T0816M-TCQG Atmel, T0816M-TCQG Datasheet



Manufacturer Part Number
Laser Diode Driver (CD/DVD)r

Specifications of T0816M-TCQG

Number Of Channels
Voltage - Supply
4.5 V ~ 5.5 V
Operating Temperature
0°C ~ 70°C
Package / Case
Mounting Type
Surface Mount
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status
Lead free / RoHS Compliant
1. Description
The T0816 is a laser diode driver for the operation of a grounded laser diode for
CD-RW drives. It includes three channels for three different optical power levels which
are controlled by a separate IC. The read channel generates a continuous output level
whereas channels 2 and 3 are provided as write channels with very fast switching
speeds. Write current pulses are enabled when a ‘low’ signal is applied to the NE pins.
All channels are summed together at the IOUT pin. Each channel can contribute up to
250 mA to the total output current of up to 300 mA. A total gain of 100 (read channel),
250 (channel 2) and 150 (channel 3) are provided between each reference current
input and the output. Although the reference inputs are current inputs voltage control
is possible by using external resistors.
An on-chip RF oscillator is provided to reduce laser mode hopping noise during read
mode. Frequency and swing can be set by two external resistors. Oscillation is
enabled by a ‘high’ at the ENOSC pin. Complete output current and oscillator switch-
off is achieved by a ‘low’ at the ENABLE input.
Current-controlled Output Current Source, 3 Input Channels
Low-power Consumption
Output Current per Channel to 250 mA
Total Output Current to 300 mA
Rise Time 1.0 ns, Fall Time 1.1 ns
On-chip RF Oscillator
Control of Frequency and Swing by Use of 2 External Resistors
Oscillator Frequency Range from 200 MHz to 500 MHz
Oscillator Swing to 100 mA
Single 5V Power Supply
Common Enable, Disable Input
TTL/CMOS Control Signals
Small SSO16 Package and QFN16 Package
CD-RW Drives
Writable Optical Drives
3-channel Laser
Driver with RF
Rev. 4505H–DVD–11/05

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T0816M-TCQG Summary of contents

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Features • Current-controlled Output Current Source, 3 Input Channels • Low-power Consumption • Output Current per Channel to 250 mA • Total Output Current to 300 mA • Rise Time 1.0 ns, Fall Time 1.1 ns • On-chip RF Oscillator ...

Page 2

Figure 1-1. Block Diagram T0816 2 I3 Channel 3 NE3 I2 Channel 2 NE2 IR NER Read channel ENABLE RF oscillator ENOSC RF RS IOUT 4505H–DVD–11/05 ...

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Pin Configuration Figure 2-1. Pinning SSO16 Table 2-1. Pin Description: SSOP16 Pin Symbol Type 1 IR Analog 2 I2 Analog 3 GND Supply 4 RF Analog 5 I3 Analog 6 NER Digital 7 NE2 Digital 8 NE3 Digital 9 ...

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Figure 2-2. Pinning QFN16 Table 2-2. Pin Description: QFN16 Pin Symbol Type 1 NC – Analog 3 I3 Analog 4 NER Digital 5 NE2 Digital 6 NE3 Digital 7 VCC2 Supply 8 ENOSC Digital 9 ENABLE Digital 10 ...

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Absolute Maximum Ratings Stresses beyond those listed under “Absolute Maximum Ratings” may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress rating only and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated ...

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Electrical Characteristics: General 25°C, ENABLE = High, NER = Low, NE2 = NE3 = High, ENOSC = Low, unless otherwise specified CC amb No. Parameters Test Conditions 1 Power Supply Supply current, power ENABLE ...

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Electrical Characteristics: Laser Amplifier 25°C, ENABLE = High, unless otherwise specified CC amb No. Parameters Test Conditions 4 Output IOUT 4.1 Total output current Output is sourcing Output current per 4.2 Output is sourcing ...

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Electrical Characteristics: Laser Current Amplifier Outputs AC Performance 5V with 40 mA pulse OUT No. Parameters 5 Output AC Performance I OUT 5.1 Write rise time 40 mA (10 ...

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Characteristic Curves Figure 9-1. Figure 9-2. Figure 9-3. 4505H–DVD–11/05 Oscillator Frequency versus Resistor RF ( 550.0 500.0 450.0 400.0 350.0 300.0 250.0 200.0 4.0 5.0 6.0 7.0 RF(K ) Oscillator Swing versus Resistor RS (RF ...

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Figure 9-4. Figure 9-5. T0816 10 Transfer Characteristic of Channel 2 (Gain = 278, Load Resistor at IOUT = 6.8 ) 400 y = 0.2783x - 3.3199 350 300 250 200 150 100 200 400 600 Voltage ...

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Figure 9-6. Figure 9-7. 4505H–DVD–11/05 Step Response, Read Channel: 50 mA, Channel 2: 50 mApp Step Response, Read Channel: 50 mA, Channel 2: 250 mApp T0816 11 ...

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Figure 9-8. Timing Diagram of IOUT ENABLE NER NE2 NE3 Figure 9-9. Application Circuit T0816 OFF ...

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... Ordering Information Extended Type Number T0816-TCQ T0816M-TCQG T0816-PEQG 11. Package Information 4505H–DVD–11/05 Package Remarks SSO16 Taped and reeled Pb-free SSO16 Taped and reeled Pb-free QFN16 Taped and reeled T0816 13 ...

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T0816 14 4505H–DVD–11/05 ...

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... Disclaimer: The information in this document is provided in connection with Atmel products. No license, express or implied, by estoppel or otherwise, to any intellectual property right is granted by this document or in connection with the sale of Atmel products. EXCEPT AS SET FORTH IN ATMEL’S TERMS AND CONDI- TIONS OF SALE LOCATED ON ATMEL’S WEB SITE, ATMEL ASSUMES NO LIABILITY WHATSOEVER AND DISCLAIMS ANY EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY WARRANTY RELATING TO ITS PRODUCTS INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT ...

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