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Manufacturer Part Number
10-bit Micro Power Quad Digital-to-analog Converter With Rail-to-rail Output
National Semiconductor Corporation
© 2007 National Semiconductor Corporation
10-Bit Micro Power QUAD Digital-to-Analog Converter with
Rail-to-Rail Output
General Description
The DAC104S085 is a full-featured, general purpose QUAD
10-bit voltage-output digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that
can operate from a single +2.7V to 5.5V supply and consumes
1.1 mW at 3V and 2.5 mW at 5V. The DAC104S085 is pack-
aged in 10-lead LLP and MSOP packages. The 10-lead LLP
package makes the DAC104S085 the smallest QUAD DAC
in its class. The on-chip output amplifier allows rail-to-rail out-
put swing and the three wire serial interface operates at clock
rates up to 40 MHz over the entire supply voltage range.
Competitive devices are limited to 25 MHz clock rates at sup-
ply voltages in the 2.7V to 3.6V range. The serial interface is
compatible with standard SPI ™ , QSPI, MICROWIRE and
DSP interfaces.
The reference for the DAC104S085 serves all four channels
and can vary in voltage between 1V and V
widest possible output dynamic range. The DAC104S085 has
a 16-bit input shift register that controls the outputs to be up-
dated, the mode of operation, the powerdown condition, and
the binary input data. All four outputs can be updated simul-
taneously or individually depending on the setting of the two
mode of operation bits.
A power-on reset circuit ensures that the DAC output powers
up to zero volts and remains there until there is a valid write
to the device. A power-down feature reduces power con-
sumption to less than a microWatt with three different termi-
nation options.
The low power consumption and small packages of the
DAC104S085 make it an excellent choice for use in battery
operated equipment.
The DAC104S085 is one of a family of pin compatible DACs,
including the 8-bit DAC084S085 and the 12-bit DAC124S085.
The DAC104S085 operates over the extended industrial tem-
perature range of −40°C to +105°C.
Pin Configuration
SPI ™ is a trademark of Motorola, Inc.
, providing the
Key Specifications
Guaranteed Monotonicity
Low Power Operation
Rail-to-Rail Voltage Output
Power-on Reset to 0V
Simultaneous Output Updating
Wide power supply range (+2.7V to +5.5V)
Industry's Smallest Package
Power Down Modes
Settling Time
Zero Code Error
Full-Scale Error
Supply Power
— Normal
— Power Down
Battery-Powered Instruments
Digital Gain and Offset Adjustment
Programmable Voltage & Current Sources
Programmable Attenuators
1.1 mW (3V) / 2.5 mW (5V) typ
0.3 µW (3V) / 0.8 µW (5V) typ
+0.35 / −0.25 LSB (max)
−0.75 %FS (max)
+15 mV (max)
±2 LSB (max)
January 2007
6 µs (max)
10 bits

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... DAC084S085 and the 12-bit DAC124S085. The DAC104S085 operates over the extended industrial tem- perature range of −40°C to +105°C. Pin Configuration SPI ™ trademark of Motorola, Inc. © 2007 National Semiconductor Corporation Features ■ Guaranteed Monotonicity ■ Low Power Operation ■ ...

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Ordering Information Order Numbers DAC104S085CISD DAC104S085CISDX DAC104S085CIMM DAC104S085CIMMX DAC104S085EVAL Block Diagram www.national.com Temperature Range ≤ ≤ −40°C T +105°C A ≤ ≤ LLP Tape-and-Reel −40°C T +105°C A ≤ ≤ −40°C T +105°C A ≤ ≤ MSOP Tape-and-Reel −40°C T ...

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Pin Descriptions LLP MSOP Symbol Pin No OUTA V 3 OUTB V 4 OUTC 5 V OUTD 6 GND 7 V REFIN SYNC 10 SCLK PAD 11 (LLP only) Type Supply ...

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Absolute Maximum Ratings If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. Supply Voltage Voltage on any Input Pin Input Current at Any Pin (Note 3) Package Input Current ...

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Symbol Parameter I Output Short Circuit Current (sink) OS Continuous Output I O Current (Note 10) C Maximum Load Capacitance Output Impedance OUT REFERENCE INPUT CHARACTERISTICS Input Range Minimum Input Range Maximum VREFIN Input Impedance LOGIC INPUT ...

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A.C. and Timing Characteristics Values shown in this table are design targets and are subject to change before product release. The following specifications apply for 1011. Boldface limits apply for T Symbol Parameter f SCLK Frequency SCLK ...

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Note 9: Typical figures are 25°C, and represent most likely parametric norms. Test limits are guaranteed to National's AOQL (Average Outgoing Quality J Level). Note 10: This parameter is guaranteed by design and/or characterization and is not ...

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Transfer Characteristic Timing Diagrams www.national.com FIGURE 1. Input / Output Transfer Characteristic FIGURE 2. Serial Timing Diagram 8 20195305 20195306 ...

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Typical Performance Characteristics 1011, unless otherwise stated INL 3.0V A DNL 3.0V A INL/DNL REFIN REF A SCLK 20195352 20195354 = 3.0V A 20195356 9 ...

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INL/DNL SCLK INL/DNL vs Clock Duty Cycle at V INL/DNL vs Temperature at V www.national.com = 2.7V A 20195350 = 3.0V INL/DNL vs Clock Duty Cycle 20195324 = 3.0V INL/DNL vs Temperature at ...

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Zero Code Error vs 20195330 Zero Code Error vs. f SCLK 20195334 Zero Code Error vs. Temperature 20195336 Zero Code Error vs. V Zero Code Error vs. Clock Duty Cycle Full-Scale Error vs REFIN 20195331 20195335 ...

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Full-Scale Error vs. V Full-Scale Error vs. Clock Duty Cycle Supply Current vs. V www.national.com REFIN 20195332 Full-Scale Error vs. Temperature 20195338 Supply Current vs. Temperature A 20195344 12 Full-Scale Error vs. f SCLK 20195333 20195339 20195345 ...

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Glitch Response 20195346 Power-On Reset 13 20195347 www.national.com ...

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Functional Description 1.1 DAC SECTION The DAC104S085 is fabricated on a CMOS process with an architecture that consists of switches and resistor strings that are followed by an output buffer. The reference voltage is ex- ternally applied at V ...

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POWER-DOWN MODES The DAC104S085 has four power-down modes, two of which are identical. In power-down mode, the supply current drops to 20 µ and 30 µA at 5V. The DAC104S085 is set in power-down mode by setting ...

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LP3985 The LP3985 is a low noise, ultra low dropout voltage regulator with a 3% accuracy over temperature good choice for applications that do not require a precision reference for the DAC104S085. It comes in 3.0V, ...

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DSP/MICROPROCESSOR INTERFACING Interfacing the DAC104S085 to microprocessors and DSPs is quite simple. The following guidelines are offered to hasten the design process. 2.3.1 ADSP-2101/ADSP2103 Interfacing Figure 10 shows a serial interface between the DAC104S085 and the ADSP-2101/ADSP2103. The DSP ...

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Physical Dimensions www.national.com inches (millimeters) unless otherwise noted 10-Lead MSOP Order Numbers DAC104S085CIMM NS Package Number MUB10A 10-Lead LLP Order Numbers DAC104S085CISD NS Package Number SDA10A 18 ...

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Notes 19 www.national.com ...

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... National Semiconductor and the National Semiconductor logo are registered trademarks of National Semiconductor Corporation. All other brand or product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. ...

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