ATA2745M-TCQY Atmel, ATA2745M-TCQY Datasheet



Manufacturer Part Number

Specifications of ATA2745M-TCQY

General Purpose
Modulation Or Protocol
Data Rate - Maximum
20 kBaud
Power - Output
Current - Transmitting
Data Interface
PCB, Surface Mount
Antenna Connector
PCB, Surface Mount
Voltage - Supply
Operating Temperature
-40°C ~ 85°C
Package / Case
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status
Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Memory Size
1. Description
The ATA2745 is a PLL transmitter IC which has been developed especially for the
demands of RF low-cost data transmission systems at data rates up to 20 kBaud.
The transmitting frequency range is 310 MHz to 440 MHz. It can be used in ASK sys-
tems. The main applications of the ATA2745 are in the areas of outside temperature
metering, socket control, garage door openers, consumption metering, light/fan or air-
conditioning controls, jalousies, wireless keyboards, and various other consumer
market applications.
Very High Transmitting Frequency Accuracy Compared to SAW Solutions
(Enables Receivers at Lower Bandwidth than With SAW Resonators)
Lower Cost than the Usual Discrete Solutions Using SAW and Transistors
Supply Voltage 2.2V to 4.0V in the Temperature Range of –40°C to 85°C
XTO Output for Clocking the Microcontroller, Thereby, Together with the ATAR090 or
ATAR890, Resulting in the Optimum System Cost-effectiveness
One-chip Solution With Minimum External Circuitry
Single-ended Open-collector Output (Same Antennas Can Be Used as in Discrete
Solutions, Simpler Matching of Magnetic Loop Antennas)
ESD Protection According to MIL-STD 883 (4 KV HBM) Except Pins XTO1, XTO2, ANT
and LF
Very Small SSO16 Package, Pitch 0.635, 150 mil

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ATA2745M-TCQY Summary of contents

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Features • Very High Transmitting Frequency Accuracy Compared to SAW Solutions (Enables Receivers at Lower Bandwidth than With SAW Resonators) • Lower Cost than the Usual Discrete Solutions Using SAW and Transistors • Supply Voltage 2.2V to 4.0V in the ...

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Figure 1-1. System Block Diagram Remote control transmitter 1 Li cell Encoder ATARx9x Keys Figure 1-2. Block Diagram ATA2745 2 UHF ASK ATA2745 PLL Antenna Antenna XTO VCO Power amp. ASK OR EN Power up VCC VCO CLK f GND ...

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Pin Configuration Figure 2-1. Pinning SSO16 Table 2-1. Pin Description Pin Symbol Function 1 ASK Modulation input ASK 2 EN Enable input 3 VCC Supply voltage 4 CLK Clock output 5 GND Ground 6 LFVCC Supply voltage VCO 7 ...

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General Description The fully integrated VCO and the single-ended open-collector output allow particularly simple, low-cost RF miniature transmitters to be assembled. The single-ended output enables a consid- erably simplified adaptation of both a magnetic loop antenna of any form ...

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Output Power Measurement The following output network the exact values and C 10 following table shows the values for an output power and an R Table 5-1. f [MHz] Figure 5-1. Figure 5-2. ...

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Absolute Maximum Ratings Stresses beyond those listed under “Absolute Maximum Ratings” may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress rating only and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated ...

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Electrical Characteristics (Continued) All parameters are refered to GND (pin 5), V The possible operating ranges refer to different circuit conditions: V Parameters Loop bandwidth Phase noise PLL Phase noise VCO Frequency range of the VCO Clock output (CMOS ...

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... Ordering Information Extended Type Number ATA2745M-TCQY 10. Package Information ATA2745 8 Package Remarks SSO16 Taped and reeled, Pb-free 4898B–RKE–08/06 ...

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Revision History Please note that the following page numbers referred to in this section refer to the specific revision mentioned, not to this document. Revision No. 4898B-RKE-08/06 4898B–RKE–08/06 History Put datasheet in a new template Section 9 “Ordering Information” ...

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