STM32-H103 Olimex Ltd., STM32-H103 Datasheet

MCU, MPU & DSP Development Tools HDR BRD FOR STM32F103RBT6


Manufacturer Part Number
MCU, MPU & DSP Development Tools HDR BRD FOR STM32F103RBT6
Olimex Ltd.

Specifications of STM32-H103

Processor To Be Evaluated
Data Bus Width
32 bit
Interface Type
61 mm x 34 mm
Operating Supply Voltage
3.3 V
Core Architecture
Cpu Core
ARM Cortex M3
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status
Lead free / RoHS Compliant
STM-H103 development board
Users Manual
Rev.A, February 2008
Copyright(c) 2008, OLIMEX Ltd, All rights reserved

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STM32-H103 Summary of contents

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STM-H103 development board Copyright(c) 2008, OLIMEX Ltd, All rights reserved Users Manual Rev.A, February 2008 ...

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... INTRODUCTION: STM32-H103 board is entry level development board for the new ARM Cortex M3 family of devices produced by ST Microelectronics Inc. With STM32-H103 you can explore the features of STM32 family on budged, the board have everything necessary to build simple applications: USB port where power is taken and power supply circuit, reset and oscillator circuits, JTAG port for programming and debugging, two status LEDs and user button ...

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... PROCESSOR FEATURES: STM-H103 board use ARM 32-bit Cortex™-M3 CPU STM32F103RBT6 from ST Microelectronics with these features: - CPU clock up to 72Mhz - FLASH 128KB - RAM 20KB - DMA x7 channels - RTC - WDT - Timers x3+1 - SPI x2 - I2C x2 - USART x3 - USB x1 - CAN x1 (multiplexed with USB so both can't be used in same time) ...

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... STM32F103RBT6 in power sleep mode and in these modes the consumption of the MCU is only few micro ampers. RESET CIRCUIT: STM32-H103 reset circuit is made with RC group R8 - 10K and C19 - 100nF. Although on the schematic is made provision for external reset IC such is not necessary as STM32 have build-in brown out detector. Manual reset is possible by the RESET button ...

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EXTERNAL CONNECTOR DESCRIPTION: EXTENSION Pin # Signal Name 1 PA11/USBDM/CANRX 3 PA12/USBDP/CANTX 5 +3.3V out 26 7 PA10/UART1.RX 9 PC11/USBpull 25 11 PD2 13 PB6/I2C.SCL 15 PB7/I2C.SDA 17 PB9 19 PC0 21 PB0 23 VBAT 25 RST ...

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EXTENSION Pin # Signal Name 1 VDDA 3 GNDA 5 3. PA2/UART2.TX 9 PC3 25 11 PA4/SPI1.NSS 13 PC5 15 P11/UART3.RX 17 PB12/SPI2.NSS/I2C.SMBA 19 PB15/SPI2.MOSI 21 PC7 23 +5V USB 25 GND Pin # Signal ...

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... JUMPER DESCRIPTION: R-T VBAT USBP-E LED-E BOOT0, BOOT1 connects JTAG TRST signal to STM32F103RBT6 RESET Default state closed (shorted) connects 3.3V to STM32F103RBT6 Vbat pin.1 Default state closed (shorten), Vbat signal is also available to EXT1-23 you want to connect external backup battery to the STM32F103RBT6 this (unshorted) and the external battery to be connected to EXT1- 23 pin ...

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... INPUT/OUTPUT: User button with name BUT – connected to STM32F103RBT6 pin.14 PA0.WKUP; Status green LED with name STAT connected to STM32F103RBT6 pin.53 PC12, note that LED-E SMT jumper should be shorted to may LED work properly (it’s shorted by default), if you decide to use PC12 port for other purpose you have to remove the solder short on this jumper which will disconnect the LED from PC12 port ...

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... USART2.Rx – pin.17 PA3 EXT2-10 USART3.Tx – pin.29 PB10 EXT2-14 USART3.Rx – pin.30 PB11 EXT2-15 SPI: STM32F103RBT6 have 2 SPIs which able to communicate Mbits/s in slave and master modes in fullduplex and simplex communication modes. The 3-bit prescaler gives 8 master mode frequencies and the frame is configurable generation/verification supports basic SD Card/MMC modes ...

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... The CAN and USB share same pins PA11/EXT1-1 and PA12/EXT1-3, so you can’t use both CAN and USB on same time. ADC: STM32F103RBT6 have two 12-bit Analog to Digital Converters which share external channels, performing conversions in singleshot or scan modes. In scan mode, automatic conversion is performed on a selected group of analog inputs ...

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AVAILABLE DEMO SOFTWARE: DEMO1. DEMO2. starts moving the mouse cursor in circle. DEMO3. Blinking LED for EW-ARM 5.11 Blinks the on-board LED. USB mouse for EW-ARM 5.11 Creates USB mouse and when board is connected Blinking LED ...

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... ORDER CODE: STM32-H103 How to order? You can order to us directly or by any of our distributors. Check our web All boards produced by Olimex are ROHS compliant Revision history: REV.A - create February 2008 – assembled and tested (no kit, no soldering required) for more info. ...

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... This document is intended only to assist the reader in the use of the product. OLIMEX Ltd. shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of any information in this document or any error or omission in such ...

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