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11 Sep 2020 05:41
Good Afternoon I’d like to ask a quote of the following product please. PEPPERL NCB15-30GM40-N0-V1 (quant x 3) PEPPERL NCB10-30GK40-NO (quant x 2) PEPPERL NBN15-30GM60-A2-V1 (quant x 3) PEPPERL NCB15+U4+Z2 (quant x 1) PEPPERL NJ2-V3-N (quant x 8) PEPPERL NJ2-11-N-G-Y10326 (quant x 1) PEPPERL NBB5-18GM50-E2-V1 (quant x 10) *** ATTENTION *** 1. What is the HS Product Code? 2. Could it be shipped to Brazil? 3. If so, could you add the price on the quote, please? 4. Is it 100% brand new? 5. How much is the shipment? 6. Also, how long would be the lead time? 7. What are the dimensions and weight? 8. Is there any certificate of originality? Which? 9. What is the type of payment? Paypal? 10. Could you inform me the bank fee or paypal? 11. What’s the limit price invoice to Brazil? In case you need my address is Road Francisco da Cruz Nunes, number 5822, room 201, Itaipu – Niterói/RJ – Brazil – Postal Code: 24340-000. Hope you can help me. Best regards, Iago Leiria