PC3SD12NTZA Sharp Microelectronics, PC3SD12NTZA Datasheet



Manufacturer Part Number
Sharp Microelectronics

Specifications of PC3SD12NTZA

Voltage - Isolation
Number Of Channels
Voltage - Off State
Output Type
AC, Triac, Standard
Current - Gate Trigger (igt) (max)
Current - Hold (ih)
Current - Dc Forward (if)
Current - Output / Channel
Mounting Type
Through Hole
Package / Case
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status
Contains lead / RoHS non-compliant
Other names
■ Description
■ Features
infrared emitting diode (IRED) optically coupled to an
output Phototriac.
ideal isolated drivers for medium to high current Triacs.
output with superior commutative noise immunity.
1. High repetitive peak off-state voltage (V
2. Non-zero crossing functionality
3. 6 pin DIP package
4. Superior noise immunity (dV/dt : MIN. 1 000V/µs)
5. Lead-free components are also available (see Model
6. Double transfer mold construction (Ideal for Flow
7. High isolation voltage between input and output
Notice The content of data sheet is subject to change without prior notice.
PC3SD12NTZ Series Phototriac Coupler include an
These devices feature full wave control and are
DIP package provides 5.0kV isolation from input to
Line-up section in this datasheet)
In the absence of confirmation by device specification sheets, SHARP takes no responsibility for any defects that may occur in equipment using any SHARP
devices shown in catalogs, data books, etc. Contact SHARP in order to obtain the latest device specification sheets before using any SHARP device.
(rms) : 5.0kV)
: 600V)
■ Agency approvals/Compliance
■ Applications
Non-zero cross type
DIP 6pin
Phototriac Coupler for triggering
1. Recognized by UL1577 (Double protection isolation),
2. Approved by CSA, file No. CA95323 (as model No.
3. Optionary available VDE Approved
4. Package resin : UL flammability grade (94V-0)
1. Triggering for Triacs used to switch on and off
2. Triggering for Triacs used for implementing phase
3. AC line control in power supply applications.
For example heaters, fans, motors, solenoids, and
file No. E64380 (as model No. 3SD12)
5-2), file No. 40008189 (as model No. 3SD12)
devices which require AC Loads.
control in applications such as lighting control and
temperature control (HVAC).
DIN EN60747-5-2 : successor standard of DIN VDE0884.
Up to Date code "RD" (December 2003), approval of DIN
From Date code "S1" (January 2004), approval of DIN
Reinforced insulation type is also available.
(PC3SF11YVZ Series)
: 600V, Cost effective
PC3SD12NTZ Series
Sheet No.: D2-A07701EN
(DIN EN 60747-
© SHARP Corporation
Date Mar. 31. 2004

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PC3SD12NTZA Summary of contents

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PC3SD12NTZ Series ■ Description PC3SD12NTZ Series Phototriac Coupler include an infrared emitting diode (IRED) optically coupled to an output Phototriac. These devices feature full wave control and are ideal isolated drivers for medium to high current Triacs. DIP package provides ...

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Internal Connection Diagram ■ Outline Dimensions 1. Through-Hole [ex. PC3SD12NTZ] ±0.3 1.2 ±0.2 0.6 Model No. SHARP mark Rank mark "S" Anode mark Date code (2 digit) 1 ...

Page 3

Outline Dimensions 5. Through-Hole VDE option [ex. PC3SD12YTZAF] ±0.3 1.2 ±0.2 0.6 Model No. SHARP mark Rank mark "S" Anode 4 mark Date code (2 digit VDE Factory ...

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Date code (2 digit) 1st digit Year of production A.D. Mark A.D Mark 1990 A 2002 P 1991 B 2003 R 1992 C 2004 S 1993 D 2005 T 1994 E 2006 U 1995 F 2007 V 1996 H 2008 ...

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Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter Forward current Input Reverse voltage RMS ON-state current Output Peak one cycle surge current Repetitive peak OFF-state voltage *1 Isolation voltage Operating temperature Storage temperature *2 Soldering temperature * 60%RH, AC for 1minute, ...

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... Model Line-up (1) (Lead-free components) Lead Form Through-Hole Shipping Package DIN Approved - EN60747-5-2 Model No. PC3SD12NTZAF PC3SD12YTZAF PC3SD12NXZAF PC3SD12YXZAF PC3SD12NVZAF PC3SD12YVZAF Lead Form Wide SMT Gullwing Sleeve Shipping Package 50pcs/sleeve DIN Approved - EN60747-5-2 Model No. PC3SD12NWZAF PC3SD12YWZAF PC3SD12NXPAF PC3SD12YXPAF PC3SD12NWPAF PC3SD12YWPAF ■ Model Line-up (2) (Lead solder plating components) ...

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Fig.1 Forward Current vs. Ambient Temperature − Ambient temperature T Fig.3 Forward Current vs. Forward Voltage 100 T =100° 75°C 50°C 25°C 0°C 10 −30° ...

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Fig.7 Holding Current vs. Ambient Temperature 10 1 0.1 −40 − Ambient temperature T Fig.9 Turn-on Time vs. Forward Current 1 000 100 Forward current I F Remarks : Please be aware that all ...

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Design Considerations ● Design guide In order for the Phototriac to turn off, the triggering current (I Please refrain from using these devices in a direct drive configuration. These Phototriac Coupler are intended to be used as triggering device ...

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Standard Circuit (Medium/High Power Triac Drive Circuit) PC3SD12NTZ Note) Please add the snubber circuit according to a condition. Any snubber or varistor used for the above mentioned scenarios should be located as close to the main ...

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Manufacturing Guidelines ● Soldering Method Reflow Soldering: Reflow soldering should follow the temperature profile shown below. Soldering should not exceed the curve of temperature profile and time. Please don't solder more than twice. (˚C) 300 Terminal : 260˚C peak ...

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Cleaning instructions Solvent cleaning : Solvent temperature should be 45˚C or below. Immersion time should be 3minutes or less. Ultrasonic cleaning : The impact on the device varies depending on the size of the cleaning bath, ultrasonic output, cleaning ...

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Package specification ● Sleeve package 1. Through-Hole or SMT Gullwing Package materials Sleeve : HIPS (with anti-static material) Stopper : Styrene-Elastomer Package method MAX. 50pcs of products shall be packaged in a sleeve. Both ends shall be closed by ...

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Tape and Reel package 1. SMT Gullwing Package materials Carrier tape : A-PET (with anti-static material) Cover tape : PET (three layer system) Reel : PS Carrier tape structure and Dimensions F Dimensions List A ±0.3 16.0 7.5 H ...

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Wide SMT Gullwing Package materials Carrier tape : A-PET (with anti-static material) Cover tape : PET (three layer system) Reel : PS Carrier tape structure and Dimensions Dimensions List A ±0.3 24.0 11.5 H ±0.1 12.2 0.4 Reel structure ...

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Important Notices · The circuit application examples in this publication are provided to explain representative applications of SHARP devices and are not intended to guarantee any circuit design or license any intellectual property rights. SHARP takes no responsibility for ...

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