RG1005V-121-P-T1 Susumu, RG1005V-121-P-T1 Datasheet

RES 120 OHM 1/16W .02% 0402


Manufacturer Part Number
RES 120 OHM 1/16W .02% 0402

Specifications of RG1005V-121-P-T1

Resistance (ohms)
Power (watts)
0.063W, 1/16W
Thin Film
Temperature Coefficient
Size / Dimension
0.039" L x 0.020" W (1.00mm x 0.50mm)
0.014" (0.35mm)
Lead Style
Surface Mount (SMD - SMT)
Package / Case
0402 (1005 Metric)
Resistance In Ohms
0402 (1005 metric)
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status
Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Other names
Data Book
Ultra-precision &
Thin Film Chip Resistors

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RG1005V-121-P-T1 Summary of contents

Page 1

... Data Book Ultra-precision & Ultra-reliability Thin Film Chip Resistors SUSUMU CO., LTD. 2006 1 rev. ...

Page 2

... Specification ……………………………………13 ●Process Flow Chart …………………………………14 ●Resistance Value Series, Remarks ………………15 ●SUSUMU Group Sales Networks …………………16 2 ...

Page 3

... Market needs and Product Characteristics RG series RG series Highly reliable, highly stable ■Highly reliable resistors are needed in application for automotive electronics, FA instruments, and industrial test and measurement equipment due to their exposure to harsh environments. In the proximity of automotive engines with their high temperature, high ...

Page 4

Specifications Construction ② ③ ⑦ RG series ■Mechanical ■Electrical Type general Power Ultra-reliability 0. 0 Tolerance %(code Resistance Range ...

Page 5

RGH series ■Mechanical L ■Electrical Type RGH1005-2B RGH2012-2E Power 1/8W Tolerance % (code) 0.1%(B), 0.5%(D) 0.1%(B), 0.5%(D) Resistance Range (Ω) 47∼100k 25ppm/ C(P) 25ppm/ C(P) TCR ppm/℃ (code) Max Operating Voltage 75V Resistance value E-24,E-96 Operating Temp. Range 55 155 ...

Page 6

... Test time (h) 6 reliability and ●Thin film resistors are traditionally highly stable but the new RG, RM, RGH series promise even longer product life: and exceptional less than ±0.1% drift after 116 years of (temperature and humidity) 10000 hour 85℃ 85% test data on RG/RM ● ...

Page 7

Temperature resistance ■RG series ●Temperature cycle test 0.50 sample: 0.40 RG1608 series test conditions: 55 C(30 min.)/room tem.(3 min.)/ 0.30 125 C(30 min.)/room tem.(3 min.) n=50 0.20 0.10 0.00 0.10 0.20 0.30 0.40 0.50 10 100 1000 Cycle ●Load life ...

Page 8

Sulfur resistance Strong resistance to sulfur with no sulfur sensitive silver content passivation (separate Data) Durability against pulse Through stable thin film forming processes (resistance element and protection film), resistor has excellent durability against pulse. ■Test Model 【Machine Model】 High ...

Page 9

... A Co. Thick Film 1608 (R=100kΩ) B Co. Thick Film 1608 (R=100kΩ) RG1608-100kΩ −1.5 1000 10000 10 ●Temperature Coefficient of Resistance  −Thin Film (Susumu) vs Thick Film (Competitor)− 150 100 It shows 50 0 −50 −100 and − ...

Page 10

... SSM Thin Film RG1005 Resistance Value, Type Test method: JIS C5202 Fixed Resistor Test Method, Appendix 1 "Method for Measuring Current Noise of Resistors" High frequency Characteristics In high frequency, electrons only move on the surface of the conductor (skin effect). Thin film ...

Page 11

... On Environment Thin Film products by Susumu is environmentally friendly by nature. ■Completely lead free: Our thin film products do not contain any lead even in the areas that are not restricted by RoHS. Typical RG/RM construction and composition weight % of each structure Structure RG1005 RG1608 RG2012 Substrate 83 ...

Page 12

Design Supportive Data Recommended land pattern ■RG・RGH series ■RM series RM2012 Solder Resist (2.0) 1.8∼2.0 0.4∼0.6 0.7∼0.9 Solder Resist Power Derating ①Rated Power The standard ambient temperature is 30℃. When an ambient temperature exceeds 30℃, the maximum ...

Page 13

Tape Specification ■RG series RG1005 (2mm pitch paper tape) Sprockets T +0.1 Cavity φ1 2.0 0.05 4.0 0.1 RG1608, RG2012 (4mm pitch paper tape) Sprockets +0.1 T φ1.5 0 Cavity b a 2.0 0.05 4.0 0.1 4.0 ...

Page 14

RG, RM Process Sputtering Electrode & Resistance Forming Annealing Coating (Non-Organic) Trimming Coating Marking Side Electrode Forming Inspection Products (Tape & Reel) 14 ●After Resistance and Electrode Pattern Forming ●Trimming In-Organic formation process YAG laser Trimming by laser energy passes ...

Page 15

... Should the customer use a product in a life support application then, in that event, the Susumu World Group companies disclaim any and all express or implied warranties as to fitness for any particular purpose merchantability ...

Page 16

... NCH TECHNOLOGIES (S) PTE LTD. 629 Aljunied Road #03-20 Cititech Industrial Building Singapore, 389838 tel: +65-6741-4070 fax: +65-6741-2971 kazunaga@pacific.net.sg SUSUMU INTERNATIONAL (USA) INC. 460 Bergen Blvd., Suite 300-78 Palisades Park, NJ 07650, USA tel: +1-201-328-0307 fax: +1-201-328-0308 www.susumu-usa.com info@susumu-usa.com Newark InOne 4801 N. Ravenswood Chicago,IL 60640-4496 ...

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