 Figure 16. Waveforms in astable operation Figure 17. Free running frequency versus 0 div OUTPUT VOLTAGE = 5.0V/div CAPACITOR VOLTAGE = 1.0V/div Ω 4.8k , C1= ...

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Application information 4.3 Pulse width modulator When the timer is connected in the monostable mode and triggered with a continuous pulse train, the output pulse width can be modulated by a signal applied to pin 5. the circuit. Figure 18. ...

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NE555 - SA555 - SE555 Figure 20 shows the waveforms generator by the linear ramp. The time interval is given by: Figure 20. Linear ramp 4.5 50% duty cycle oscillator For a 50% duty cycle, the resistors R period for ...

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Application information Figure 21. 50% duty cycle oscillator Out Note that this circuit will not oscillate if R and R cannot bring pin 2 down to 1 4.6 Additional information Adequate power supply bypassing is necessary to protect ...

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... JEDEC Standard JESD97. The maximum ratings related to soldering conditions are also marked on the inner box label. ECOPACK is an STMicroelectronics trademark. ECOPACK specifications are available at: Package information ...

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Package information 5.1 DIP8 package information Figure 22. DIP8 package mechanical drawing Table 4. DIP8 package mechanical data Ref 16/20 Dimensions Millimeters Min. Typ. Max. 5.33 0.38 ...

Page 17

NE555 - SA555 - SE555 5.2 SO-8 package information Figure 23. SO-8 package mechanical drawing Table 5. SO-8 package mechanical data Ref ccc Dimensions Millimeters Min. Typ. ...

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Ordering information 6 Ordering information Table 6. Order codes Part number NE555N NE555D/DT SA555N SA555D/DT SE555N SE555D/DT 18/20 Temperature range Package DIP8 0°C, +70°C SO-8 DIP8 -40°C, +105°C SO-8 DIP8 -55°C, + 125°C SO-8 NE555 - SA555 - SE555 Packing ...

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NE555 - SA555 - SE555 7 Revision history Table 7. Document revision history Date 01-Jun-2003 2004-2006 15-Mar-2007 06-Nov-2008 Revision 1 Initial release. 2-3 Internal revisions Expanded order code table. 4 Template update. Added I value in OUT Table 2: Operating ...

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... Information in this document is provided solely in connection with ST products. STMicroelectronics NV and its subsidiaries (“ST”) reserve the right to make changes, corrections, modifications or improvements, to this document, and the products and services described herein at any time, without notice. All ST products are sold pursuant to ST’s terms and conditions of sale. ...

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