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FREESCALE [Freescale Semiconductor, Inc]
18.10 Resetting the SPI
Rev. 4.0
Any system reset completely resets the SPI. Partial resets occur
whenever the SPI enable bit (SPE) is low. Whenever SPE is low, these
These additional items are reset only by a system reset:
By not resetting the control bits when SPE is low, the user can clear SPE
between transmissions without having to reset all control bits when SPE
is set back to high for the next transmission.
By not resetting the SPRF, OVRF, and MODF flags, the user can still
service these interrupts after the SPI has been disabled. The user can
disable the SPI by writing 0 to the SPE bit. The SPI also can be disabled
by a mode fault occurring in an SPI that was configured as a master with
the MODFEN bit set.
The SPTE flag is set.
Any transmission currently in progress is aborted.
The shift register is cleared.
The SPI state counter is cleared, making it ready for a new
complete transmission.
All the SPI port logic is defaulted back to being general-purpose
All control bits in the SPCR register
All control bits in the SPSCR register (MODFEN, ERRIE, SPR1,
and SPR0)
The status flags SPRF, OVRF, and MODF
Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
Advance Information
Resetting the SPI

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