G4A01167C THERMODISC, G4A01167C Datasheet - Page 3

FUSE, THERMAL, 167°C, 10A, 250V


Manufacturer Part Number
FUSE, THERMAL, 167°C, 10A, 250V

Specifications of G4A01167C

Voltage Rating Vac
Fuse Current
Fuse Terminals
Functioning Temperature
Holding Temperature
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status
Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Thermal Cutoffs:
thermal cutoffs are available in a range of temperatures and electrical ratings to
meet application requirements (see figure 3). There are five primary types of thermal cutoffs
available. Standard dimensions of each TCO series are shown in figure 4.
G4 Series
Rated for continuous operating currents up to 10 amps @ 250VAC (15 amps @ 120VAC), the G4
TCO is the industry standard for over-temperature protection. The G4 series is
applied to millions of appliances and personal care products each year, providing reliable back-up
protection for temperature controlling thermostats and other over-temperature conditions. The
G4 series is also widely applied in office machines, portable heaters and industrial equipment as a
thermal safeguard.
G5 Series
Designed for higher current applications, the G5 series MICROTEMP
TCO is rated for operating
currents up to 16 amps @ 250VAC (20 amps @ 250VAC and 25 amps @ 120VAC at UL/CSA).
Similar in appearance to the G4 series, the G5 series has a different internal construction designed
for interrupting higher currents.
G6 Series
The G6 series MICROTEMP
TCO can be utilized in applications where a higher maximum-overshoot
temperature rating is not required, yet it is rated for operating currents up to 16 amps @ 250VAC.
It is the same physical size as the G4, G5 and G8 series TCOs.
G7 Series
The G7 series MICROTEMP
TCO is designed to satisfy applications requiring miniaturized components
that do not need maximum current interrupt capability. The G7 is just 2/3 the size of the G4 and
G5, and with a current interrupting capability of 5 amps @ 250VAC, it is capable of meeting the
requirements of transformers, motors, battery packs and electronic circuit applications.
G8 Series
Designed for very high-current applications such as major appliances and high-wattage electric
heat packages, the G8 series MICROTEMP
TCO is rated for operating currents up to 25 amps @
250VAC. More economical than electromechanical bimetal-type one shot devices, it can be
utilized in applications where its small size is an advantage in terms of mounting (it’s the same
physical size as the G4, G5 and G6 series TCOs) and thermal response.

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