AT88SC0808CA-SH ATMEL [ATMEL Corporation], AT88SC0808CA-SH Datasheet



Manufacturer Part Number
Atmel CryptoMemory
ATMEL [ATMEL Corporation]
This is a summary document.
The complete document is
available on the Atmel website
* Note: Modules available with either T=0 / 2-wire modes or 2-wire mode only
One of a family of devices with user memories from 1Kbit to 8Kbits
8Kbit (1Kbyte) EEPROM user memory
2Kbit configuration zone
High security features
Smart card features
Embedded application features
High reliability
Eight 1Kbit (128-byte) zones
Self-timed write cycle
Single byte or 16-byte page write mode
Programmable access rights for each zone
37-byte OTP (One-Time Programmable) area for user-defined codes
160-byte area for user-defined keys and passwords
64-bit mutual authentication protocol (under license of ELVA)
Cryptographic Message Authentication Codes (MAC)
Stream encryption
Four key sets for authentication and encryption
Eight sets of two 24-bit passwords
Anti-tearing function
Voltage and frequency monitors
ISO 7816 Class B (3V) operation
ISO 7816-3 asynchronous T=0 Protocol (Gemplus
Multiple zones, key sets and passwords for multi-application use
Synchronous two-wire serial interface for faster device initialization *
Programmable 8-byte answer-to-reset register (ATR)
ISO 7816-2 compliant modules
Low voltage supply: 2.7V – 3.6V
Secure nonvolatile storage for sensitive system or user information
Two-wire serial interface (TWI, 5V compatible)
1.0MHz compatibility for fast operation
Standard 8-lead plastic packages, green compliant (exceeds RoHS)
Same pin configuration as Atmel
PDIP packages
Endurance: 100,000 cycles
Data retention: 10 years
ESD protection: 2,000V min
AT24CXXX Serial EEPROM in SOIC and
Atmel AT88SC0808CA
Atmel CryptoMemory
Patent) *

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AT88SC0808CA-SH Summary of contents

Page 1

... High reliability • Endurance: 100,000 cycles • Data retention: 10 years • ESD protection: 2,000V min * Note: Modules available with either T=0 / 2-wire modes or 2-wire mode only Atmel AT88SC0808CA Atmel CryptoMemory SUMMARY DATASHEET ® Patent) * ® AT24CXXX Serial EEPROM in SOIC and 5204FS−CRYPTO−12/11 ...

Page 2

... 8-lead SOIC, PDIP GND 8-lead Ultra Thin Mini-MAP (MLP 2x3 SDA GND 5 NC Atmel AT88SC0808CA [Summary DATASHEET] TSSOP Mini-MAP SCL 4 5 SDA NC 8 ...

Page 3

... Up to four unique key sets may be used for these operations. The AT88SC0808CA offers the ability to communicate with virtually any smart card reader using the asynchronous protocol (Gemplus Patent) defined in ISO 7816-3. ...

Page 4

... The AT88SC0808CA provides an ISO 7816-3 compliant asynchronous answer-to-reset (ATR) sequence. Upon activation of the reset sequence, the device outputs bytes contained in the 64-bit ATR register. An internal pull-up on the RST input pad allows the device to operate in synchronous mode without bonding RST. The AT88SC0808CA does not support an ATR sequence in the synchronous mode of operation. ...

Page 5

... SDA/IO Output High Current OH I SDA/IO Output Low Current OL Note prevent latch up conditions from occurring during power up of the AT88SC0808CA, V before applying Notice: Stresses beyond those listed under “Absolute Maximum Ratings” may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress rating only and functional operation of the device at these or any other condition +0 ...

Page 6

... This happens during the ninth clock cycle (see Figure 5-5 on page 8). = +2.7 to 3.6V -40°C to +85° 30pF CC AC Min period 9% x period 200 200 10 100 200 20 Atmel AT88SC0808CA [Summary DATASHEET] Max Units 4 MHz 1 MHz 60 % µS 1 µS 1 µS µS 250 nS ...

Page 7

... HIGH LOW LOW t t HD.STA HD.DAT t AA ACK ( STOP CONDITION is the time from a valid stop condition of a write sequence to the end of the internal WR Atmel AT88SC0808CA [Summary DATASHEET SU.DAT SU.STO BUF START CONDITION 5204FS−CRYPTO−12/11 7 ...

Page 8

... Figure 5-3. Data Validity SDA SCL DATA STABLE CHANGE ALLOWED Figure 5-4. START and STOP Definitions SDA SCL START Figure 5-5. Output Acknowledge 1 SCL DATA IN DATA OUT START DATA STABLE DATA STOP 8 9 ACKNOWLEDGE Atmel AT88SC0808CA [Summary DATASHEET] 8 5204FS−CRYPTO−12/11 ...

Page 9

... Also implemented in the control logic is a cryptographic engine for performing the various higher-level security functions of the device Atmel AT88SC0808CA [Summary DATASHEET 128 bytes 128 bytes 5204FS− ...

Page 10

... For Authentication and Encryption use Write 0 PAC Write 1 PAC Write 2 PAC Write 3 PAC Write 4 PAC Write 5 PAC Write 6 PAC Write 7 PAC Reserved Atmel AT88SC0808CA [Summary DATASHEET Identifitcation Read Only AR3 PR3 AR7 PR7 Access Control Cryptography Secret Read 0 Read 1 Read 2 Read 3 Password Read 4 ...

Page 11

... User Data Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Encrypted $ xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx locked locked Atmel AT88SC0808CA [Summary DATASHEET] Passwords Data Integrity Check Clear MDC Encrypted MAC Encrypted MAC $ xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx locked 5204FS−CRYPTO−12/11 ...

Page 12

... Authentication and password verification may be attempted at any time and in any order. Exceeding corresponding authentication or password attempts trial limit renders subsequent authentication or password verification attempts futile. AUTHENTICATION READ ACCESS DATA WRITE ACCESS Atmel AT88SC0808CA [Summary DATASHEET] Host (Reader) COMPUTE Challenge A Challenge A VERIFY B Read Password (RPW) VERIFY CS ...

Page 13

... Cryptographic Message Authentication Codes AT88SC0808CA implements a data validity check function in the standard, authentication or encryption modes of operation. In the standard mode, data validity check is done through a Modification Detection Code (MDC), in which the host may read an MDC from the device in order to verify that the data sent was received correctly. ...

Page 14

... Protocol Selection The AT88SC0808CA supports two different communication protocols. • Smartcard Applications: Smartcard applications use ISO 7816-B protocol in asynchronous mode for compatibility and interoperability with industry standard smartcard readers. • Embedded Applications: A two-wire serial interface provides fast and efficient connectivity with other logic devices or microcontrollers. ...

Page 15

... Gaining access to the configuration memory requires successful presentation of a secure (or transport) code. The initial signature of the secure (transport) code for the AT88SC0808CA device is $22 E8 3F. This is the same as the Write 7 password. The user may elect to change the signature of the secure code anytime after successful presentation. ...

Page 16

... Ordering Information Atmel Ordering Code AT88SC0808CA-MJ AT88SC0808CA-MP AT88SC0808CA-MJTG AT88SC0808CA-MPTG AT88SC0808CA-PU AT88SC0808CA-SH AT88SC0808CA-TH AT88SC0808CA-Y6H-T AT88SC0808CA-WI (1) (2) Package Type M2 – J Module: ISO or TWI M2 – P Module: ISO or TWI 8P3 8S1 8X 8MA2 Note: 1. Formal drawings may be obtained from an Atmel sales office 2. Both the J and P module packages are used for either ISO (T=0 / 2-wire mode) or TWI (2-wire mode only) ...

Page 17

... M2 module will yield 13.0 x 11.8mm). Ordering Code MPTG M2 ∅ 12.6 x 11.4 [mm] Round - 8.5 [mm] 0.58 [mm] 14.25mm Atmel AT88SC0808CA [Summary DATASHEET] Module Size: M2 Dimension*: 12.6 x 11.4 [mm] Glob Top: Square - 8.8 x 8.8 [mm] Thickness: 0.58 [mm] Pitch: 14 ...

Page 18

... Package Drawing Contact: TITLE 8S1, 8-lead (0.150” Wide Body), Plastic Gull Wing Small Outline (JEDEC SOIC) Atmel AT88SC0808CA [Summary DATASHEET Ø END VIEW COMMON DIMENSIONS (Unit of Measure = mm) MIN MAX SYMBOL NOM NOTE A 1.35 – ...

Page 19

... N Top View Side View TITLE 8P3, 8-lead, 0.300” Wide Body, Plastic Dual In-line Package (PDIP) Atmel AT88SC0808CA [Summary DATASHEET End View COMMON DIMENSIONS (Unit of Measure = inches) MIN MAX SYMBOL NOM NOTE A 0.210 2 A2 ...

Page 20

... Dimension D and determined at Datum Plane H. Package Drawing Contact: TITLE 8X, 8-lead 4.4mm Body, Plastic Thin Shrink Small Outline Package (TSSOP) Atmel AT88SC0808CA [Summary DATASHEET End View COMMON DIMENSIONS (Unit of Measure = mm) SYMBOL MIN NOM MAX NOTE ...

Page 21

... Package Drawing Contact: TITLE 8MA2, 8-pad 0.6 mm Body, Thermally Enhanced Plastic Ultra Thin Dual Flat No Lead Package (UDFN) Atmel AT88SC0808CA [Summary DATASHEET] C COMMON DIMENSIONS (Unit of Measure = mm) MIN NOM MAX NOTE SYMBOL D 2.00 BSC E 3.00 BSC D2 1.40 1.50 1.60 E2 1.20 1.30 1 ...

Page 22

... Update Template Update package drawings and - Replace 8A2 with 8X - Replace 8Y6 with 8MA2 Change AT88SC0808CA-SU to AT88SC0808CA-SH Minor edits and TWI module update Minor updates to package drawing information and ordering information. Added Mini-MAP column to Table 1-1 and Mini-MAP pin-out drawing. Connection Diagram inserted; DC Characteristics table updated. ...

Page 23

Atmel Corporation Atmel Asia Limited 2325 Orchard Parkway Unit 01-5 & 16, 19F San Jose, CA 95131 BEA Tower, Millennium City 5 USA 418 Kwun Tong Road Tel: (+1)(408) 441-0311 Kwun Tong, Kowloon Fax: (+1)(408) 487-2600 HONG KONG Tel: ...

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