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FREESCALE [Freescale Semiconductor, Inc]
Timer Interface (TIM)
16.6.2 Stop Mode
16.7 TIM During Break Interrupts
Advance Information
The TIM is inactive after the execution of a STOP instruction. The STOP
instruction does not affect register conditions or the state of the TIM
counter. TIM operation resumes when the MCU exits stop mode.
A break interrupt stops the TIM counter.
The system integration module (SIM) controls whether status bits in
other modules can be cleared during the break state. The BCFE bit in
the SIM break flag control register (SBFCR) enables software to clear
status bits during the break state. (See
To allow software to clear status bits during a break interrupt, write a
logic 1 to the BCFE bit. If a status bit is cleared during the break state, it
remains cleared when the MCU exits the break state.
To protect status bits during the break state, write a logic 0 to the BCFE
bit. With BCFE at logic 0 (its default state), software can read and write
I/O registers during the break state without affecting status bits. Some
status bits have a two-step read/write clearing procedure. If software
does the first step on such a bit before the break, the bit cannot change
during the break state as long as BCFE is at logic 0. After the break,
doing the second step clears the status bit.
Timer Interface (TIM)
9.8.3 SIM Break Flag Control
Rev. 4.0

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