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Manufacturer Part Number
Microchip Technology

Specifications of MCP73837-NVI/MF

Battery Type
Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), Lithium-Polymer (Li-Pol)
Charge Management
Voltage - Supply
4.5 V ~ 6 V
Operating Temperature
-40°C ~ 85°C
Mounting Type
Surface Mount
Package / Case
Input Voltage
Battery Charge Voltage
Charge Current Max
Battery Ic Case Style
No. Of Pins
No. Of Series Cells
Charge Management
Output Voltage
4.2 V, 4.35 V, 4.4 V, 4.5 V
Output Current
1200 mA
Operating Supply Voltage
3.75 V to 6 V
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 85 C
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 40 C
Mounting Style
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status
Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status
Lead free / RoHS Compliant, Lead free / RoHS Compliant
• High Accuracy Preset Voltage Regulation: + 0.5%
• Available Voltage Regulation Options:
• Complete Linear Charge Management Controller:
• Constant Current (CC) / Constant Voltage (CV)
• Selectable USB-Port Charge Current:
• Programmable AC-Adapter Charge Current:
• Two Charge Status Outputs
• Power-Good Monitor: MCP73837
• Timer Enable: MCP73838
• Automatic Recharge:
• Automatic End-of-Charge Control:
• Preconditioning of Deeply Depleted Cells - can be
• Battery Cell Temperature Monitor
• UVLO (Undervoltage Lockout)
• Automatic Power-Down when Input Power is
• Low-Dropout (LDO) Linear Regulator Mode
• Numerous Selectable Options Available for a
• Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C
• Packaging:
© 2007 Microchip Technology Inc.
Advanced Stand-Alone Li-Ion / Li-Polymer Battery Charge
- 4.20V, 4.35V, 4.4V, or 4.5V
- Autonomous Power Source Selection
- Integrated Pass Transistors
- Integrated Current Sense
- Integrated Reverse Discharge Protection
Operation with Thermal Regulation
- Low: 1 Unit Load / High: 5 Unit Loads
- 15 mA - 1000 mA
- Selectable Voltage Threshold
- Selectable Charge Termination Current Ratio
- Selectable Safety Timer Period
Variety of Applications:
- Refer to Section 1.0 “Electrical
- Refer to the “Product Identification
- 10-Lead 3 mm x 3 mm DFN
- 10-Lead MSOP*
Management Controller with Autonomous AC-Adapter or
Characteristics” for Selectable Options”
System” for Standard Options
* Consult Factory for MSOP Package
USB-Port Source Selection
• Smart Phones and Personal Data Assistants
• Portable Media Players(PMP)
• Ultra Mobile Devices(UMD)
• Digital Cameras
• MP3 Players
• Bluetooth Headsets
• Handheld Medical Devices
• AC/USB Dual Source Li-Ion Battery Chargers
The MCP73837 and MCP73838 devices are fully
integrated linear Li-Ion / Li-Polymer battery chargers
with autonomous power source selection. Along with its
small physical size, the low number of external
components required makes the MCP73837/8 ideally
suitable for portable applications.
The MCP73837/8 automatically selects the USB-Port
or AC-Adapter as the power source for the system. For
the USB-Port powered systems, the MCP73837/8
specifically adheres to the current limits governed by
the USB specification. The host microcontroller can
select from two preset maximum charge current rates
of 100 mA (low power USB-port) or 500 mA (high
power USB-port). With an AC-Adapter providing power
to the system, an external resistor sets the magnitude
of the system or charge current up to a maximum of 1A.
The MCP73837/8 employs a constant current /
constant voltage charge algorithm with selectable
preconditioning and charge termination. The constant
voltage regulation is fixed with four available options:
4.20V, 4.35V, 4.40V, or 4.50V, to accommodated the
new emerging battery charging requirements. The
MCP73837/8 limits the charge current based on die
temperature during high power or high ambient
conditions. This thermal regulation optimizes the
charge cycle time while maintaining the device
The MCP73837/8 are fully specified over the ambient
temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.
The MCP73837/8 devices are available in a 10-Lead,
3 mm x 3 mm, DFN package or in a 10-Lead MSOP
DS22071A-page 1

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MCP73837-NVI/MF Summary of contents

Page 1

... The MCP73837/8 limits the charge current based on die temperature during high power or high ambient conditions. This thermal regulation optimizes the charge cycle time while maintaining the device reliability ...

Page 2

... Ac-dc Adapter USB Port 4.7 µF 4.7 µF DS22071A-page 2 MCP73837/8 10-Lead MSOP BAT THERM USB STAT1 (TE) STAT2 4 7 PROG2 PROG1 SS MCP73837 Typical Application THERM USB 1 kΩ 3 STAT1 1 kΩ 4 STAT2 PROG2 1 kΩ PROG1 MCP73838 Typical Application THERM USB 1 KΩ 3 STAT1 1 KΩ ...

Page 3


Page 4

... MCP73837/8 1.0 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Absolute Maximum Ratings† V ................................................................................7. All Inputs and Outputs w.r.t. V ............... -0 Maximum Junction Temperature, T ............Internally Limited J Storage temperature .....................................-65°C to +150°C ESD protection on all pins Human Body Model (1 Series with 100 pF) ......≥ Machine Model (200 pF, No Series Resistance) .............300V ...

Page 5

... Automatic Recharge Recharge Voltage Threshold Ratio V Pass Transistor ON-Resistance ON-Resistance Battery Discharge Current Output Reverse Leakage Current Status Indicators - STAT1, STAT2, PG (MCP73837) Sink Current Low Output Voltage Input Leakage Current PROG1 Input (PROG1) Charge Impedance Range Shutdown Impedance PROG2 Inputs (PROG2) ...

Page 6

... MCP73837/8 DC CHARACTERISTICS (Continued) Electrical Specifications: Unless otherwise indicated, all limits apply for -40°C to +85°C. Typical values are at +25° Parameters Timer Enable (TE) Input High Voltage Level Input Low Voltage Level Input Leakage Current Thermistor Bias Thermistor Current Source Thermistor Comparator ...

Page 7

... Min Typ Max T -40 — + -40 — +125 J T -65 — +150 A θ — 113 — JA θ — 41 — JA MCP73837/8 (typical) + 0.3V] to 6V. Units Conditions ms V Low to High < > V BAT PTH BAT PTH ms I Rising to 90 OUT REG ms Average V Rise/Fall BAT ms Average I Falling ...

Page 8

... MCP73837/8 2.0 TYPICAL PERFORMANCE CURVES Note: The graphs and tables provided following this note are a statistical summary based on a limited number of samples and are provided for informational purposes only. The performance characteristics listed herein are not tested or guaranteed. In some graphs or tables, the data presented may be outside the specified operating range (e ...

Page 9

... PROG 1100 V = 5.2V DD 1000 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 ) vs. FIGURE 2-12: OUT Junction Temperature (T MCP73837/8 = +25°C, Constant-voltage mode kΩ PROG V = 5.2V DD Ambient Temperature (°C) Charge Current (I ) vs. OUT ). kΩ PROG V = 5.2V DD Ambient Temperature (°C) Charge Current ( ...

Page 10

... MCP73837/8 Note: Unless otherwise indicated 600 550 500 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 Junction Temperature (°C) FIGURE 2-13: Charge Current (I Junction Temperature ( 120 110 100 Junction Temperature (°C) FIGURE 2-14: Charge Current (I Junction Temperature ( 52.0 51.5 51.0 50 ...

Page 11

... FIGURE 2-23 1A). OUT 0.04 0.02 0 -0.02 -0.04 -0.06 -0.08 -0.1 -0.12 FIGURE 2-24: (USB = Low). MCP73837/8 = +25°C, Constant-voltage mode 100 mA 0.05 OUT 0 -0.05 -0.1 -0.15 -0.2 -0.25 -0.3 Time (Minutes) Load Transient Response. V UVLO Start Delay ...

Page 12

... MCP73837/8 Note: Unless otherwise indicated UVLOVAC FIGURE 2-25: V UVLO Start Delay USB (USB = High) 5.0 4.0 3.0 2 5. Ω PROG 1200 mAh Li-Ion Battery 0.0 Time (Minutes) FIGURE 2-26: Complete Charge Cycle (1200 mAh Li-Ion Battery). 4.5 4.0 3.5 3.0 2 ...

Page 13

... PROG1 to V set point of precondition and termination when the AC- Adapter is present. PROG1 also functions as device charge control enable. The MCP73837/8 is shut down when an impedance value greater than 70 kΩ is applied to PROG1. When PROG1 is floating, the MCP73837/8 enters stand-by mode. ...

Page 14

... USB-Port is present. When PROG2 is floating, the MCP73837/8 enters in stand-by mode. 3.9 Power Good (PG) Power Good (PG) is available only on MCP73837 open-drain logic output for connection to a LED for input power supply indication. Alternatively, a pull- up resistor can be applied for interfacing to a host microcontroller. ...

Page 15

... DEVICE OVERVIEW The MCP73837/8 devices are simple, yet fully integrated linear charge management controllers. operational flow algorithm. SYSTEM TEST (LDO) MODE V > (V -100 mV) THERM DD STAT1 = LOW STAT2 = LOW PG = LOW Timer Suspended TEMPERATURE FAULT No Charge Current STAT1 = Hi-Z STAT2 = Hi LOW Timer Suspended FIGURE 4-1: Flow Chart ...

Page 16

... A charge current programming resistor must be con- nected from PROG1 the PROG1 or PROG2 SS pin are open or floating, the MCP73837/8 is disabled and the battery reverse discharge current is less than 2 µA. In this manner, the PROG1 pin acts as a charge enable and can be used as a manual shutdown. ...

Page 17

... The timer period is factory set and can be disabled. Refer to Section 1.0 “Electrical Characteristics” for charge termination current ratio and timer period options. The charge current is latched off and the MCP73837/8 enters a charge complete mode. 4.8 Automatic Recharge ...

Page 18

... DD 5.1.5 SYSTEM TEST (LDO) MODE The MCP73837/8 can be placed in a system test mode. and V In this mode, the MCP73837/8 operates as a low drop- AC USB out linear regulator (LDO). The output voltage is regulated to the factory set voltage regulation option. The available output current is limited to the pro- grammed fast charge current ...

Page 19

... USB-PORT CURRENT REGULATION SELECT (PROG2) For the MCP73837/8, driving the PROG2 input to a logic Low selects the low charge current setting (maximum 100 mA). Driving the PROG2 input to a logic High selects the high charge current setting (maximum 500 mA). TABLE 5-1: ...

Page 20

... MCP73837/8 6.0 APPLICATIONS The MCP73837/8 devices are designed to operate in conjunction with a host microcontroller or in stand- alone applications. The MCP73837/8 devices provide the preferred charge algorithm for Lithium-Ion and USB Port C IN1 REGULATED C IN2 WALL CUBE FIGURE 6-1: MCP73837 Typical Stand-Alone Application Circuit. ...

Page 21

... Alternatively, the DFN package could be utilized to reduce the charge cycle times. External Capacitors The MCP73837/8 is stable with or without a battery load. In order to maintain good AC stability in the Constant Voltage mode, a minimum capacitance of 1 µF is recommended to bypass the V This capacitance provides compensation when there is no battery load ...

Page 22

... Package Marking Information 10-Lead DFN Part Number * 1 10 XXXX 2 9 MCP73837-FCI/MF XYWW 3 8 MCP73837-FJI/MF NNN 4 7 MCP73837-NVI/ MCP73838-FCI/MF MCP73838-FJI/MF MCP73838-NVI/MF * Consult Factory for Alternative Device Options. 10-Lead MSOP * * Part Number * MCP73837-FCI/UN XXXXXX MCP73837-FJI/UN YWWNNN MCP73837-NVI/UN MCP73838-FCI/UN MCP73838-FJI/UN MCP73838-NVI/UN * Consult Factory for Alternative Device Options. ...

Page 23

... D N NOTE TOP VIEW A3 © 2007 Microchip Technology Inc EXPOSED PAD BOTTOM VIEW A A1 NOTE 2 MCP73837 NOTE DS22071A-page 23 ...

Page 24

... MCP73837 NOTE DS22071A-page φ © 2007 Microchip Technology Inc. ...

Page 25

... APPENDIX A: REVISION HISTORY Revision A (November 2007) • Original Release of this Document. © 2007 Microchip Technology Inc. MCP73837/8 DS22071A-page 25 ...

Page 26

... MCP73837/8 NOTES: DS22071A-page 26 © 2007 Microchip Technology Inc. ...

Page 27

... MCP73837-FCI/UN: 10-lead MSOP pkg. b) MCP73837-FJI/UN: 10-lead MSOP pkg. c) MCP73837-NVI/UN: 10-lead MSOP pkg. d) MCP73837-FCI/MF: 10-lead DFN pkg. e) MCP73837-FJI/MF: 10-lead DFN pkg. f) MCP73837-NVI/MF: 10-lead DFN pkg. a) MCP73838-FCI/UN: 10-lead MSOP pkg. b) MCP73838-FJI/UN: 10-lead MSOP pkg. c) MCP73838-NVI/UN: 10-lead MSOP pkg. d) MCP73838-FCI/MF: 10-lead DFN pkg. e) MCP73838-FJI/MF: 10-lead DFN pkg. ...

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... MCP73837/8 NOTES: DS22071A-page 28 © 2007 Microchip Technology Inc. ...

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... PowerInfo, PowerMate, PowerTool, REAL ICE, rfLAB, Select Mode, Smart Serial, SmartTel, Total Endurance, UNI/O, WiperLock and ZENA are trademarks of Microchip Technology Incorporated in the U.S.A. and other countries. SQTP is a service mark of Microchip Technology Incorporated in the U.S.A. All other trademarks mentioned herein are property of their respective companies. ...

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