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See on Elcodis
See on Elcodis
03 Aug 2022 07:49
Dear Sirs You are kindly requested to provide us with your best offer for the following parts of OMRON 1) OMRON PLC(COUPLING) Part No: DRT1-COM Qty:2 pcs 2) OMRON PLC(INPUT) Part No: GT1-ID32ML1 Qty: 2 pcs 3) OMRON PLC(OUTPUT) Part No: GT1-OD32ML1 Qty: 2 pcs 4) OMRON ANALOG. INPUT UNIT Part No: GT1-AD04 Qty: 2 pcs 5) OMRON Touch screen HMI, 5.6 inch QVGA (320 x 234 pixel), Type: NB5Q-TW01B Qty: 1 pc Best Regards Athanasios Liakopoulos