30578 Cramer Co., 30578 Datasheet

DC Gear Motor


Manufacturer Part Number
DC Gear Motor
Cramer Co.

Specifications of 30578

Rotational Speed Max
Peak Reflow Compatible (260 C)
Leaded Process Compatible
Voltage Rating
Rotation Direction
CW (Clockwise)
Motor Type
Permanent Magnet
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status
Contains lead / RoHS non-compliant
1 0 5 Nu tmeg Road Sout h
Sou th Win dsor, C T 06074 USA
P: 8 60.291.8 402
F: 8 60.61 0.089 7
cramer-motor s.com
Similar Products By Cramer:
Hysteresis Motors Model 6100
AC Permanent Magnet Motors
Models 105, 107, and 113
Applications Include:
Starting Torque is the Torque Load the motor can accelerate from rest.
rated motor speed.
Running torque is the load the motor can drive after obtaining
Warning Lights
Medical Pump and Drive Values
High torque capability
Clockwise and Counter Clockwise rotation available
Clutches available are One-Way Incremental, or Two-Way Slip
Pear-shape and round-gear case available
Dynamic Torque is the maximum load, that the gear train can drive continuously without undue wear.
Static Torque is the maximum torque load that can be sustained without risk of damage to the gear train.
Mag net Mo tors
D C Per manen t
Model 800
Starting Torque* @ 1 RPM
Running Torque ** @ 1 RPM
Current Input (No load)
Standard Voltages
Noise Suppression
Standard Mounting
Mounting Centers (Round)
Mounting Centers (Pear Shaped)
Gear Train Rating - Dynamic *** (Standard Duty) 30 oz. in.
Gear Train Rating - Static **** (Standard Duty)
Operating Temperature Range
Graphic Plotters
The Cramer line of DC Permanent Magnet Motors
offers application solutions requiring fast starts,
Fast starting and stops
Rating Data (Ounce Inches @ 1 RPM)
high starting torque and drive reversibility.
Transit Ticket Dispensers
M o d el 8 0 0
Automatic Teller Machines
90 oz. in.
as low as 18 ma.
4 - 24 VDC
Varistor type
2 hole
2.125 inches
1.875 inches
+77ºF to 185ºF
60 oz. in.
60 oz. in.
+25ºC to 85ºC
Card Readers

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CRAMER MOTORS ® Similar Products By Cramer: Hysteresis Motors Model 6100 AC Permanent Magnet Motors Models 105, 107, and 113 tmeg Road Sout h Sou th Win dsor 06074 USA P: 8 60.291.8 402 ...

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D C Per m a nent Magnet Pear-Shaped Gear Case: Shaft Selection Data: Motor Selection: When specifying a motor for meeting your application, Cramer Company requires information such as torque, speed requirements, voltage, shaft dimensions ...

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