Join Elcodis! Cooperate with Elcodis! Earn with Elcodis!

We offer 2 affiliated programs.

Bring us a customer* - get 20% from his spends!

For example, you bring us a customer who pays 540usd for 1 year Elcodis use. So you earn 108usd.
If you bring 10 customers - you earn 1080usd. Not bad, right?

Bring us a partner - get 5% passive income!

For example, you bring us a partner who brings us 10 customers, let's say all of them buy 1 year Elcodis use. Count: 10*540*0,05=270.
So you earn 270usd - that is your passive income!

*customers for Elcodis are all suppliers of electronic components parts - manufacturers, stocks, brokers, resellers.

Please contact us for more detailed information