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Manufacturer Part Number
Wireless CPU
The impedance is 50 Ω nominal and the DC impedance is 0 Ω .
3.23.1 RF Connections
U.FL Connector
Soldered solution
IMP connector
3.23.2 RF Performance
RF performance is compliant with the ETSI GSM 05.05 recommendation.
The main Receiver parameters are:
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The soldered solution will preferably be based on an RG178 coaxial cable.
This connector is dedicated to board-to-board applications and must be
soldered on the customer board. The supplier is Radiall (reference: R107
064 900).
GSM850 Reference Sensitivity = -104 dBm Static & TUHigh
E-GSM900 Reference Sensitivity = -104 dBm Static & TUHigh
DCS1800 Reference Sensitivity = -102 dBm Static & TUHigh
PCS1900 Reference Sensitivity = -102 dBm Static & TUHigh
Selectivity @ 200 kHz: > +9 dBc
Selectivity @ 400 kHz: > +41 dBc
Linear dynamic range: 63 dB
Co-channel rejection: >= 9 dBc
A wide variety of cables fitted with U.FL connectors is offered by different
The Q2686 Wireless CPU
kit, but this function can be implemented externally and can be driven
using a GPIO.
The antenna cable and connector should be selected in order to
minimize losses in the frequency bands used for GSM 850/900MHz and
0.5dB may be considered as the maximum value of loss between the
Wireless CPU
For mounting, assembly and handling of the IMP connector, please
contact the supplier, Radiall, directly. Wavecom cannot provide customer
support for use of this connector.
RF Interface
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and an external connector.
does not support an antenna switch for a car
Q2686 Wireless CPU
March 6, 2007
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