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See on Elcodis
14 Jan 2021 10:06
Dear, Please advise price and availability of the following: Qty Part no Description 01 EA C32015-34 PULLER - FUSE PIN MLG FORW TRUNN SUP 01 EA C32033-1 R/I EQUIPMENT - TRUNNION PIN, NLG 01 EA J32037-106 Equipment - Removal/Installation, MLG and NLG springs 01 EA C32031-22 EQP R/I MLG AFT TRUNNION PIN 01 EA C32028-109 Hoist - Main Landing Gear Retract Actuator 01 EA C32023-12 Wrench - Trunnion Spherical Bearing, MLG 01 EA C32049-1 Outrigger Equipment - Nose Landing Gear Installation/Removal Your price quotation in the form attached can be submitted by E-mail. * Note I) certificate of conformance, Best regards Idriss Loukman