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AM/FM PLL frequency synthesizer
Sanyo Semiconductor Corporation

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Ordering number : EN4921B
The LC72131 and LC72131M are PLL frequency
synthesizers for use in tuners in radio/cassette players.
They allow high-performance AM/FM tuners to be
implemented easily.
PLL frequency synthesizer
• High speed programmable dividers
• IF counter
• Reference frequencies
• Phase comparator
• Built-in MOS transistor for forming an active low-pass
• I/O ports
• Serial data I/O
• Operating ranges
• Packages
— FMIN: 10 to 160 MHz ..........pulse swallower
— AMIN: 2 to 40 MHz ..............pulse swallower
— Twelve selectable frequencies
— Dead zone control
— Unlock detection circuit
— Deadlock clear circuit
— Dedicated output ports: 4
— Input or output ports: 2
— Support clock time base output
— Support CCB format communication with the
— Supply voltage........................4.5 to 5.5 V
— Operating temperature............–40 to +85°C
— DIP22S/MFP20
• CCB is a trademark of SANYO ELECTRIC CO., LTD.
• CCB is SANYO’s original bus format and all the bus
addresses are controlled by SANYO.
(4.5 or 7.2 MHz crystal)
1, 3, 5, 9, 10, 3.125, 6.25, 12.5, 15, 25, 50 and 100 kHz
system controller.
SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd. Semiconductor Bussiness Headquarters
TOKYO OFFICE Tokyo Bldg., 1-10, 1 Chome, Ueno, Taito-ku, TOKYO, 110 JAPAN
0.5 to 10 MHz division
0.4 to 12 MHz ...........AM/FM IF counter
(built-in divide-by-two prescaler)
AM/FM PLL Frequency Synthesizer
Package Dimensions
unit: mm
unit: mm
62096HA (OT)/O3195HA (OT)/92294TH (OT) No. 4921-1/23
LC72131, 72131M

LC72131 Summary of contents

Page 1

... Ordering number : EN4921B Overview The LC72131 and LC72131M are PLL frequency synthesizers for use in tuners in radio/cassette players. They allow high-performance AM/FM tuners to be implemented easily. Applications PLL frequency synthesizer Functions • High speed programmable dividers — FMIN 160 MHz ..........pulse swallower (built-in divide-by-two prescaler) — ...

Page 2

... Pin Assignments LC72131, 72131M No. 4921-2/23 ...

Page 3

... Block Diagram LC72131, 72131M No. 4921-3/23 ...

Page 4

... V 3 max BO1 to BO4, IO1, IO2, AOUT max BO1 max AOUT max BO2 to BO4, IO1, IO2 O LC72131: DIP22S Ta ≤ 85°C Pd max LC72131M: MFP20 Topr Tstg = Pins Conditions V DD CE, CL, DI IO1, IO2 CE, CL, DI, IO1, IO2 DO BO1 to BO4, IO1, IO2, AOUT XIN FMIN ...

Page 5

... I 1 OFF Output off leakage current I 2 OFF High level three-state I OFFH off leakage current Low level three-state I OFFL off leakage current Input capacitance Current drain LC72131, 72131M Pins Conditions XIN FMIN AMIN IFIN FMIN AMIN CE, CL, DI, IO1, IO2 – 0 BO1 ...

Page 6

... Used as the synchronization clock when inputting (DI) or outputting (DO) serial data. • Inputs serial data transferred from the controller to the LC72131. • Outputs serial data transferred from the LC72131 to the controller. The content of the output data is determined by the serial data DOC0 to DOC2. ...

Page 7

... IFIN 12 (11) IF counter LC72131, 72131M Functions • The LC72131 ground • Dedicated output pins • The output states are determined by BO1 to BO4 bits in the serial data. Data open low • A time base signal (8 Hz) can be output from the BO1 pin. (When the serial data TBC bit is set to 1.) • ...

Page 8

... Serial Data I/O Methods The LC72131 inputs and outputs data using the Sanyo CCB (computer control bus) audio LSI serial bus format. This LSI adopts an 8-bit address format CCB. I/O mode B0 1 IN1 (82 IN2 (92 OUT (A2) 0 LC72131, 72131M Address Function • Control data input mode (serial data input) • ...

Page 9

... DI Control Data (Serial Data Input) Structure • IN1 Mode • IN2 Mode LC72131, 72131M No. 4921-9/23 ...

Page 10

... Output port data • Data that determines the output from the BO1 to BO4, IO1 and IO2 output ports BO1 to BO4, IO1, IO2 Data open low (5) • The data = 0 (open) state is selected after the power-on reset. LC72131, 72131M Functions SNS LSB Divisor setting (N) P0 ...

Page 11

... BO1 pin. (BO1 data is invalid in this mode.) Charge pump control data • Forcibly controls the charge pump output. DLC (10) Note: If deadlock occurs due to the VCO control voltage (Vtune) going to zero and the VCO LC72131, 72131M Functions DOC1 DOC0 DO pin state 0 ...

Page 12

... IF counter binary data • Latched from the value of the IF counter (20-bit binary counter). (3) C19 to C0 C19 C0 LSB of the binary counter 4. DO Output Data LC72131, 72131M Functions These values must all be set to 0. Functions High: 1 Low: 0 MSB of the binary counter Related data ...

Page 13

... Serial Data Input (IN1/IN2 Serial Data Output (OUT Note: Since the DO pin is an n-channel open-drain pin, the time for the data to change (t resistor and printed circuit board capacitance. LC72131, 72131M ≥ 0.75 µs, t ≤ 0.75 µ ≥ 0.75 µs, t ≤ 0.35 µs ...

Page 14

... CH CE wait time setup time hold time t EH Data latch change time Data output time t DH LC72131, 72131M Pins Conditions DI CE, CL CE, CL CE, CL Differs depending on the DO, CL value of the pull-up resistor and the printed circuit board DO, CE capacitances. min typ ...

Page 15

... MHz (SW VCO) 5 kHz (fref) = 4440 • MW, 10 kHz steps (DVS = 0, SNS = 0, AMIN low-speed side selected 1000 kHz (IF = +450 kHz) MW VCO = 1450 kHz PLL fref = 10 kHz ( 1450 kHz (MW VCO) 10 kHz (fref) = 145 LC72131, 72131M Set divisor Actual divisor: N 272 to 65535 Twice the set value 272 to 65535 ...

Page 16

... IF Counter Structure The LC72131 IF counter is a 20-bit binary counter. The result, i.e., the counter’s msb, can be read serially from the DO pin. Measurement time GT1 GT0 Measurement period (GT) (ms The IF frequency (Fc) is measured by determining how many pulses were input counter in a specified measurement period, GT ...

Page 17

... The IF count is started by changing the CTE bit in the serial data from The serial data is latched by the LC72131 when the CE pin is dropped from high to low. The IF signal must be supplied to the IFIN pin in the period between the point the CE pin goes low and the end of the wait time at the latest. Next, the value of the IF counter at the end of the measurement period must be read out during the period that CTE is 1 ...

Page 18

... N (frequency) unlock detection must be performed after waiting at least two periods of the reference frequency. Figure 1 Unlocked State Detection Timing For example, if fref is 1 kHz, i.e., the period is 1 ms, after changing the divisor N, the system must wait at least 2 ms before checking for the unlocked state. LC72131, 72131M Figure 2 Circuit Structure No. 4921-18/23 ...

Page 19

... Unlock Detection Software 3. Unlocked State Data Output Using Serial Data Output In the LC72131, once an unlocked state occurs, the unlocked state serial data (UL) will not be reset until a data input (or output) operation is performed. At the data output stabilized (locked), since no data output has been performed since the divisor N was changed the unlocked state data remains in the unlocked state ...

Page 20

... AM stereo pilot margin is desired. On the other hand, we recommend selecting DZC or DZD, which provide a dead zone, for applications which do not require such a high FM signal-to-noise ratio and in which either AM stereo is not used or an adequate AM stereo pilot margin can be achieved. LC72131, 72131M Charge pump Dead zone ON/ON – ...

Page 21

... Also, an input pin state can be output unchanged through the DO pin and input to the controller. 5. Power Supply Pins A capacitor of at least 2000 pF must be inserted between the power supply V This capacitor must be placed as close as possible to the V LC72131, 72131M Figure 4 and ...

Page 22

... Pin States After the Power ON Reset Application System Example (Package: MFP20) LC72131, 72131M No. 4921-22/23 ...

Page 23

... SANYO believes information herein is accurate and reliable, but no guarantees are made or implied regarding its use or any infringements of intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties. This catalog provides information as of June, 1996. Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice. LC72131, 72131M No. 4921-23/23 ...

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