GLM75DG SL Power, GLM75DG Datasheet

Linear & Switching Power Supplies 75W +5.1/+24/-12/12V


Manufacturer Part Number
Linear & Switching Power Supplies 75W +5.1/+24/-12/12V
SL Power

Specifications of GLM75DG

Output Power Rating
41 W
Input Voltage
90 VAC to 264 VAC
Number Of Outputs
Output Voltage (channel 1)
5.1 V
Output Current (channel 1)
8 A
Output Voltage (channel 2)
24 V
Output Current (channel 2)
2.5 A
Output Voltage (channel 3)
- 12 V
Output Current (channel 3)
1 A
Mounting Style
7 in L x 4.25 in W x 1.3 in H
Open Frame/enclosed
Open Frame
Output Type
Multiple Output
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status
Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Other names
GLC75 Commercial/GLM75 Medical
• Cost-effective multiple output power source
• Universal input 90-264 Vac
• 7.00”x 4.25”x 1.30” (Meets 1U height)
• 2-year warranty
• Conducted EMI exceeds FCC Class B and CISPR 22
• Complies with EN61000-3-2 Class A
• Also available in single output versions
• Commercial UL1950 3rd Edition, CSA22.2 No. 950 and
• Medical Approved to UL2601-1,
• RoHS Compliant Model Available (G suffix)
75 Watt Multiple Output Global Performance Switchers
Ac Input
90-264 Vac, 47-63 Hz single phase.
Input Current
Maximum input current at 120 Vac, 60 Hz with full rated output load not to
exceed 2.3 A.
Output Power
Normal continuous output power is 75 W for unrestricted natural convection
cooling or 110 W with 26 cfm airflow. During peak load conditions output
regulation may exceed total regulation and noise limits.
Output Regulation
Measured by ±40% load change from 60% rated load with all other outputs
at 60% rated load and input voltage change from minimum to maximum rat-
ings. Output #1 requires 1A minimum load for proper regulation of other
outputs. Initial set tolerance is measured with all outputs at 60% of full rated
load. Output #2 requires 0.5A minimum load for proper regulation.
Overload Protection
Factory set to begin power limiting at approximately 120 W. Fully protected
against short circuit and output overload. Short circuit protection is cycling
type power limit.
Output Noise
0.5% rms, 1% pk-pk, 20 MHz bandwidth, differential mode. Measured with
noise probe directly across output terminals of the power supply.
Transient Response
Main Output: 500μSec typical response time for return to within 0.5% of final
value for a 50% load step change, ∆i/∆t<0.2A/μSec. Maximum voltage devia-
tion is 3.5%.
Overvoltage Protection
Built in on V1 with firing point set per table. OVP firing reduces output #1 and
#2 to less than 50% of nominal voltage in 50 ms.
Voltage Adjust
Factory set on standard unit; however, optional potentiometer (“-V” suffix)
adjusts voltage from 4.7 V to OVP point (6.2 V nominal) on the +5 V output.
Note: Output #1 must not be more than 1% below nominal to achieve full
output voltage range on Output #2. Output regulation limits in some models
may be exceeded when the main output is adjusted beyond +1% of nominal
voltage. High voltage settings may degrade the reliability of the unit due to
excessive power dissipation in some outputs.
Class B (Commercial models) and CISPR 11 Class B
(Medical models)
EN60950-1 approvals
CSA22.2 No. 601.1-M90, and IEC/EN60601-1
All specifications are typical at nominal input, full load at 25
C unless otherwise stated
68% -78% depending on model and load distribution.
Input Protection
Internal ac fuse provided on all units. Designed to blow only if a catastrophic
failure occurs in the unit.
Inrush Current
Inrush limited by internal thermistors. Inrush at 240 Vac, averaged over the first ac
half-cycle under cold start conditions will not exceed 37 A.
Hold Up Time
20 ms minimum from loss of ac input power at full load, nominal line (120 Vac).
Temperature Coefficient
0.03%/°C typical on all outputs.
Power Fail
A standard TTL or CMOS compatible output goes low (< 0.5 V) 5ms before output
voltage drops more than 4% below nominal voltage upon loss of ac power. Signal
is factory set to trip on 84 to 94 Vac brown-out depending upon incoming line
impedance and distortion. Other settings are available through adjustment of
built-in potentiometer (consult factory for assistance). Output will stay low for 20
ms minimum.
EMI/EMC Compliance
All models include built-in EMI filtering to meet the following emissions requirements:
Conducted Emissions GLC75
Conducted Emissions GLM75
Static Discharge
RF Field Susceptibility
Fast Transients/Bursts
Surge Susceptibility
Line Frequency Harmonics
Commercial Safety
All GLC models are approved to UL1950 3rd Edition, CSA22.2 No. 950, and
Medical Leakage Current
70 μA 264 V @ 50 Hz (normal conditions).
Medical Safety
GLM models are approved to UL2601-1, CSA22.2 No. 601.1M90, IEC/EN60601-1. CB
Report available.
EN55022 Class B; FCC Class B
EN55011 Class B: FCC Class B
EN61000-4-2, 6 kV contact, 8 kV air
EN61000-4-3, 3 V/meter
EN61000-4-4, 2 kV, 5 kHz
EN61000-4-5, 1 kV diff., 2 kV com.
EN61000-3-2 Class A

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GLOBAL PERFORMANCE SWITCHERS GLC75 Commercial/GLM75 Medical 75 Watt Multiple Output Global Performance Switchers FEATURES: • Cost-effective multiple output power source • Universal input 90-264 Vac • 7.00”x 4.25”x 1.30” (Meets 1U height) • 2-year warranty • Conducted EMI exceeds FCC ...

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