PCI9052 G PLX Technology, PCI9052 G Datasheet

PCI Bridge IC

PCI9052 G

Manufacturer Part Number
PCI9052 G
PCI Bridge IC
PLX Technology

Specifications of PCI9052 G

Local Bus Type
32Bit / 40MHz
No. Of Ports Max
Termination Type
Supply Voltage Max
Supply Voltage Min
Bridge Type
Local Bus To PCI
Package / Case
Rohs Compliant
Filter Terminals
Supply Voltage Range
Operating Temperature Range
-40°C To +85°C
Digital Ic Case Style
No. Of Pins
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status
Lead free / RoHS Compliant
C o n n e c t i v i t y
P e r f o r m a n c e
C o n t r o l
– Used to switch to ISA
32-bit, 33MHz PCI r2.1 compliant
Up to 40MHz local bus operation
ISA and Generic 32-bit, 40MHz
local bus designs
Glueless ISA interface for
low cost adapters
Supports multiplexed and non-
multiplexed 8-, 16-, and 32-bit
generic local buses
5V CMOS in 160-pin
PQFP package
Zero wait state burst operation
PCI unlimited bursts transfers at
up to 132MB/s
Direct slave data transfers
Access 8-, 16-, and 32-bit local
bus devices
Deferred reads, read ahead, posted
writes, programmable read
prefetch counter
Move from 8MHz, 5MB/s ISA
designs to leading 33MHz,
132MB/s PCI
Low power consumption
Supports single cycle reads/writes
for 8-, 16-bit memory and
I/O-mapped accesses from
PCI Bus to ISA bus
Burst memory-mapped and single
I/O-mapped accesses from the
PCI-to-local bus
32-bit, 16-bit, 8-bit data lines
Local bus asynchronous
to PCI clock
On-the-fly big/little endian
byte conversion
Redirects current word or byte
lane during 8- or 16-bit local bus
Backwards compatibility with the
PCI 9050
Five local address spaces
independent from EEPROM
Four independently programma-
ble local chip selects
Up to four programmable GPIOs
Serial EEPROM interface
interface mode
32-bit, 33MHz PCI Target I/O Accelerator for 32-bit, 40MHz
Generic and ISA Local Bus Designs
As PCI evolves in today's complex systems, PLX continues to provide market leading
high performance 32-bit PCI solutions. In this tradition, PLX offers the PCI 9052 I/O
Accelerator. The PCI 9052 brings PLX's industry leading experience in the world of PCI
designs to you in a way that is simple and convenient to use. The PCI 9052 is the ideal
choice for implementation of your 32-bit, 33MHz PCI bus target (slave) I/O Accelerator
designs for you 32-bit 40MHz, Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) local bus, or generic
Add Target Functionality with Ease
The PCI 9052 has the industry's most flexible local bus, which allows for multiple inter-
face options to a wide variety of memory and I/O devices. Combine that with fully tested,
PCI r2.1 compliance, and your design risk is virtually zero. The PCI 9052 has a set of
advanced features to provide high performance and flexibility in order to simplify your
design, such as four programmable GPIOs, local chip select, prefetch read ahead mode,
zero wait state bursting, and on-the-fly big/little endian byte conversion.
Move your ISA Designs Up to Leading PCI Capabilities with Ease
The PCI 9052 accelerates I/O data movement on adapter boards, from ISA’s nominal
bus speed of 8MHz, 5MBytes/second, to high-performance 33MHz, 132Mbytes/second
PCI data transfer. The PCI 9052 enables a simple, rapid, low cost conversion of ISA
adapters to the PCI. The PCI 9052 is a perfect fit for many networking, telecommunica-
tions, imaging, industrial, and storage applications:
32-bit, 33MHz PCI operation
32-bit, 40MHz local bus operation
Glueless ISA interface for low cost adapters
Serial EEPROM interface for loading configuration
information, to simplify your switch from ISA designs
Based on the industry-leading architecture of the
PCI 9050, for easy software migration
PCI 9052

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32-bit, 33MHz PCI r2.1 compliant Up to 40MHz local bus operation ISA and Generic 32-bit, 40MHz local bus designs Glueless ISA interface for low cost adapters Supports multiplexed ...

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